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Our Desert Expedition Onboard the Best in Class Full Size SUV

20 years ago, the American manufacturer Ford launched the Expedition in its first version. Over the years, Ford has developed this massive SUV without any radical changes until 2018 when Ford released the All-New Generation 2018 of Ford Expedition, superbly revamped from inside out.

The All-New Ford Expedition is now more than ever suitable for adventure enthusiasts and at the same time is a family car taking into consideration its capabilities and massive size.


To confirm on the above, our team embarked on a desert journey in the United Arab Emirates challenging the hot weather and the harsh gravel and sandy roads.

Our journey from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah started early in the morning, however, this time the trip was not on the usual paved roads, the Ford Expedition was set for an adventure like no other on the sandy dunes and gravel pathways.

Before we dive into the details of our Arabian desert adventure, let’s pause and have a glimpse on the exterior design fully revamped for the All-New Ford Expedition 2018. The front of the Full-Size SUV is characterized by a large chrome grille centring two newly designed C-shaped LED Headlights and coped with two fog lights reflecting the same spirit of the headlights, in addition to the aerodynamically designed air vents on the side and centre of the front bumper giving the Expedition that sportive character. Moving to the rear side of the SUV, we notice that the taillights are in perfect harmony with the headlights design and are connected via a chrome strip giving the 2018 Expedition that evolutionary design reflecting the technological revolution of the car.

In terms of smart upgrades on the Ford Expedition, the car has been equipped with more than 40 advanced technological features and is now considered to be the most capable Full-Size SUV in its class. Technology has intervened drastically during our journey to provide a distinctive style of driving. On any long desert journey, it is crucial to say connected at all times to avoid any unpleasant situation as sometimes your life and the life of the passengers depends on it. The Expedition comes equipped with a wireless charger (the first system implemented on Ford vehicles) needed to keep your mobile phone insight and connected at all times through the SYNC® 3 ™ Apple CarPlay ™ and Android Auto. The most important feature of this system is that it gives the driver a comprehensive offline road-map for the Middle East much needed when it comes to desert Off-Roading driving Journeys as it was the case with our Desert Expedition. In addition, and because the Expedition is considered as well as a family car, the American manufacturer has equipped the rear seats with a dual headrest entertainment system that enables rear seat passengers to enjoy long journeys. This feature greatly contributes to the satisfaction of children on long journeys and gives the driver and his companion some quiet and enjoyable time during those long drives.

As for us, we were 6 adults seated comfortably inside the Ford Expedition that can accommodate up to eight people with enough space to set up our equipment and baggage. The guys in the back were enjoying that extra headroom and legroom in the 2nd and 3rd row since the Expedition is considered to be the Best in Class for 2nd and 3rd row Space. Not just that, we were in for an entertaining journey, as the Ford Expedition comes equipped with the notorious B&O PLAY audio system setup with 12 speakers providing an audio experience that can only be appreciated by music lovers.

What is the Desert Journey If we cannot enjoy the wonderful sceneries of the Arabian Desert from all sides, even from the roof? The Ford Expedition is equipped with the Vista Roof a panoramic roof over two rows of seats and is also the best in its class. Our trip was unique and convenient at all levels.

In terms of storage, you can use, in addition to the large storage capacity in the trunk, additional cargo space by folding the seats in the third row or even in the second row with a touch of a button. And guess what? when parked on an inclining hill the Advanced cargo manager keeps hold of your items so it doesn’t fall off when opening the trunk, I think they should consider that system in airplanes.

Mechanically, the Ford Expedition is equipped with a powerful upgraded 3.5-liter V6 Twin Turbo EcoBoost engine coped with a 10-Speed Automatic Gearbox developed exclusively for the Expedition capable of generating 400 horsepower with the best in class Torque of 650Nm and is at the same time the most fuel efficient in its class.

Continuing with our desert adventure, we were faced with various types of terrains, from sandy dunes to gravel and a mix of both, the New Terrain Management system was capable of overcoming any type of pathways that came in our way, the Ford Expedition is equipped with an Intelligent 4WD drive setup with more than 12 driving modes ready to tackle that adventurous excursion in the simplest forms possible. Even if you are not into off-roading, your family or friends journey into the unpaved universe will be pleasant and enjoyable.

On the paved roads and for more comfort and safety, the full-size SUV has obtained several Driving assistance features such as: Class-exclusive enhanced active park assist, 360-degree camera technology, Lane Assist, adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go, collision avoidance detection system, BLIS and so much more.

The All-New 2018 Ford Expedition has set new standards for full-size SUVs with the highest levels of power, capability, adaptability and smart technology. This versatile SUV makes modern family adventures more comfortable on short and long journeys.



Test Driven The Journey

Premium Getaway In Style And Elegance Onboard The Infiniti Q50

Things have been moving very fast lately for us; pressure is rising and workload is spiking. I personally have been traveling more frequently than usual especially with the early year 2016 planning, preparations and new projects’ implementation. Having all this happening, I’ve decided that I rapidly need a premium getaway to refuel, disconnect and get back fresh and in full throttle ready for the challenges to come.

The planning for this getaway had to be perfect; starting from the chosen vehicle to ensure comfortable drives leading to a perfectly selected luxurious location for a one of a kind relaxing experience. The selection is set; the vehicle that will for sure meet our requirements is the all new Infiniti Q50 with an exceptional executive appearance and premium exterior and interior designs, this was definitely the perfect car for the journey.

Next came the destination’s choice, we wanted a location that is not far from Beirut yet remote from all the city noises, greenery all around and blazed with fresh air, and we wanted to indulge ourselves in the refined world of luxury for an ultimate lavish experience, for this there could be only one destination “Grand Hills Hotel and SPA Luxury Collection”.

On D-Day, it was a rainy Saturday afternoon; I picked up the Infiniti Q50 from RYMCO’s showroom and what a beauty. We have already seen and test driven this baby on track in 2015 however the slick design, the aerodynamics and the cutting lines will always take your breath away.


The keys are in hand and I’m inside the cockpit. Once inside you cannot but appreciate the spacious interior and the premium materials such as Kacchu Aluminum trims used on the dashboard and on door panels, the leather sport design seats and I don’t want to mention the central console which has a futuristic design all over.

Ignition on with the start/stop button and all is set in place thanks to the I-Key with smart access and enhanced memory feature from the seat setup, steering wheel setup and everything that is carefully design to suit your seating preferences.

The journey for a luxurious getaway began; cruising first around the Lebanese coast roads, the trip was calm and despite the Saturday afternoon’s traffic the dual zone adaptive climate control with auto-recirculation and Grape Polyphenol Filter and the onboard entertainment with the Infiniti InTouch feature gave me the relaxing time of my life, to me it was maybe one of the very rare moments where I enjoyed getting stuck in traffic.

Reaching the mountainous road highway uphill to Broumana, the 208-hp 2.0-litre Turbocharged V4 engine with the 7 speed automatic transmission kicked in. Just my luck, the roads were wet from the rainfalls and got the chance to really put to the test the various electronical driving systems that were fitted in the car: Direct Adaptive Steering, Active Trace Control among others. All of these drivability and safety systems will give you the sense of luxury and provide you with full control, precision driving, adaptability and amazing handling while shielding the driver from excessive road vibrations even on some of the uneven roads of the Lebanese highways.

All of this and more truly gave me the feeling that this Infiniti Q50 lives up to its reputation as the ultimate vehicle for executives.

Grand Hills Hotel and SPA Broumana was our destination and as you know people say that the journey itself is half of the intended goals, my quest for the ultimate relaxing and luxury getaway was fulfilled with a relaxing journey onboard of this Q50.

Destination reached, Infinti Q50 parked and it was time for me to enjoy the beautiful scenery of this majestic resort, the location was close to city and completely shield from the city noises.

A nice warm cup of coffee, quite night and relaxing mood was all that I need to wake up fresh the next morning and drive around the resort fishing for some nice shots to truly illustrate the beauty and luxury of both the luxurious resort and the executive vehicle. I didn’t know where to start being swept away by the luxury all around.

Eventually and despite the rain outside, I knew that each corner of Grand Hills hotel was a sight by itself and no matter where I will place the car, the photo will be revealed as cover photo.

The day ended with some great shots and Monday morning was just a round the corner, I had mixed emotions struggling inside me, I spent two days hugged tight by majestic luxury furniture, greenery and scenes to die for and now I’m on my way back inside this beautiful piece of art to RYMCO showroom returning the Q50.

48 hours of pure luxury was all that I needed to help me re-gain my strength and start the upcoming days in a great mood.

Mission accomplished, the premium getaway was achieved.