Special Vehicles

2011 Porsche GT3 RS


Make : Porsche
Model : GT3 RS

Year : 2011
Country : Lebanon
Member of : Porsche Club Lebanon

Your dad warned you about this Porsche. Don’t let its red lipstick and wide hips persuade you, he said, because the only thing that follows that car is trouble. Speeding tickets, too. But you can’t help yourself.

Here’s a brief story how the German auto maker started making history when it comes to the road legal race car’s world. In 1973, the Porsche high performance models went into production with the 911 Carrera RS.

In 1999, Porsche initiated with the GT3 line that was named after the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Group GT3 class in which it was designed to compete. From that day forward, the Porsche GT3 became an icon for street legal race car that competed from generation to another for the best Nürburgring lap timing. This specific model of the 2011 Porsche GT3 RS is the 2nd generation of the 997 GT3 (produced 2006 – 2010) named 997.2 GT3.

The upgrades on the 997.2 were strongly noticeable from the first key ignition. An additional 35hp with several body upgrades from facelift to lowered chassis reaching the back of the GT3 RS with an amazing Carbon fiber rear wing, adding to it the sport suspension for maximum traction; all of this and more allowed the 997.2 GT3 RS to achieve 7:33 time lapse on the Nürburgring race track.

The upgrades also stretched to the interior of the 997.2 GT3 RS with a larger red roll cage, nonadjustable carbon-fiber-backed seats and noticeably the lack of side pockets that were designed to reflect the track focus of the car.
Yes, the 2011 Porsche 911 GT3 RS was considered a rich man, or woman’s toy. It was the most race proven, non-turbo 911 performance that you can still hang a license plate on.

2011 Porsche GT3 RS in Summary

Vehicle Layout: Rear Engine, RWD, 2-Door Coupe
Engine:  3.8L/ DOHC 24-Valve Flat Six
Transmission:  6-Speed Manual
Horsepower: 450-hp
Torque:  430-Nm
Curb Weight (F/R DIST): 1432 Kg (39/61%)
Wheelbase: 2.35 m
Dimensions (L xWxH): 4.45 x 1.8 x 1.28 m
0-100 KM/H: 3.5 sec
Quarter Mile:  11.8 sec @ 194 Km/h



Special Vehicles

Passion For Porsche Beyond Compare


Image Credit by K8 Car Photography

Make : Porsche
Model : 911 GT3
Year : 2014

Owner : Antonio Daniel
Country : Lebanon
Member of : Porsche Club Lebanon

We chose for this month’s special vehicle section the “2014 Porsche 991 GT3” owned by Antonio Daniel. Before even going into details with this very extraordinary vehicle, we want to share with you Antonio’s fairy tale and his passion for Porsche.

We sat down with Antonio while shooting the Porsche and chit chatted about his passion for Porsche and how it all started and what led him to buy this vehicle in particular. Antonio shared with us a story closer to a fairy tale or a Disney movie that we thought of sharing it here with all Porsche fanatics.

His passion for Porsche started at a very young age, and peaked just before hitting 18. He used to watch his brother’s friend drive his Boxster around and enjoy the thrill of driving a Porsche. This specific Porsche has undergone several upgrades that made it a sight to enjoy, a sound to fear and a joy beyond compare, Antonio wanted this car.

On graduation day, Antonio and after a long day of festivities came back home and saw the Porsche on his driveway, he went to talk to his brother’s friend to see what would be the possibility to enjoy it for a ride. The surprise was his brother standing and flashing the keys in his hands and saying congratulations.

Flash back a few hours before this magical moment, the owner of the car wanted to buy the Mercedes owned by Antonio’s brother so he came and made the swap.

From that moment, Antonio’s passion for Porsches started, and its 11 years of an ongoing joyful journey began, leading him bit by bit from one Porsche to another to eventually buy this GT3. How Antonio got a hold of it, is also a quite interesting story by itself. And since this article is about the Porsche and not Antonio, we will stop at this point by just saying that once this car was delivered to Antonio, he postponed his travel one month just to get the chance to test the thrill before flying away to his destination.

Now back to our GT3 and why this car is superb by all means. When it was first launched in 2014 Porsche fans and car enthusiasts were fascinated by its look, its drivability, maneuverability and ready to track race setup which exceeded the precedent generations by miles.

This car can race on track, drive on roads and fly low without the roughness of the journey, it is truly an everyday track car.

All of this is great but what is truly amazing is the wonder under rear bonnet, imagine an engine that can produce 475 Horsepower and rev up to 9000 rpm and wait for it, it is not a V8 engine nor turbo charged it is actually the flat six cylinder naturally aspirated GT3 911 phenomena, the genius creation of the German engineers that were able to produce a naturally aspirated engine capable of meeting tougher emissions standards and generating its power through the old-fashioned method of revving into the lower stratosphere. The motor produces its peak 475 horsepower at 8250 rpm, with the limiter set at a dizzying 9000 rpm, however the real kick is when you actually hit the throttle and the needle passes the “5” on the tach, you can feel yourself flying low between 7000 and 9000 rpm.

The 991 GT3 is a race and pure track car that can be driven on a daily basis while enjoying its luxurious interior options such as the PCM Porsche communication management and many more…


  • Engine: Naturally Aspirated 3.8L flat 6
  • Horsepower: 475bhp
  • 0 to 100km: 3.5 seconds
  • Top speed: 315 km
  • Rear wheel drive with active rear wheel steering.
  • Gear box 7 speed PDK double clutch designed especially for the 991 GT3 with special PDK Sport button and exhaust system giving it a very loud sound and very responsive and extremely quick gear shifts
  • Full LED lights with PDLS plus (Porsche dynamic light system+)

“Once I drove my first Porsche I knew I couldn’t drive any other car ever”,

– said Antonio


Special Vehicles

2014 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition


Make : Porsche
Model : 911 50th Anniversary Edition
Year : 2014
Serial #: 1111/1963

Owner : Myra Eid
Country : Lebanon
Member of : Porsche Club Lebanon

In 1963, Porsche brought forth a new model to replace its sporty 356, it was the Porsche 911 initially began as 901; this 911 became an icon of the sports car world.

The 1963 model was first introducing during Frankfurt International Motor show and fifty years later Porsche decided to make a tribute to this icon by introducing the 50th anniversary 911 limited edition Porsche at the same convention of Frankfurt International Motor show 2013.

Porsche produced only 1963 cars of this model in reference to the 911’s debut year.

So what makes this special edition special, aside from the 911 50th anniversary badges?

This limited edition of the 911 is based on the Carrera S model fitted in the wide body of the Carrera 4 plus some extra performance upgrades and distinctive styling elements that includes features that have contributed to the 50-year success story of the 911.

For example, the limited edition includes Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) with special tuning to complement its increased track width and to add support to the exceptional cornering dynamics of the 911. The sport exhaust system outputs a fitting emotional sound. Special 20-inch wheels are a visual tribute to the legendary “Fuchs” wheels and are finished in matte black paint with machine-polished centers. Chrome trim strips on the front air inlets, the fins of the engine compartment grille and the panel between the rear lights emphasize the distinctive appearance of this limited edition model. Another technical highlight of the car’s equipment is the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) with bi-xenon headlights and dynamic cornering lights.

In 1963, Porsche brought forth a new model to replace its sporty 356, it was the Porsche 911 initially began as 901; this 911 became an icon of the sports car world.

There are tributes to the original 911 in the interior as well: green labeling on the instruments with white pointer needles and silver caps on the instrument pivot pins, just like 50 years ago. Another special feature is the center panels of the leather seats, which are designed with a fabric pattern reminiscent of the “Pepita” tartan design from the 1960s.

The full-leather interior is designed in agate grey or black with decorative stitching, some in contrasting color.

On the engine level, Porsche has fitted this special edition with its dedicated Powerkit reaching 430 horsepower in comparison to 400 hp without the Powerkit.

In addition to what makes the 911 50th anniversary special, we have noticed its special number as well being the #1111/1963 and this couldn’t get any better.

For Myra, this is a very special car. When asked about the driving sensation, her answer was simply

When I start my 911, the roar of its engine sends shivers through my whole body. It’s like my car holds a lion within and with every inhibition, this lion is being reborn. The feeling just never goes away. It is always there. Every single time.