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1985 AC Cobra Mk IV


Make : AC Cobra
Model : MK IV
Year : 1985

Owner : Camille Chamoun
Country : Lebanon

It goes without saying that gearheads everywhere are quite familiar with the AC Cobra. The great Carroll Shelby began stuffing Ford V8s in them in the early 1960s, using the body that was built by British automaker AC that was already a familiar shape to English sports car fans. However, Shelby had some different plans for it and the rest is history. The original Mk I began production in 1962 and the Mk II arrived the following year. The Mk III debuted in 1965 and ended production in ‘67.

No immediate replacement was revealed. In 1982 the Mk IV Cobra was launched. It was built by the same people who produced those original AC Cobras in ‘60s. Although it has the same basic design as those original generations (as well as an aluminum body), it utilized the latest engineering technology of the era. For a start, it had an enlarged cockpit to improve comfort for drivers and passengers, nevertheless, it retained the exterior dimensions of the 427 AC Cobra. What’s interesting about the Mk IV is that they were hand-built in England by the same people, also known as “panel beaters”, who worked on the original Cobras.

All told, these ‘reborn’ Cobras took over 900 hours to construct from start to finish. Production lasted until 1995, with less than 84 units built every year from 1986 onward.

Our Cobra has a baby blue astonishing color with white double racing stripes and its chassis has a tubular backbone frame design by Reynard racing with chrome sideways exhausts and a Le Mans quick fill fuel cap.

It is powered by a Moroso 300hp V8 with Holley four barrel carburetor 450 cfm coped with a Hurst 4 speed close ratio gearbox connected to a Salisbury limited slip racing differential.

Camille’s COBRA has 4 ventilated disc brakes and upgraded to an all independent suspension with Spax fully adjustable racing gas shock absorbers.



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