Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler JK
Year : 2018

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : HOFELE Design

The iconic Jeep Wrangler is a favorite of 4×4 enthusiasts the world over… HOFELE a specialist German tuning company has just made the outgoing “JK” model a lot more interesting with a range of styling enhancements it calls the URBAN LIFESTYLE package.


Most modifiers of the Jeep Wrangler offer a range of modifications designed to make the Wrangler even more capable of handling extreme off road conditions with higher ground clearance, massive wheels with aggressive off road tyres etc.

HOFELE offers something different – Exterior and interior enhancements that are designed more for the URBAN and city environment. The HOFELE Jeep Wrangler is just a capable off road but has the looks and style that take it to the next level of style and luxury. The HOFELE Jeep Wranglers looks just as good out on the sand dunes as it does parked outside a six-star hotel.

Staring at the front, the HOFELE Jeep Wrangler is fitted with a new design stylish front bumper that gives better approach angles, incorporating LED lighting etc. This combined with the 10th Anniversary vented bonnet and wider wheel arched gives this Jeep a much improved and dynamic look.

Fitted with HOFELE 22”x 10” REVERSO alloy wheels painted in Titanium Matt, the profile from the front is further enhanced by the addition of the “Roof Shield” above the windscreen fitted with high mounted LED lighting. These LED’s combined with the Bi-LED headlights and the LED running lights give an impressive nighttime silhouette.

From the rear the HOFELE Jeep Wrangler the dynamic look continues with the wide-body rear wheel arches and the signature double oval HOFELE exhaust system that looks and sounds great.

HOFELE also offers what it calls its “Exhaust Sound Blaster System” that increased and changes the sound of the exhaust to make it sound like screaming V8 engine. This system has different modes and can even be switched on / off by remote control.

We now have a look at the interior where the HOFELE Jeep Wrangler really differs from the standard jeep by offering an enhanced level of style, comfort, and luxury. For the Luxury version, the standard seating is replaced by the highest quality Nappa leather, colors can be chosen by the customer.

This model (the first in Dubai) is fitted with 2 x front SPORTS SEATS finished in Cognac color real Naapa Leather, the rear seats are finished matching leather with Double Diamond stitching.

There is also an option for two individual SPORTS SEATS in the rear.

The HOFELE Jeep Wrangler is a BESPOKE off road vehicle that also looks good in the city… an URBAN LIFESTYLE choice for those who want to make a unique statement….!!



Range Rover Classic Off-Roading through the snow


Image Credit: Lebanon

Make : Land Rover
Model : Range Rover
Year : 1992

Owner : Alain Chahine
Country : Lebanon

Engine & Performance

  • At Stock: 3.9L
  • Engine Modifications: 4.6L
  • Differential: ARB Front and Rear Air Lockers
  • Ashcroft 4.7 Ring and Pinions
  • Ashcroft CV and Shafts


  • Suspension: Terrafirma Suspension 

Wheels and Tires

  • Wheels: BeadLock 10”
  • Tires: 36” Irok


  • Front and Rear Reinforced Bumpers
  • Roof Racks
  • 13000 Lb Electric Winch





Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler
Year : 2014

Owner : George Khouzami
Country : UAE (originally from Lebanon)
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

Originally from Lebanon, George Khouzami has lived in the UAE for all of his life. Despite only being 25, he is fully engrossed motorsport, with a karting career already under his belt and a few modified Mercedes in the garage he is happily aboard the petrolhead train. However, there was one area that George had never really ventured into: offroading. He began looking around for the right vehicle that he could use to explore his newfound curiosity for the desert. His solution came in the form of a 2014 Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission.

Despite being a very capable vehicle in stock form, George knew that with a few modifications his new Wrangler would easily outperform many other vehicles.

So when George took his 2014 Jeep Wrangler to them with the request that they make it one of the best performing and greatest looking Wranglers in the country, they were rearing to start the project.

First up on the list of things to do was suspension. George chose the 3.5 inch AEV dualsport system for its progressive feel and all surface control. Accompanying the AEV springs are King’s fully adjustable shock absorbers with external reservoirs for increased resistance to fade. King hydraulic bumpstops have also been installed in the front and Sumosprings in the rear to help control bottoming out over high speed sections in the dunes. Short arms and track bar replacements from Teraflex have been included to maintain correct alignment and geometry to minimize any vibration in the driveline as a result of lifting the vehicle. Up front, the Fox 2.0 ATS steering stabiliser was called upon with the intention of reducing the effects of bumpsteer and with 26 clicks of adjustment it is possible to tailor fit steering feel based upon road conditions.

A lift kit is only complete with a good set of correctly sized tyres so five 35 inch Cooper AT3 tires were installed. These Coopers strike the perfect balance between a quiet and refined ride on the road and an aggressive enough tread pattern to battle through sand and rocks. They are mounted on matte black Method NV race wheels and bolted to the axle with a H&R spacer.


Thought was put into making sure there would be no difficulties in accommodating those big tires. An Airaid Synthamax air induction kit and a Gibson dual exit exhaust helps air to flow through the engine better whilst providing a meaty sound. Together they help to bring the 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 to life with more power and increased throttle response which will help to combat the loss of power. When installing larger tires it is important that the axles are suitable reinforced to take the extra strain. Ramy 4×4 paid close attention to this and welded on an Artec front axle armor kit. A sleeve kit from Teraflex also came into action and slides inside the axle to reinforce the weak axle tube. The ring and pinion ratios were also adjusted to 4.56 in both the front (Dana 30) and rear (Dana 44) to keep those 35s turning.

Not only did George want his Jeep to perform well but he also wanted it to look good doing so. Therefore, the team at Ramy 4×4 did some special work on aesthetic features. A muscular AEV heat reduction bonnet was installed and plays a big role in engine cooling so that George’s Wrangler will shrug off the intense heat on midday off road excursions. Bushwacker pocket style fender flares provide excellent coverage whilst also helping to achieve that aggressive look. The Rugged Ridge aluminium front bumper helps to increase the approach angle over the stock piece and looks great doing so. The good looks continue through to the side mirrors which have been covered with carbon fiber look caps.

In the summer months the unbearable temperatures often lead off roaders to night drives and without the correct lighting this is almost impossible. That is why George wanted to ditch the standard head and fog lights and replace them with JW Speakers. The LED technology far surpasses the standard halogens in terms of brightness and longevity. A 52 inch Cree LED spot light bar is paired with 5 Cree spotlights mounted onto the bonnet to aid in illuminating the area in the distance whereas the Cree A-pillar mounted flood light makes the area immediately in front of the vehicle more visible.
The aim at the start of this project was for George’s Jeep to stand out and to be a great performer. It is safe to say that the team at Ramy 4×4 have surpassed that target and created a phenomenal Jeep Wrangler that is ready to take on any terrain and look awesome doing so.


Feature Coverage Videos Off-Road

AOR e-SandStorm


RAMY Automotive, has been for decades been synonymous with off-road vehicle modifications and aftermarket parts sales and service. Their passion for off-roading doesn’t end there, it is also followed by strong CSR activities like their #CleanDesertDrive movement under a moto “Leave nothing behind other than tire marks.”

Recently, the United Arab Emirates and in particular Dubai, has been leading the drive to healthy living which is spearheaded by none other than the Crown Prince of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Dubai Fitness Challenge 30×30 which took place at the end of 2017 involved thousands of Dubai participants into a common goal of healthy living.

RAMY Automotive understands the evolution of off-road vehicles and wanted to incorporate some of its traits into street bicycles in order to cater to healthy living activities for its existing and new customers, thus introducing an electric assist “fatbike” aptly called the eSandStorm from renowned off-road equipment and accessories manufacturer, American Off Road (AOR).

The eSandStorm is essentially a fatbike, which by definition is an off-road bike with oversized tires that are designed to operate at low ground pressure to tackle soft terrain, like sandy beaches and the desert, but comes with a battery pack and an electric motor to assist the rider. Fatbikes have been the craze in the UAE for the last couple of years as bikers are now able to enjoy the wild terrain of the Emirates and not be confined to just tarmac. Pedaling the thick 4’’ wide tires does take a strain on the body, especially when the pressure have been dropped to 5 psi for easy gliding on sandy terrain. This is where the 750 Watt rear brushless hub motor comes in, powered by a fast charging 48V 11.6Ah Li-ion battery.

At full charge, which takes 4-6 hours, the electric motor would be able to assist the rider for distances up to 70 kms and achieve speeds of up to 40 kmph. The eSandStorm is made of lightweight high grade Aluminum alloy and comes with Shimano 7 gears. Disc brakes are available at both the front and rear wheels as well as full adjustable front fork suspension for rebound and dampening and air shocks at the back wheel. Front and rear lights comes standard as well as a front mounted LCD display which displays important information such as battery power level, speed, gear position and odometer.

Specification of eSandStorm:

Frame: 6061 Aluminium alloy

Electric System:

  • Battery 48V 11.6Ah Li-ion battery
  • 750w rear brushless hub motor
  • Controller 750W 22A
  • PAS intelligent pedal assistant system
  • Charge Time 4-6 hours
  • Max Speed up to 40Km/h
  • Range Distance up to 70Kms
  • F/R disc brake
  • With F/R light light
  • NOKEE-LCD display

Fork: front Al alloy fork adjustable suspension and rear air-shock

Saddle: Sport type

Tire: 26×4.0

Derailleur: Outer 7 speed Shimano





#RAMYproject: The Major


Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler JK
Year : 2016

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

THE MAJOR” is RAMY Automotive’s latest iteration of the two door Jeep JK and turns a stock 2 door Jeep JK into a Jeep pickup complete with a baja styled custom made tire carrier fixed onto the rear bed. This truck conversion is further complemented by modifications to the chassis for example Fox adjustable shocks, an AOR 2.5 inch lift kit, SUMO bump stops and Method beadlock rims. The performance of THE MAJOR is given a boost by Sprintex Supercharger which bumps up the stock of 54% more horsepower; 195 Wheel Horse Power stock to 302 WHP supercharged, Gibson exhaust and K&N filter.

So what makes the truck conversion great? Apart from its looks the truck conversion sheds a lot of weight and coupled with a lift kit and the 2 door’s shorter wheelbase, THE MAJOR is nimble and easy to maneuver around the dunes. And with the extra horses from the SPRINTEX supercharger, THE MAJOR is the perfect weapon of choice for any dunes that comes on the way.



  • Sprintex Supercharger
  • Gibson Exhaust
  • K&N Filter

Chassis, Suspension:

  • Fox Adjustable Shocks
  • AOR 2.5″ Lift Kit
  • Sumo Bump Stops
  • Method Beadlock Rims

Exterior and Interior:

  • Pickup Conversion and Painting
  • Custom made Tire Carrier for 2 Tires
  • Rugged Ridge Front Bumper with a Stinger
  • AEV Rear Bumper
  • Custom Grill
  • JCR Fenders
  • JCR Rock Sliders
  • JCR Inner Fender Liners
  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Warn Winch tabor 12k
  • Custom HD Project Headlights
  • JW Speaker Rear Lights





Make : Hummer
Model : H2
Year : 2005

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

This Hummer H2 SUV is quiet a unique edition of the 2005 usual Hummer, the rearmost part of this H2 was modified to a pickup truck bed of the 2005 H2 SUT “Sport Utility Truck”. RAMY 4×4 modified it and created this peerless SUT by converting it into a Fastback.

Upgrade details

  • Custom Fastback
  • Custom Front Bumper
  • Custom Paint Job of some items
  • Warn Tabor 12 Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Remote Control
  • AMP Research Powersteps
  • AE Wheels
  • 3” Lift Kit with Rancho Shocks
  • Train Horn
  • Superchips Flashpaq H2
  • Throttle Body Spacer
  • K&N Intake System
  • LED Light Bar



JEEP WRANGLER JK Unlimited 2016


Make : Jeep
Model : WRANGLER JK Unlimited
Year : 2016

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : RAMY 4×4


  • Gibson Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust

Chassis and Suspension

  • AEV JK 07+ LHD 2.5” 2dr DualSport XT Suspension

Wheels and Tires

  • CenterLine RT1, 20×10, 5×127, 24 Satin Black

Exterior and Interior

  • Action Truck Unlimited JK
  • Switch Pod A/Pillar
  • Winch Mount Block Off Kit
  • Euroguard Taillight BLK JK
  • JK Avenger Grill New Model
  • JCR Prerunner Tire Mount
  • JCR Universal Tire Mount Bolt
  • JCR Front Lower Bumper Skid
  • JCR Rear Full Width Bumper
  • JCR Crusader Mid Width Front Winch Bumper With Tube
  • Rear Number Plate Board
  • Fuel Tank Cap
  • AOR 7” Sealed Beam LED Headlight Black
  • JK Angry Bird Fenders
  • JK Transformer Hood
  • JK Short Flexible Antenna
  • AOR JK Bumper Light Horizontal Rocker Switch
  • AOR JK Rear Light Horizontal Rocker Switch
  • CH4X4 JK Off Road Light Horizontal Switch
  • AOR Off Road 9ft Red Flag Pole with Flag
  • AOR 6 x 3W = 18W, Spot, Double, Lower Mount, CREE, 4” Lights


Feature Coverage Videos Off-Road

Toyota FJ Cruiser the Yellow Crawler


Photos By K8 Car Photography

Make : Toyota
Model : FJ Cruiser
Year : 2009

Owner : Roland Semaan
Country : Lebanon


  • 6-Cylinder
  • Aluminum Alloy Block
  • 3,956 cc
  • Horsepower 239 hp @ 5,200 rpm
  • Torque 278 lb-ft @ 3,700 rpm


  • TRD Full Exhaust System


  • Front Bumper Road Armor USA
  • Rear Bumper Fab Four
  • Snorkel Iron Man
  • Anti Rock
  • Spider Trax
  • Hydro-dipping
  • Front Grille

Wheels and Tires

  • 17” Beadlock Rims Marble Splash Pattern
  • 40” NITTO Tires


  • ProComp 12”
  • RCV Front Axel
  • Rear Axel RockJock® III High Pinion Rear End assembly for the Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 and up
  • 65-45-12 Ductile Iron Housing Center
  • AR400 Heat Treated Bottom Skid Plate
  • 3” d.o.m. Steel Tubes
  • 5/16” Thick Heavy Steel Diff Cover
  • Heavy Duty Currie FJ Suspension Brackets Mounted
  • Urethane Coil Spring Pads
  • Currie Performance Forged Alloy 35 Spline Axle Shafts
  • ARB Front Locker
  • ARB Rear Locker
  • 4.88 Nitro Gear Front and Rear

My Fj Cruiser is not your usual FJ, this baby can climb the highest mountains and reach the deepest Valley

Roland Semaan




JEEP WRANGLER JK Unlimited 2016 Project 3AJAJ


Words by Griff Gough-Walters

Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler JK Unlimited
Year : 2016

Owner : Farhan Al Bastaki
Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : RAMY 4×4

Born from the desire to buck the trend, Project 3AJAJ throws offroad passion and creativity into a stealthy concoction and pours it all over a 2016 Jeep Wrangler.

Farhan Al Bastaki, Project 3AJAJ’s creator, picked up a completely standard Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and took it straight to RAMY Automotive to begin work on a complete upgrade of the car. Born and raised in the UAE, Farhan knew what he wanted to change on the vehicle so with the help of RAMY’s part specialists Marwan Semaan and Dean Le Roux, he quickly decided on how he was going to improve the Jeep.

The biggest change is undoubtable that Action Truck pickup conversion which takes the 4 door Wrangler’s extended wheelbase and throws out the rear seats to make way for a pickup bed. It completely transforms the entire side profile of the car with the external roll cage and that prerunner esque spare tyre mounted in the bed.

Next up, was suspension. Farhan chose the TITAN Performance Suspension Stage 3+. The updated suspension is linked to Artec reinforced axles, a necessity to ensure the massive 35” KUMHO tires are properly supported. All that extra height would make getting in and out quite a challenge, so a set of AOR powerboards have been included which automatically deploy when the door is opened and retract again when it is closed.

Bigger tires and suspension often lead to a marginal loss of usable power. RAMY threw in a Sprintex supercharger producing a whopping extra 100 horsepower but the addition of a custom unlocked PCM from Diablo and an axle back exhaust breath new fire into the 3.6L V6. All this extra grunt is routed through a Spec clutch and AOR 4.10 gear ratios so that the truck really takes off when you put your foot down. Diff locks? Yes, it’s got them, a Yukon air locker in each axle.

Apart from the pickup conversion, the outside of Farhan’s truck is protected by front and rear bumpers, the former receiving a Warn Zeon Platinum winch (which can be controlled via a wireless remote!). Staying up front, the standard halogen headlights have been done away with in favour of a set of LED’s from AOR to really shine into the night. Another unique detail that catches your eye are the fenders, bumpers and power boards which have all been finished in a Linex style coating that protects as well as it looks.

One of main features on Farhan’s Jeep Wrangler Pickup is the pneumatic system for tires. It incorporates a 4 gallon Extreme Outback air tank hooked up to a Wild Boar air pump which is capable of deflating all 4 tires to a digitally set pressure in a matter of minutes. If that’s not enough, RAMY has included an ExtremeAire portable compressor for good measure.



  • Sprintex JK 3.6 Supercharger
  • Custom Unlocked PCM from Diablo
  • AEV JK ProCal Module, 2007+ JK
  • Jeep 3.6L/3.8L V6 2007-2015 – 2 1/2” Axle Back,Dual Rear Exit, BLK Exhaust
  • Rancho Exhaust Parts
  • AOR JK 4.10 Ring & Pinion D30 & 4.10 Ring & Pinion D44
  • Diff Rebuild Kit for D30 F JK & Diff Rebuild Kit for D44 R JK
  • Yukon Gears JK D30 Front Diff Lock & JK D44 Rear Diff Lock
  • Yukon Gears Universal Diff Lock Compressor Kit
  • Spec JK Stage 3+ Clutch -SPE

Chassis & Suspension

  • AOR JK 3” Lift Lift Kit
  • AOR JK Front Track Bar
  • Titan JK 2.5 W Resi. Adj. 1.5-3.5” Front and Rear Performance Shock
  • Titan JK 2.0 Front Bump Stop
  • FOX JK ATS Steering Stabilizer
  • ARTEC JK Front Axle Armor Kit Dana 30
  • JK 2007+ Front Sleeve Kit

Wheels and Tires

  • AE Wheel Series 012 Beadlock Black W/Machined Lip 17×10 – 5×5

Exterior and Interior

  • Action Truck Unlimited JK
  • Warn Winch Zeon Platinum 12K S
  • Warn Holder Wireless Remote
  • 3/8” Premium Winch Hook, 12,000 lbs
  • New Front and rear Bumper
  • JCR Jeep Prerunner Tire Mount
  • JcrOffroad Universal Tire Mount
  • AOR 7” Sealed Beam LED Headlight Black / Set
  • AOR Power Board for Jeep Wrangler 4DR
  • Camber Bolt JK (Truxxx)
  • DRAKE JK 2007+ Power Steering Reservoir Cap
  • Drake JK 2007+ Black Antenna
  • Rugged Ridge BLK Aluminum Hood Catch (JK)
  • ExtremeAire Magnum 12V Compressor Portable
  • Extreme Outback 4 Gallon Air Tank
  • Extreme Outback Closed Air Chuck
  • Extreme Outback 100 Amp Relay (Continuous Relay )
  • Extreme Outback 80 AMP Circuit Breaker
  • Extreme Outback One Way Check Valve (Non-Return Valve)
  • Extreme Outback 135 Psi Switch
  • Wildboar 2-Way-Air Inflation Deflation System
  • Pressure Perfect Inflation/ Deflation Module
  • 9ft Flag Pole
  • Interior Accents Paint (Bed Storage Hooks, Removal of body parts, Linex Style Paint and installation again)
  • Linex Style Painting of Remaining Parts: Side Steps, Hood light bracket, Tire Carrier
  • Heat and Sound Insulation Mats
  • AOR JK 2012+ 3.6L Dual Battery Tray Kit
  • OPTIMA Yellow Top Battery 4.2
  • DS250S 5-Step, Automatic DUAL 12 Volt 20 Amp Battery Charger + Display
  • AOR Jeep JK 07+ Windshield Switch Panel
  • AOR Kill Switch
  • AOR JK 2007+ Windshield Light Brackets
  • RR Rocker Switch Green Rugged
  • Fender lights
  • JWS 6145 J – 12V PANEL FOG SET

Used to have a full size pickup and a two door Jeep, so I decided to combine them and have a Jeep pickup!

Farhan Al Bastaki



Scorpion JEEP WRANGLER JK 2016 2DR


Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler JK
Year : 2016

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

The Scorpion has been sold to a VIP customer in Azerbaijan after witnessing supercharged Black Phoenix in action in his own country. The new owner specifically requested Ramy 4×4 to build it to tackle the harshest rocky and mountainous terrains of Eastern Europe.

Ramy 4X4’s Jeep projects are one of a kind and are truly built with purpose, reliability, and presence. The names are chosen by a panel of experts who study its off-road prowess and equipment before deciding on a name that best suits its soul.

The Scorpion started as a standard brand-new 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK. This time, the stock 3.6L V6 was carried over, and to help it breathe better, a Borla muffler was added along with Rancho exhaust parts. Front and rear differential locks were installed from Yukon Gears and a 4.88 ratio performance ring and pinion was installed from Alloy USA.

AEV 3.5” performance lift kit raises the Jeep’s stance, and 37” Mudd Claw Road and Off-Road tires are sure to overcome any of nature’s worst terrain conditions.

The Scorpion is painted in blue, along with its stabilizers, while its hazard and rear light housing are painted in black.


Exterior & Interior:

  • JCR Mauler Stubby Front Winch Bumper Powder Coated
  • AEV Snorkel
  • AMP Research Powerstep
  • Metal Cloak Overland Tube Front and Rear Fenders
  • Rear Bumper and AOR Hitch Receiver
  • Teraflex HD Aluminium Hinged Tire Carrier and Third Brake Light Extension Kit
  • Hi Lift Jack 60” custom painted and Handle Keeper
  • Rugged Ridge Spare Tire Spacer
  • ARB Air Compressor
  • Rugged Ridge Black Front and Rear Floor Liners
  • Mopar Hood D Steel
  • AOR Windshield Light Brackets and 2x 20W x 5W Double CREE Spot LED Lights
  • Rugged Ridge Hood Light Bar and 5x 20W x 5W Double CREE Spot LED Lights
  • JCR Low Profile 50”LED Light Bar and AOR 100x3W LED Light
  • JW Speaker 7” 8700-EVJ-12V DOT Black Set LED Headlight
  • Daystar Lower switch Panel and Rugged Ridge Pillar Switch Pod with Switches
  • AOR Rear License Plate Relocation Bracket
  • AOR Aggressive Avenger Grill – New Model
  • Custom Stitching SCORPION Logo
  • Custom Painted Interior Accents
  • Pioneer Touch Screen Entertainment System
  • Drake Aluminium Black Antenna and Handle Cover custom painted
  • Warn Zeon 12 Winch and AOR Flip Number Plate Mount


  • 3.6L V6 Automatic 2DR
  • Borla JK Rear Muffler W/Black Tips and Rancho Exhaust Parts
  • ALLOY USA JK 4.88 Performance Ring and Pinion
  • Yukon Gears Front and Rear Diff Lock
  • AEV Procal Module NEW Version

Chassis, Suspension

  • AEV 3.5” Suspension Performance Lift Kit
  • Teraflex Rear Upper Extra Short Flex Arms
  • Artec Front Monster Axle Reinforcement and Teraflex Heavy Duty Inner Sleeve Kit

Wheels & Tires

  • AOR Series 804 True Performance Beadlock 17×10 Custom Painted Wheels and Alloy USA Wheel Spacer 1.5”
  • 37” Mudd Claw Road and Off Road Tires



The Black Stallion


Photos By: K8 Car Photography

Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler
Year : 2007

Owner : Nabil Irani
Country : Lebanon

Specs and mods:

– 426 Hemi Competition Gen Iii Engine Full Stroker Up To 700Hp Dyno Tested
– Long Tube Headers With Loud Sound Borla Exhaust
– Manual Transmission G56 Type
– Atlas4 Transfer Case
– 5.5 Rock Crawler Long Arms
– Rrd Coil Overs 16” Travel On Four Corners With Hydraulic Bump Stop
– Polyperformance Drive Shafts
– Rockjock 60 Diff Front & Rear
– Arb Lockers 4.56 Ratio
– 17” Stazworck Double Beadlock Rims Holding 42” Pitbull Rocker Tires
– Full Poison Spyder Body Armor Kit
– Full Skid Plate
– Warn Winch 12000Lb Platinum
– Srt8 Electrical And Heated Sport Seat Front & Rear
– Interior Rollcage
– Viair Air Compressor System Built-In


“It’s a monster and a very unique ride, I am very satisfied from the outcome of such a big project. My friends call it Black Stallion.”

– Nabil Irani.



MAX IV 6×6 Ready For Adventure