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The All-New Porsche Cayenne 2018 from Fujairah to Oman

The story of the Porsche Cayenne began about 15 years ago. In 2002, Porsche unveiled the first generation of Cayenne, which shocked the world at that time as the first sporty luxurious SUV. The Cayenne sales have surpassed the 770,000 units, creating a new boom in the automotive world and an unparalleled success story in the automotive industry. Now, after the launch of the third generation of Cayenne, the Cayenne is ready to complete the chapters of this success story.

We heard a lot about the new Porsche Cayenne and we saw it at Dubai International Motor Show however the driving experience was completely different and exceeded our expectations.

We started our journey on the Cayenne 2018 from early morning just after sunrise from the Emirate of Fujairah, one of the seven Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, heading towards the Sultanate of Oman. But before we dive in the details of our long awaited trip and feel the rush of the driving experience, admiring the exterior is a must to better understand the new philosophy adopted by the German manufacturer in his All-New 2018 Porsche Cayenne SUV.


On the platform level, the 2018 Porsche Cayenne was built on a completely new and bigger platform that contributes significantly in increasing the cabin space without oversizing the exterior of the SUV and also contributes greatly in weight reduction despite the presence of a large number of new electronic systems, in addition to being one of the main new factors in maintaining balance and stability while driving. As for the exterior design, the All-New 2018 Cayenne was influenced big time by the traditional successful design of the Cayenne’s previous generations. However, in a quick comparison between the new and previous generations, you can clearly notice the difference on the front of the SUV with bigger bumper vents, a prominent and more elevated hood, adoption of LED headlights and more. Moving to the rear, where the change is undoubtedly dedicated to the New Cayenne, the German manufacturer adopted a Panamera-inspired LED integrated Taillight belt which I personally loved the way it gives the Cayenne its elegance and futuristic design. In addition to the other elements inspired by the sporty design of the 911 such as the new adaptive roof spoiler, the first of its kind in the category of SUV, among other items. In short, the all-new Cayenne became a car that combines the Panamera’s elegance, the 911’s sportiness and the SUV capabilities.

Moving on to the inside of the All-New Cayenne 2018 and as soon as we entered the cabin, we were impressed by the materials used and the layout of controls. The Cayenne reflected its trio design of being at the same time a Panamera, a 911 and a Cayenne. The super comfortable leather seats of the Panamera coped with the one-piece front seat design inspired by the 911 and the wide space of an SUV was even more sporty and stylish. The Piano Black centre console with the elimination of the buttons and moving the controls into the 12.3-inch screen was a true reflection of the new identity and philosophy of the German manufacturer Porsche in elegance and sportiness. The Cayenne placed the driver as the centre of attention, giving him full control over the functions of the car in a safe and convenient layout, and to top it, the Porsche engineers implemented the “Porsche Management System” PCM – to create the perfect link between the driver and the car.

Seated comfortably inside the Porsche Cayenne, we set off on our journey from Fujairah to Oman where we started driving at first on paved roads and got the chance to unleash the Cayenne S powered by a 2.9-liter V6 Twin turbocharged engine producing 440 horsepower coped with the new 8-speed Tiptronic S gearbox. The push and the rush we’ve got gave us a sense of power, especially after setting the driving mode on “Sport +” located on the multi-functional steering wheel, but the real sense of speed and adrenaline rush was indescribable when we pressed the “Sport Response Button”, the Cayenne screamed with all its force for twenty seconds, giving us the sense of speed and driving sensation of a race track. Moreover, and as the Cayenne is also a car inspired by the luxury sedan, it is necessary to mention the complete comfort during the driving experience on the paved roads in addition to sound insulation from outside the car for further comfort and luxury. It is worth mentioning that the SUV also comes in two additional trims besides the Cayenne S: ” The Cayenne Turbo” that comes with an eight-cylinder Twin-Turbo producing 550 hp and capable of reaching 0 to 100 km / h in about 4 seconds and a maximum speed of 286 km / h and the Cayenne base version with a turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0-liter engine generating 340 horsepower.

The Cayenne is also equipped with a large number of advanced systems that contribute significantly to the driving comfort on all types of roads and speeds in terms of suspension, brakes and electronic systems such as 4D Chassis Control, PDCC and Rear Axle Steering in addition to the three-chamber air suspension and the Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSCB), which both appear for the first time on any vehicle.

Our journey on the paved roads came to an end as we entered the rugged track in Oman. The driving style changed from normal driving to the off-road mode. Even the Off-road mode has several driving styles that allows the un-experienced driver to enjoy a hassle-free and safe off-road adventure. Our selection of Gravel driving mode was suitable for the nature of the roads we were experiencing.

We ended our off-road trip after more than four hours of comfortable driving despite the rocky nature of the mountain passageways we were cruising. We were truly impressed with the capabilities of this sporty yet elegant machine. On our journey back home, we were able to enjoy the sophisticated entertainment system of the Cayenne “Porsche Connect” and the intelligent AI voice command function that allow the driver to always be connected and put a wide range of services at the driver’s fingertips, all contributing to ease the burden of any long journey.

Finally, we can say that the Porsche Cayenne has exceeded all expectations in its segment and has laid new trends that determine the path to follow when designing a luxury SUV.



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An adventure like no other for a SUV Like no other, the All-New Volvo XC60

The Swedish manufacturer of premium cars, Volvo, has been noticeably making a futuristic leap in the auto industry clearly distinguished in all its released lineup during the past few years. I mean who didn’t fall in love with the XC90 and who cannot respect the luxurious S90 and the list goes on.


Today, we will be sharing with you a nine years old story that took a ravishing turn in March 2017 during the Geneva Motor Show: “The Volvo XC60”.

Since its launch nine years ago, the XC60 became the bestselling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe with nearly a million units sold globally, this didn’t stop the Premium Car Maker to take this SUV to the next level with a more adventurous styling, bold move, enhanced comfort and the well-known additional safety features packed in the All-New Volvo XC60.

We got the chance to experience the Volvo XC60 in an adventure like no other suitable for an SUV like no other.


Our adventure started early at 6:00 am with a kayaking trip down the amazon forest river in Turkey. Seated comfortably inside the Kayak, we began sculling and moving forward on a mysterious journey inside the jungle and out on open waters. Just like the safety features of the Volvo XC60, whenever we stray out of line or are within danger sight, the XC60 Kayaking instructor brings us back to safety. It felt like we had our own Volvo Safety Features inside the Kayak from the Steer Assist system recently added to the ground-breaking City Safety system to the Oncoming Lane Mitigation preventing head-on collisions and Volvo’s Blind Spot Indication System (BLIS) that uses Steer Assist functionality to reduce the risk of lane-changing collisions among other features previously introduced on the XC90. When within Volvo Vehicle or with the Volvo team you cannot but feel safe at all times.

Reaching the shores of the beautifully chosen Turkish sanctuary, Volvo team wanted to take the rush up-a-notch, isn’t that what Volvo is all about eventually? So we dropped our Kayaks and got delivery of adventurous mountain bikes ready to take on the next challenge.

The Volvo road team accompanying us along the road and the XC60 insight gave us the energy and determination to go up the mountains riding our bikes and reaching new heights.


The Volvo team auto piloted our journey and kept us on track, it felt like a semi-autonomous driving technique as they were guiding us when to brake, when to accelerate and when to steer. I couldn’t but compare the biking piloting assistance we had from the Volvo guides with the Pilot Assist feature in the XC60, Volvo’s advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system, which takes care of steering, acceleration and braking on well-marked roads up to 130 km/h. Not that we had any paved or marked roads or we were able to reach a speed of 130Km/h with our bikes but it surely felt like it.

Drained out from the challenging journey of Kayaking and Bicycling, we couldn’t wait until we drove the XC60 and sense if it felt like what we had experienced so far. So immediately, I hopped into one of those gorgeously sculptured Red XC60 SUV and was ready for the drive.

The XC60 was built to impress, on the exterior level the XC60 had an athletic sculpture with a subtle, timeless quality. From the front end, you immediately notice Volvo’s new design traits; the large front black grill with a touch of chrome centered by Volvo’s diagonally crossed emblem, all tied to Volvo’s new Thor hummer headlights signature leading the way to slightly wide fenders for that sportiness in design. The curvy lines swept all the way back for extra aerodynamics reaching the arched rear of the XC60 are a true identity revealer of the active lifestyle this SUV stands for. The rear is characterized by twin exhaust tailpipes and superb taillight design that gives you the feel of being embraced by your loved ones.

The interior is a true Scandinavian masterpiece. Its masterful composition of well-resolved architecture, beautiful materials and the very latest technology – all perfectly blended together indulge your mind in a true refined experience like no other.


Now it was time to drive, ignition on and off we go for that long awaited test drive along the cost and mountainous roads of the beautiful Turkey.

The way the XC60 is designed immerses your full senses. The cabin was significantly quiet and combined with the that acoustic infotainment system that cuddles your ears, the new CleanZone four-zone climate system that removes harmful pollutants and particles from outside the cabin to deliver Scandinavian-fresh air on the inside tickles your noise, the commanding view of the road ahead inspires your sight, the glint of comfort and luxury delights your touch and the taste of well-being waters your mouth, the XC60 is the next generation’s everyday stress-free machinery.

Enjoying the roads of the beautiful touristic area of Marmaris and turning heads wherever we go, time flew and the sun was about to set. We hit the highway and juiced the performance of what’s under the hood. Our XC60 came equipped with the T5 engine generating 254hp more than enough to push this SUV where it needs to go, we swapped to T6 engine along the way and felt the rush of the T6. It had both a turbo and supercharger attached delivering 320hp and 400 Nm of torque. If you thought this is it for the XC60, wait till you drive Volvo’s award-winning T8 Twin Engine petrol plug-in hybrid at the top of the powertrain range, delivering 407hp and acceleration from 0-100 Km in just 5.3 seconds.

The Volvo XC60 floated on tarmac and delivered a true contented driving sensation with a feel of comfort, luxury and most importantly safety.

If you are an adventurous person or a carry family person, the XC60 guarantees to fulfil those needs.

It’s the perfect car for an active lifestyle.


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Lost In The Desert With The All New RAM 1500

The Arabian Desert is probably the harshest place on earth; a landscape of sand full of dunes and emptiness, no living creature can survive its heat and its tough environment. Driving through the Arabian desert is not an easy task and cannot be done without a guide. For off-roaders, it is the ultimate challenge, you will need an outstanding vehicle to cross those sandy dunes and survive the trip.


Arriving one night earlier than the RAM drive event, we were super excited about crossing the desert with the All-New lineup of RAM 1500, and what better vehicle than the RAM 1500 to take on the challenge with!

Earlier that night, we received our orders to take on the desert while test driving the 2017 RAM 1500 and we were ready for the quest. The most important note we got is to stay with the convoy, follow our guide’s instructions and check-in at the check points created specifically for this trip.

We felt safe with the presence of experts along our side, we decided to crash early in order to be ready for our mission the following/next day.

At the break of dawn, I woke up to the smell of fresh desert rain and just by looking outside my mid-desert hotel window, I could clearly see the long stretched beige carpet of desert sand ready to be RAMmed by the RAM made for this type of terrains. The smell of fresh rain on those sandy dunes and the light morning desert breeze had never felt that so refreshing, and giving us the right amount energy to be ready for the tough day ahead.

Reaching our first check point, we were blessed with the 2017 RAM 1500 Laramie edition 4×4. Seated in the driving seat and taking off with the convoy was exhilarating, we hit the tarmac at first to reach our desert take off destination; it was a joyful ride. Arriving at the start line, we took a 5-minute stop to deflate our tires and set the RAM free to invade the desert.

Along the way, we got separated from the convoy and were left alone with the Laramie in the middle of nowhere. Modern communications and tracking technologies were absolutely useless. We were stranded in the desert and had no clue how to reach our destination!  So I stepped outside my RAM and started to look around for a glimpse of hope how will we be able to reach our destination? it was the only question on my mind.

The sun started to take settle in the middle of the blue sky shining hot, the ground was still wet from the night before and silence was king as tranquility ruled the earth. The only sound heard in that vast desert was the rumbling of that American powerful exhaust reminding us that the RAM was there for us to cross the toughest terrain created by God.

Challenge mode on, our sole goal was to cross those dunes, keep going straight to reach nearby roads and join the convoy. If the mission were to fail, we would be doomed!

I jumped back into my RAM seat and decided to hit those sandbanks powered by the legendary 5.7L HEMI® VVT V8 engine with FuelSaver MDS. Gears set to 4×4 low, just in case, and the truck was on its way flexing with a front suspension system equipped with upper and lower control arms, coil springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers working alongside the rear suspension with multilink coil spring.

I felt sorry for those grains of sand that didn’t really know what had hit them. Crossing from one dune to another, the RAM performed perfectly uphill and downhill, no matter what obstacles we faced along the long journey, we were sure that the Laramie was capable of overcoming them with confidence.   

We were truly RAMming through the desert with 395HP @ 5,600 rpm and torqueing 55 Nm @ 3950 rpm coped with an 8-speed TorqueFlite® automatic transmission, we were unstoppable.

Meanwhile, the heat was rising, the desert was getting harsher by the minute and the ground was not the easiest terrain as it had dried from the rain. Nevertheless, we were enjoying our quest and not just because of the RAM Off-roading capabilities but also because of its nice, cozy, modern, and spacy inside cabin. Leather-faced 40/20/40 high-back front bench seat, heated and ventilated front seats, air conditioning with dual-zone automatic temperature control and humidity sensor, deluxe door trim panel, 10 amplified-speaker system including subwoofer, Uconnect® 8.4 multimedia centre with 8.4-inch touchscreen and so much more made our journey through the desert joyful. I personally liked the front armrest with three cup holders, I mean three cup holders? How much caffeine can anyone consume! However, with the RAM it is either all the way or nothing.

Moreover, we couldn’t help but to notice that the new lineup of RAM is truly a mobile office made for those rural off-site work line. The dashboard is set up to hold clipboards, notes, invoice pads, pens, and tape measures. The console lid is flat, so you can write on it, or do woodwork on it, or rebuild a carburetor, or whatever those offsite guys dream of doing. It made me wish I was an engineer just to put it into real life test.

On the exterior level, it is not just a truck; it is a RAM.I love the exterior; the front is characterized by a large chrome grill centered by the RAM emblem and equipped with fog lamps, premium bi-functional halogen projector headlamps and that aggressive truck look that flashes in the rear view mirror of any car. Moving to the sides, I couldn’t help but notice the chrome, power 6 x 9-inch heated, multifunction mirrors and those 20-inch Chrome-clad aluminum wheels laying under the body-color fender flares, the rear of the RAM is set far away from the front as the truck-bed fills the gap for that extra cargo and decorated with that dual rear exhaust with bright tips. I can certainly confirm that the RAM 1500 is a head-turner, not that there was anyone out there in the desert to turn head.

The journey came to its end as we reached the final check point, re-inflated our tires and hit back the paved roads heading towards our hotel.

After that long day, I can truly state that the 2017 RAM 1500 is an impressive truck, notable in this highly competitive segment for its great ride quality, unique storage solutions, upscale interior, and high overall capability. Thus if you’re the sort of person who loves trucks, and wants a truck, even if there is no valid reason for you to own a truck, or if you are a person that requires a mobile operating office that can go into rural areas and tough terrains and still perform that office work, the All-New RAM 1500 has what it takes.


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Volvo S90 Elegance In Motion

After enjoying the all-fantastic and all-new Volvo XC90 SUV a couple of months back, I was eager to get my hands on the next Swedish, state-of-the-art flagship, the S90, a luxury mid-sized sedan and Volvo’s latest entry in the luxury Sedan segment.


I received my invitation to take on this chef- d’oeuvre in one of the most beautiful countries in the Gulf, the Sultanate of Oman, and the trip was on. It all started with a great welcome by the Volvo hostesses in Muscat, and afterwards, we headed on our way to Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa, riding in the XC90 – one of my favorite SUVs- for a 45-minute drive from the airport to our resort. It was relaxing and at the same time full of anxiousness as I couldn’t wait to experience the S90 up close and personal.

Arriving at the resort, Volvo made us feel welcome and helped us live the true experience of the luxurious S90 from the very start. Premium cars require a premium experience, and the Swedish manufacturer was not about to compromise on any detail. The rooms were super comfortable with a view to die for. The atmosphere was so relaxing and quiet, and I even had my own private beach.

With a few hours to spare before the Regional launch of the S90, I took a short break and headed to the beach for a quick, warm summer breeze siesta. Swinging on the hammock, I couldn’t but wonder, would the All-New Volvo S90 be as enjoyable as the XC90 and will it be able to perform and drive like the wide range of luxury Sedans already present in the market for quite some time?

Finally, the wait was over and we are heading towards the regional launch event to meet up with our long awaited executive. As we entered the ballroom, there it was, parked inside under the spotlight, just like a CEO waiting to receive his lifetime achievement award, all wrapped up in a silver tuxedo, shiny and ready to take on the world.

As I approached slowly towards the S90, the details on the exterior started to reveal themselves. The front of the S90 is simply stylish and well designed, with simple yet elegant features that distinguish this luxury Sedan from its rivals, which are heading towards a more intricate approach. The lines on the hood give the S90 a sporty and elegant feel, the vents and the concave grille centered by the Volvo emblem with a touch of chrome sparkles as you move around its front. The lower lip is there for that extra spicy athletic impression – we were admiring the S90 T6 Polestar. One of my favorite elements of the S90 are the superb headlights that are slightly swept to the side fenders and are characterized by horizontal T-shaped LED elements representing what Volvo likes to call “Thor’s Hammer”, the Scandinavian icon, or as we know it today the Marvel super hero. The “Thor’s Hammer” headlights are Volvo’s own lighting signature with daytime running lights. This feature, alongside the S90 fascia traits, give this Sedan a distinctive character of charm and charisma, suitable to make a long lasting CEO’s kind of first impression. Moving along the S90 side curves, the car shows slightly bigger dimensions than its rivals, with a clean cut design leading all the way to the rear to steal the show with exceptional LED taillights, an executive rear bumper shape, and twin dual exhaust for this S90 T6 PoleStar edition.

Just before the press conference started, I snuck inside the S90 to steal a glimpse from the inside cabinet. The interior was a complete reflection of the exterior with simple, beautiful, and chic designs. 

As soon as you open the door, the Scandinavian warmth feeling surrounds you. The smell of real leather tickles your nose, the touch and feel of comfortable seats unwinds your skin, the sight of coordinated colors delights your sight, silence and acoustic clear music experience comforts your ears, and the taste of luxury spoils your tongue as you indulge your five senses in the modern Danish art of fine living.

Away from poetry, the inside cabinet has a great functional layout with proper display of all that is needed within the driver’s reach. Volvo’s commitment to excellence is clearly shown in the premium material used inside the cabinet, from real leather, to real wood, chrome, and black trims. What is particularly attractive is the amount of technology used to facilitate connectivity and entertainment throughout the journey onboard of this All New-Sedan. Yet the crown jewel of the interior remains the portrait layout touchscreen, which comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (soon to be released) without a full screen takeover, meaning you can use both your phone and the car’s screen separately.

As the conference began, I was surprised by the amount of technology and safety features installed in the S90, as Mr. Emre Karaer, General Manager of Volvo Cars MENA and CIS, explained. More surprises were headed our way with the detailed approach on the specifics of the New-Sedan, elaborated by Ms. Ozge Ugurluel, Marketing and PR Manager of Volvo Cars MENA and CIS.

The Volvo S90 features state of the art comfort and safety systems that will surely enhance the in-car experience. The new Volvo S90 comes equipped as standard with an advanced semi-autonomous drive feature “Pilot Assist”, a function on top of the adaptive cruise control systems. It gives gentle steering inputs and can guide the car solely via lane markings, without having to lock onto a car ahead.

In addition, the S90 also introduces a first world function for City Safety – large animal detection – a system capable of detecting large animals such as elk, horses, or moose, night or day. It also features warnings on pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles. Combined with Run Off-Road Mitigation systems, these technologies offer an intuitive warning and brake support to help avoid any possible collision.

The S90 has taken the executive driving experience to the next level, delivering high-end luxury enjoyment. To keep up with elegant atmosphere associated with the reveal of the S90, Volvo ended the evening with music, laughter, and a relaxed dinner under the stars, complete with the sound of enchanting waves coming from the resort’s private beach.

The next day was the test drive day; we were looking forward to taking the S90 on a cruise and test its drivability and features. However, not so excited about putting into real test the large animal detection and Run Off-Road mitigation systems; despite our complete confidence in Volvo’s safety features, I mean we are for sure in safe hands but running off large animals and Off-Road spillovers were not exactly part of our plans.

Turning the knob for Engine Start! how cool is that? Then, we were on our way. We took the Sedan for a lovely cruise around the mountainous roads of Oman and got the chance to experience luxury on wheels, feel the comfort of driving, and enjoy the lovely scenery. Inside the cabin, the road silence and complete isolation from the engine and motorway noises was relaxing. On another hand, when music was needed, the musical experience was nearly a theatrical joy. Moreover, we wanted to juice the energy out of that turbocharged and supercharged 4-cynlinder-inline engine coped with an 8-speed automatic gearbox capable of generating 320 Horsepower and 400 Nm of torque, and the experience was beyond expectations.

The Volvo S90 comes in 4 trim levels: R-Design, Inscription, Momentum, and the recently launched Excellence.

In our opinion, the Volvo S90 has enough styling, comfort, immersive luxury, and elegance to compete with rivals from the same sector, and in some points it even exceeds rivals’ offerings. The Volvo S90 is truly a distinctive executive class Sedan, a visual expression that exudes leadership and confidence and can be described in one sentence “Elegance in Motion”.


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We got the privilege to join Jeep on an unforgettable journey that lasted two days in Sicily, Italy.


We enjoyed the adventure of our lives passing through the Mount Etna volcano, Sicilian Jungle and crossed a river with our Jeep. We survived the most hush environments for a vehicle and lived to tell about it. The Jeep experience days is an event inspired by the legendary “Easter Jeep Safari” held in the United States and we were among the lucky few to re-live this experience in Italy. Just imagine testing the full Jeep range on an off-road route through the spectacular Sicilian scenery, but for now enough talking let’s hit the roads.

The first day started with our arrival to Donnafugata Golf Resort & Spa where we got our briefing and saw the amazing lineup of Jeep vehicles just waiting there to be taken on the adventure of a lifetime. Keys in my hand and engine START, we joined the convoy with the all new Grand Cherokee heading our way towards Mount ETNA.

We drove for 2 hours exploring every aspect of the Grand Cherokee along the way. On paved roads, this vehicle is one of the most luxurious and most comfortable vehicle in its range, the ride was amazing. However this was not the purpose of the drive, we wanted to see if the Grand Cherokee has what it takes to be called Jeep, I mean refinement and elegance is needed for such vehicle and so is the offroading capabilities. So we took a right turn hitting the unpaved roads of ETNA, our hearts were beating so fast you can feel it literally ripping off our chest as we moved slowly while driving on volcano magma paving way towards our thrilling destination.

At the altitude of more than 3000 m directly at the feet of Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano and the world’s second largest active one, we made it with the Grand Cherokee. It was unstoppable no matter what type of terrain and obstacles we were facing. We used almost every function there is to reach our destination: 3 different traction systems, 5 modes of terrain selection, air-suspension Quadralift and more. On the outside, it was freezing cold and on the inside it was warm and cozy, nevertheless and as we were face to face with an erupted volcano, we’ve decided to step out of the door and face our fears for an ultimate thrill. It was an incredible journey and escapade; we experienced freedom at its peak.

Moving forward, it was time to hit the roads again driving downward towards the city of Ragusa. It was a long drive and nightfall was just around the corner, however the Grand Cherokee made our journey the safest with its state of the art safety systems and also an enjoyable ride with its Uconnect 8.4 touch screen infotainment.

Arriving at our destination and just when we thought the day was over; the guys at Jeep gave us the surprise of a lifetime; directly outside our rooms, there was a lineup of some of the best Mopar vehicles, some of them were even premiered for the first time: Three Wrangler-based concept cars – Rubicon Sunriser, Rubicon Stealth and Sahara Black Revenge – packed with Mopar accessories for the most extreme off-road use, the Jeep® Renegade “Montreaux Jazz Festival”, designed together with Garage Italia Customs for the famous music festival and the Jeep® Renegade “Harley Rat Rod” and much more.

The day ended with a blast when we got the chance to go for a night ride in these amazing Mopar vehicles.

Woke up the next morning, refreshed and ready to move on our next adventure. We switched vehicles and got into the latest creation from Jeep the “Renegade”. In our heads the idea was that this Jeep is the smallest among its family and won’t be able to take on the beating that the wrangler usually do, but hey we are here to test, so we took on the challenge.

Inside the “Renegade” was the big surprise, the vehicle is roomy and has so many capabilities it even competes with its big brother the wrangler. Moreover, we were really surprised to see the amount of design details that the guys at Jeep have put into thoughts, the speaker covers were Jeep branded, the rear view mirror as well and the design coordination between the exterior and interior is beyond compare. Frankly I’m thrilled to say I loved it, it reflects the true values of Jeep: passion and authenticity.

All of that is great, now it was time to put it to the test of hush terrains. We took on a journey passing through the Sicilian Jungle on a hard off-road track setup by the guys at Jeep. The Renegade with its various terrain mode selections passed the test. We crossed on paved roads, unpaved roads, rock, slippery roads, obstacles, descents, side slopes and of course lots and lots of mud to eventually take a pause in front of the river double thinking what the heck are we doing? Will the Renegade be able to pass through a running river? And SPLASH!!, without any hesitations, we dived into the river and took on the off-road vehicles’ worst nightmare with great success.

The “Renegade” proved to be a capable vehicle with great funky design. Jeep demonstrated its capabilities to produce a small SUV that is proficient and able to meet the values of Jeep. The “Renegade” also introduced for the first time a nine-speed automatic transmission that contributed very much in this vehicle on-road and off-road power. We can say that this new comer is a topnotch on-road and off-road vehicle with complete refinement, fuel efficiency, safety features, technology features and amazing looks.

The “Jeep Experience Days” was an outstanding experience that got us behind the wheels of every Jeep there is for a true exciting and challenging drive and gave us the opportunity to learn up-close and personal about each Jeep vehicle’s capabilities.

At the end, we head to our last location on this journey, thinking that this is it once more; the guys at Jeep had different thoughts installed for us. The journey wouldn’t have been a complete line up without the sight of the all mighty SRT.

We entered on a private jet landing strip and we got our treat for the day, two Jeeps Grand Cherokee SRT equipped with a 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 468 hp engine and eight-speed automatic transmission gave us an extraordinary demonstration of power and speed reaching 250 km/h and accelerating from zero to 100 in just 5 seconds, what a thrill. It was the perfect way to wrap up an event that I and all participants will never forget.

The Jeep experience two days ended just like it started with a blast. We drove on mud, rock, water and tarmac, we lived a unique experience testing the Jeep range with the best and the most awarded SUV line up ever. The event expressed the true values of Jeep freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion.