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XENA STANGINI – The Name says it all


Image Credit : As Received 

The sight of a lady driving a Supercar is not unique anymore as we see several women driving those fast cars on the streets of our nation, however seeing a woman driving a pink Supercar and a customized Muscle Car and does drifting for the fun of it that is something worth talking about.

And if you think this is it for Heba, this is where you are wrong, I mean this woman even surprised Arab Motor World Staff, who thought they saw everything, until hearing how much Heba is knowledgeable about aftermarket and tuning even more than most of the guys we’ve met.

Here’s XENA STANGINI up close and personal.

Who is Xena Stangini ?

Xena_stangini is my Instagram name. It is a combo name representing my both cars; the Mustang and the Lamborghini.

I have set up this Instagram account for my cars builds and have photos of my cars and the aftermarket parts more than I have of myself. My family knows by now that all gifts are accepted in car parts only; no cash, gold, diamonds or roses.

My real name is Heba from Cairo-Egypt Residing in Dubai, I am a Senior Business Consultant working in a large international company. Outside my corporate life, I am a certified scuba diver, I play tennis, love to spend my weekends drifting and driving, and everything related to the automotive world.

I have just been awarded the Best Car for 2018 & Readers’ Choice Award from Wheels magazine, in a ceremony attended by top automakers. I am proud to be the first female to win this award.

How did your passion for automotive started and when?

It started at an early age when I was 14 years old, my father started teaching me how to drive his manual gearbox car. I was influenced by his deep passion for cars, I have seen him treat cars as if they were human. He tackles speed bumps with care, drives an extra mile to ensure he’s parked in the shade, gives them regular check-ups — and now this is all in my blood.

Once I have become of age, I owned an Opel Astra as my first car.

We’ve read on your profile that one time you were bored so you hit the track, what can you tell us about this out of this world time-killing mechanism?

I always say driving is therapy, and when I am bored or stressed out, I love to drive sideways i.e drift. I have been for years seriously thinking about getting certified as a professional drifter but this endeavor requires a lot of dedication, practice in the field, and commitment, which I cannot afford due to my personal and professional obligations. So, I am keeping it as a hobby for now, however building my own drift car will remain a dream I will pursue sooner or later. I may turn my Mustang into a drift car, or I will buy a tuner car and work on my project from there.

You own several vehicles yourself, which one is the dearest to your heart?

I own a Lamborghini Gallardo V10 5.2L Lp550-2 2013, Mustang 3.7L V6, 2015, and I have just sold my BMW 3 series. All my cars are drop-top (convertibles).

The Mustang and Gallardo are both equally dear to me. However, the Gallardo has been my daily drive since I am actually still overwhelmed with the power and beauty of this machine.

Your Mustang is upgraded and has a pinkish color, what’s up with that?

Well, the very first modification that I had done even before I  took delivery of the car — was a Roush exhaust. I wanted a deep roaring sound so i had the system installed at the dealer. Afterward, I had the car lowered by 1.5 in, added 25mm wheel spacers and upgraded the suspension which significantly improved the car’s cornering and handling. I have also installed an Anderson Composites carbon fiber bonnet, APR wing and performance splitter to help shed some weight and I must say the CDC Outlaw body kit — which includes a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler — looks great on the car, to top it up I have installed vertical doors too. It also had a full custom exterior and interior light upgrade; DRLs, Demon and Angel Eyes, fogs, and sequential indicators and I had them programmed to sync together to my liking.

As for the color, it was originally Competition Orange but I wanted the car to stand out more and with an unusual, daring color combination. So I did my research and shortlisted the colors I wanted and had samples sent to me. Then, finally, I chose the customized ZTS hyper-shift dip and got the necessary paperwork done for approvals and had the car registration changed too.

In addition, I’ve already added a JLT cold air intake with SCTx4 custom tuning which increased significantly my horsepower which is now 325bhp on dyno, and most importantly I can feel the difference whenever I floor the throttle. In fact, I have started thinking about a major engine boost such as installing a Procharger to give the 3.7-litre V6 that extra push and also long tube headers and an off-road H-pipe which will create more power and torque, however, it will take some time to get the necessary approvals as I like to keep it all legal.

I am also going widebody, I bought the fender flares, and now making my choice about my new tires and wheels.

What about that pink Lamborghini, why pink is it a statement to say this a lady’s supercar?

I like fiery controversial colors, they do reflect my personality. My Lamborghini was originally finished in a dark blue (Blu Fontus) paint with a beige interior but I do not leave my cars in stock condition and since I do not like dark colors either I was always going to spruce it up. After I got all the relevant approvals from the traffic authorities, I had it wrapped in Super Chrome Hot Pink and brushed Fuchsia.

The interior has also been trimmed with pure Chrome Fuchsia. I then had the wheels painted black (with the brake calipers painted gold to match the Lambo logo) and then had the taillights tinted and got myself a customized key too! The transformation took about two weeks.

I plan to boost the output and change the exhaust but these modifications are pricey and I need time to save up. In the immediate future, I’ll be getting a rear spoiler to give it an even sportier and aggressive look.

You ride with so many car clubs, how do guys perceive the idea of a woman riding alongside and sometimes racing in the arena against them?

I do hope the day would come where we do not hear clichés like “Oh! a girl driving a modified muscle car!”, and gets worse at the track where guys gasp when they find it out there is a girl drifter.

What message are you sending to our community by being a woman in a man’s world? 

Honestly, the automotive industry is male-dominated, but I am not in it to prove anything to anyone. I am just being me, I do what I love doing and in competition with my own self only. I have been witnessing a considerable amount of resistance and doubt but equally gained respect by others. I let my actions speak for me.

On another note, I am glad that I am receiving good response from the car community, and my efforts are recognized, I have been interviewed and featured in a couple of respectable well-established automotive publications, and my cars have been reposted on social media on popular pages. My family and close friends support me all the way. I will continue with the thrill of customizing my cars. I have loved researching all of the aftermarket parts, contacting the dealers, tracking the shipment of each part and nagging the courier 100 times about the delivery date and time. I have dedicated a huge space in my house for all the car parts and took photos of all the boxes and unwrap them one by one and read all the enclosed pamphlets and installation instructions to gain more knowledge about each part. My next project is building my own drift car.

Anything you would like to add

At the end I would like to add one more thing, I am really proud of being part of the She Challenges Section at Arab Motor World Platform and appreciate all the support and attention the guys at Arab Motor World provided me with to help spread the change that the Automotive World should not be gender oriented.

“I am walking my own path and will continue to march on.” – said Heba



She Challenges

Kay Jalek, Beauty on Wheels


Image Credit as received from Kay Jalek

In our Special Reports section on Arab Motor World platform, there’s always a struggle between two sub-sections: Heels and Wheels which features the most gorgeous women next to beauty rides and She Challenges which tackles women that are challenging the community and are part of the motor industry.

With Kay Jalek, the struggle is solved as Kay combines out of this world gorgeousness and motorcycle riding skills.

We sat down with Kay for an interview to see exactly what it feels like to be a beautiful women riding a motorcycle. And here’s what she had to say.


Who is Kay Jalek, the beautiful woman, and the adventurous biker?

Kay Jalek is a 21-year old Syrian girl living in Lebanon, a young adventurous lady that loves challenges and adventure.

How did your passion for motorcycles starts? And when was the first time you drove a motorcycle?

My passion for motorcycles started 4 years ago when I met a group of bikers, they introduced me to this pure adrenaline rush and sense of freedom that you get when you ride a motorcycle. Afterwards, I started to learn about all kinds of sports bikes and finally after one year I’ve ridden my first bike and the rest is history.

What’s the difference between riding your own bike and riding behind someone?

Before I started to ride my own bike I used to ride behind some friend, the feeling is amazing you have your heart pumping at high rates but it is nothing compared to when you ride your own bike, the feeling is totally different, you cannot describe the freedom sensation and you can literally feel your heart going out of your chest, it is incredible.


We see you riding in Motorcycle groups, how do the men riders perceive you when you tag along?

All the guys in the motorcycle group respect me. They respect the fact that I’m a lady and a strong one and they are very helpful, they advise me if I made a mistake and support me to push it further.

A gorgeous lady like yourself riding a motorcycle, what are the challenges that you face and how does the community sees you?

The biggest challenge is being able to break the sexism rule. Being able to ride in a community that thinks that ladies should only cook, clean and raise children is not easy and showing them that the ladies can do a lot of things including riding a motorcycle or anything men related is satisfying for me and brings on new challenges.

What advice you have for all those women out there trying to overcome their taboo and wants to ride a motorcycle?

Be Strong, independent, and have self-confidence, don’t let the people around you take your passion away. You only live once, live it to the fullest.

Do you think there’s a difference between men bikers and women bikers? And is there any specific bikes not made for women

No, I don’t think so, men and women are equal. We have the power, the brain, and heart.??  There’s no bike made only for men or only for women , but it’s so much better to get stronger step by step, ladies can drive sport bike just like men can and can drive a cruiser just like men can and can go racing with a sport bike just like the men do and we have proven it.

Anything you would like to add

What I do isn’t easy, it’s just the way I am. I will ride to the fullest. The best things in life are on the edge and I just want to say that I am in love with bikes and cars and PS4 (PlayStation)

And I would like to add

“When life gets bad, remember it’s only one step down the rest is up…”


She Challenges

Arabian Gazelles, A Women-Only Super Car Club



We always seek game changers especially in the “She Challenges” section. For this we have chosen a one of kind concept, a true game changer in the world of Automotive clubs “Arabian Gazelles”.

Just like the title implies, Arabian Gazelles is a women only Super Car Club with members from all over the world and activities focused on UAE.

To take you behind the wheels of the ladies driven Super Cars Club, we sat down with Hanan Mazouzi, founder of Arabian Gazelles, for a better understanding of what they do and a deeper look into their objectives and the big WHY, HOW, WHERE and WHEN.


How can you define the Arabian Gazelles Club and what are your Objectives?

It’s the first & only female Supercar owner’s club in the region, our primary objective was to create a platform for likeminded women to exert & enjoy their passion for driving supercars.

We want to inspire and empower women through Arabian Gazelles platform to find their passion whatever it might be… and not let gender stereotypes stop them from living it.

Who and why did you came up with the idea?

I always had a passion for driving high performance cars, I wanted to share this freedom and thrill with other like minded women.. we have been overlooked by this male dominated industry.. and I felt it was time to do something about it, to change this landscape by encouraging more women to join in to exert, enjoy and live their passion of driving these metal marvels.


How and Who can join the club?

To join the club, one has to obviously be a woman, who loves being behind the wheel, owns or drives any of the top luxury/Supercar brands like: Porsche, lamborghini, Ferrari, rolls Royce, Bentley, SLC. SL. Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé, mclaren, Aston Martin, Maserati, Bugatti, bentayga and the G wagon..

Is the club available only in UAE or has ties or members from abroad?

We do have members/enthousiastes from all over the world, but for now we concentrating our activities in the UAE.

What kind of activities do you perform as a club?

We try to meet up twice a month, we do drives experiences, track days, exclusive drive & stay weekends & high octane luxury events.

When you go to your meetings, or park in a location and people see those beautiful super cars and all of the sudden women are coming out of the cars what is their reaction, and how to they interact with you?

It is always an incredible sight seeing these supercars driven by confident elegant women driving in a convoy of luxury cars… we receive a lot of positive signs and thumbs up, support and encouragements, some astonished onlookers too… specially when they see women stepping out !:)


Can you share with our readers a funny story that happened during your activity as Women Only Super Cars Club?

We share a lot of fun filled experiences, last one was with Italian instructors flown into Dubai for a weekend to assist us in a driving experience in the mountains. They came in, expecting fearsome, unskilled ladies that require a lot of work to handle these super cars; they ended up enjoying being driven around in style,  they were stunned that not much efforts was needed for a safe beautiful driving experience alongside the Arabian Gazelles. According to the car dealer, this event had the quickest return on investment directly following the end of the activity. Members of the club booked and bought the same car models that they were driving during the event.

A car Club yet a Super Car Club for Women, that’s genuine, what message are you trying to send to our community?

with the launch of Arabian Gazelles we are crashing all the gender stereotypes in this male dominated industry. We are proving to everyone that we both can play this field. It’s no longer a male privilege to live his passion for driving supercars! We are all enthousiastes and bonafide drivers, we share the same passion and feel the same rush behind the wheel as they do, so there is no reason why we should shy away from enjoying the thrill of supercars specially that we live in a country whose leaders empower women to pursue their passion and live their dreams.

Anything you would like to add?

We like to invite all female Supercar enthousiastes and petrolheads to join us, with special emphasis on Saudi women, we want to connect with likeminded women around the world.


She Challenges

Julia Kiseleva, A Petrolhead by Definition



Who is Julia Kiseleva ?

I would say Julia is an engineer by education and petrolhead by blood. Yes, I consider myself as a real car enthusiast, why? Well…. I love cars! I love driving them, learning about them and modifying them. What defines a true car enthusiast? in my opinion being a “car enthusiast” has nothing to do with how much expensive car you can afford.  It has to do with whether you treat a car as an appliance, or a source of enjoyment. Although, admittedly, a car enthusiast is probably willing to spend more on their cars then someone who just views them as an appliance for getting from point A to point B.

How did your passion for automotive started and when?

If you ask any car enthusiast how their automotive passion began, you’ll find that at some point in their life they were exposed to car culture in some way, which inspired them to take an interest in it.

But I think that opportunities like these aren’t as common for women, simply because people just don’t assume they’re going to like cars. People will argue that the main reason is because we are taught from birth that girls should like pink things and dolls and flowers.

I played with Barbie dolls as a young girl and was never surrounded by cars or motorsports as a kid. My dad would have never thought to teach me about them either.

After school I have started my studies at mechanical faculty and then I met someone – who opened up a window for me into the automotive world. I jumped through that window and never looked back, and all I’ve wanted to do ever since is explain to more women why they should do the same. I know they won’t regret making the same jump I did…


We see you around so many Super Cars, what can you tell us about this?

What is a Super Car? It’s a term these days that’s so casually used it seems that nobody really knows what the true meaning is anymore. For me Super Cars are masterpieces of design and engineering performance.

If money was no object, we’d probably all like a high performance Super Car sitting on the drive. For serious petrol heads how about a spin around the track in a single seater race car so you can live out those F1 fantasies? Driving a supercar is like TYPING IN ALL CAPS WHEREVER YOU GO.

Your Camaro just turned Purple and received a makeover, what’s up with that?

For most people modifying a car is a hobby, which turns into a passion, which turns into an obsession. They start with small little things to improve the looks. Some people see it as a waste but enthusiasts will argue that its better than spending it on clubs and parties and it keeps us out of trouble (mainly) as we are always working on the next thing. This brings me to my next point, no one’s project is ever “finished” not matter how complete it looks, this is due to our obsession with having to change everything and keep it all fresh.

Many people are asking why I choose purple color: Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, power, luxury, and ambition. I always try to bring meaning even to small things I do.

You own several vehicles yourself, which one is the dearest to your heart?

I owned only German cars before I moved to Dubai. Likely you’ve heard the phrase “German engineering” more than a few times in your life and that it equals to good reliability.

Audi S8 – that was my first experience in Dubai, same as Jason Statham was using in “Transporter Refueled” movie, a brutal German super-sedan. Then Audi RS6 V10 5.0 Twin-turbo 580hp. Designed for das autobahn, but works brilliantly just about everywhere. So next my purchase was a Camaro.. Why? I have always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be and to choose. The “Transformers” movie has become just as much about the cars as they are about the shape-shifting robots. I decided to change something in my life and to try a car I would never think about before. 6.2L V8 engine with loud exhaust and massive aggressive look, that is exactly what I needed. Big changes came to my life with this car, I met a lot of amazing people and true friends, I’m sure nothing could be more valuable. There will always be a small quiet place in my heart that belongs only to my Camaro. It definitely not the most powerful and luxury car I have ever tried but it has something special that took my soul.


You ride with so many car clubs, how do guys perceive the idea of a woman riding along side and sometimes racing in the arena against them?

Most of the guys just assume that you need to be physically strong, masculine and have a competitive nature to enjoy cars as a hobby. It’s more about the fact that women are the minority in this male-dominated industry.

Before 2 years when I just joined the UAE Camaro club most of the guys looked at me with a big question because my look doesn’t match my personality but I was the best example of the quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. So now we are all like big a family and they treat me like an equal.

What message you are sending to our community by being a woman in a men’s world.

I think we can all agree that the majority of men come pre-programmed with some kind of instinctual attraction to things that go fast and make loud noises. The choice of cars as a hobby comes naturally. But generally, women aren’t like this. Women, at some point, are going to need convincing that cars are fun, and not just some silly toys that men play around with.

I hope that one day there will be no such thing as a “girl car enthusiast”. It’s probably unrealistic to believe in men no longer dominate the automotive industry, but I still think the world would be a much cooler place if more girls liked cars


She Challenges

Maitha Mubarak, Team LeaderOne Dubai One


Motorcycle Riding: More Than a Hobby, a Lifestyle.


When we first met Maitha, we saw this energetic woman that has a passion for life and adventure. We sat with her and the One Dubai One team, and we were amazed by the skills and passion for adventure these women have. That is how we decided to bring you in the “She Challenges” section, the true meaning of “Challenge” when performed by “She”.

Maitha Mubarak is the president of One Dubai One team, member of Explorers Emirates Team, and holder of the title “First United Arab Emirates Woman” to live with the primitive tribe “Mursi People” that she visited with her team colleague.

We asked Maitha to tell us all about herself and found out that she is more than just a motorcycle rider, and here’s what she said:

“I was born in Dubai UAE, in 1988. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and pursued my education to receive my Master’s degree in Psychology.


Being a citizen of the United Arab Emirates and the city of Dubai, where multiculturalism and respect for human rights without any discrimination on race, gender, or nationality is key, I was fortunate to be able to exercise my hobby of riding motorcycles without any hesitations, and this is how it all began.

When I ride my “Harley-Davidson Softail”, cruising the streets of Dubai, I cannot but be filled with a sense of freedom that cannot be understood by people other than bikers. To me, riding a motorcycle is not just a hobby. It is my lifestyle, and I personally love it, because it brings people together from different ages and nationalities over one passion with nothing to divide them.

In Dubai, it is common to see a girl riding a motorcycle; however, they usually ride solo. Thus, in mid-2014, I started thinking about establishing a team of women, active in social, sports, and adventure activities, and this is how the idea of One Dubai One was born. We got together, a group of enthusiastic women sharing the spirit of challenge and adventure, each with her own personality and adventurous spirit, and formed the team One Dubai One, where the name was inspired by the number One, referring to Dubai being #1 in everything. By early 2015, the team began its journey.


Our aim in One Dubai One is to actually bring those adventurous girls together and encourage other girls who have passion for motorcycle riding to get on their bikes and try it. We at One Dubai One team strive to organize rides and events to gather girls who love to ride a motorcycle, show them the right way to do it safely, and yet have fun and get that freedom sensation that only bikers understand. We say that motorcycle riding starts as a hobby and becomes a lifestyle.

The way I see it, riding a motorcycle requires high level of focus and balance, and the rider has to pay great attention to road changes while driving and this becomes part of his/her characteristics and personality, thus its pushes you to become more balanced in your daily life and sharpen your skills to become more adaptive to changes that you face in your everyday life.

At the moment, we are preparing a new adventure supported by Emirates Travelers agency that is helping me and my colleague Houda Zoueid, to perform a new, 2-month challenging trip, which will surely add a new record to the girls of Emirates in defying the impossible.


At the end, I would like to mention that currently at One Dubai One we are focusing on developing a new strategy for the team, and we have added several new activities, such as mountain climbing and shooting, in addition to our initial activities of motorcycle riding and adventure. Thus, I would like to send an open invitation to all of those women out there that share that adventurous feeling in every field and also to those women who wish to learn motorcycle riding techniques and join our team to connect with us through any of our social media platforms so we can share the same passion.


She Challenges

Lea Khalifeh, Ultimate Passion for Motorsport Photography



Who is Lea Khalife?

I’m 28 years old from Beirut. I graduated in marketing & advertising.  Owner and manager at ROOTS SARL which is my family business where I’ve been working for more than eight years now. I also have an addiction for photography and writing.

How your passion for photography did first start and was it directed to Motorsport Photography from the beginning?

My passion wasn’t directed to motorsport photography at the beginning. It all started because of sunsets. I couldn’t handle watching a sunset without keeping a memory of it, every sunset represents a new hope and a new story. And that was the reason why I first bought a camera.

Why did you choose Motorsport photography?

Everyone asks me that question. Why motorsport photography? While I can be anywhere else related to photography. It happened by accident, I was nearby a drifting event and had my camera so I took some shots and I liked the combination of cars and photography knowing that I have a passion for cars too. And that’s where the addiction began. Since then I didn’t miss any event.

Motorsport and Car photography is a dangerous hobby even for men, how do you do it?

Well yes, it is dangerous for everyone men or women it doesn’t really matter. Both have the same percentage of risks because they stand almost at the same places. I try to stay in a safe place as much as I can and not take any risks. Always considering where the cars might lose control or where an accident might happen, that is the case of hill climbs and rally. As for drifts and others I’m most of the time out of circuit far from the cones and clipping point.


We don’t see many women following up on motorsport news, and yet you know almost all drivers in Lebanon how do they react when they see you taking photos?

In a short period of time, I had the chance to know most of the drivers in Lebanon and I’m in a continuous contact with 50% of them.  The thing that encourages me is seeing how friendly they are, always pleased and thankful. They show appreciation to what I do and that is to attend most of the motorsport events.

We see you running around in Hill Climb, Rally, Drift, 4×4 and many more motorsport activities which one is your favorite?

I can never tell which one is my favorite.  Each one has its own taste as we say.  But, it’s mainly the rush of the Rally and running from one stage to another behind the participating cars.

Tell us about your favorite Photo and the story behind it?

It is a photo of Garo Haroutiounian BMW in Falougha hill climb testing. Where for the first time I was close to the car and he had an accident. I was confused between what happened and the adrenaline. But, eventually I was happy knowing that I got a great shot with the lip flying.


What message would like to say to motorsport photographers in general and to women with photography skills?

Keep the great work guys and the awesome spirit. I just wish for everyone to stay safe and take care of themselves in all the events. As for the women with photography skills I say, never give up for your passion. If there is a will, there is a way. Keep practicing, do what you love and always enjoy it to the max!

Any future plan to move in front of the lens and see you driving soon?

Well, not any soon although I’d love that. But, it needs preparations, budget and many other things. And mainly I won’t be driving without the blessing of my parents.

Anything else you would like to share

I’d like to thank every single person who’s supporting me, believing in me and always encouraging me to improve. A BIG thank You!


She Challenges

A Lebanese Stunt Woman Extravaganza Sarah Hamadé


Name: Sarah Hamadé
Profession: Stunt Woman
Country: Lebanon

Who is Sarah Hamadé?

Well, in brief, I am an enthusiastic person who has a passion for cars; Fast cars more specifically.
This flame started at a younger age when I used to stay up late and watch my preferred racing films…Afterwards, at the age of 22, my dream was totally different from all the other girls, as I got inspired by my friends “the drifters” and started to plan to have my own Drift BMW. All I wanted is to work hard to save money and to get my own car!
Looking back now to that period of time, I laugh at myself because I was really crazy and obsessed with fast engines’ sounds, however, this has led me to develop my curiosity and learn more about the details of the Auto mechanical systems.
So now I spend most of my free time with mechanics’ friends in their garage learning the secrets of powerful cars.

Stuntmen are rare in our region, but a stuntwoman is something really unique, what did first push you to go stunting?

I honestly didn’t know what Car Stunt means until I met “Naji Bou Hassan” and was amazed by his spectacular crazy shows. As a first time watcher, it was shocking for me and all the audience was like “OMG, This guy is so crazy!!” no one could expect the crazy ideas he came up with during his shows. It was like watching a car circus performed by an expert!
So I was present in all the events where Naji was performing. And we became friends. We had a common passion for Drifting and cars and he found in me let’s say some skills for car stunting and from here started the adventure J
I am so lucky to be a Stuntwoman!

Is car stunting dangerous in general and more dangerous when it is performed by a lady?

I will not use the word dangerous. But let’s say car stunting is a high-risk sport depending on the spectators’ point of view. They think it is risky because they are not aware of all the safety measures and arrangements we do prior to the show.
So for us, car stunting is just a “Cool” entertaining activity where all we have to do is follow the steps of the planned show to succeed.
Thus for a lady or a guy, car stunting is a safe activity once all steps are controlled within Safety limits.

Sarah Hamadeh Stunt Woman Arab Motor World (3)

Does stunting require special physical power, fitness… so what kind of special powers you have?

Of course! Round Muscles, Six Packs, and a Fat-free Diet!
No….I am just kidding as I find this question funny…
Well, of course, it is essential to have a moderate weight since car stunting requires a lot of fast body movements.

What pushed you to become a professional stuntwoman?

I still do not consider myself as a professional stuntwoman but as an experienced Stunt couple aiming for new challenging ideas and stunt projects. Again Naji was my inspiration and when we did our first show together in Salima, I was so excited and happy watching the smile of all the people around us, clapping hands and shouting loud…
It is really a very nice feeling.

What kind of stunts have you performed and for how long have you been performing stunts?

It has been around 3 years that I’m into car stunts with my partner. Till now it is all about cars.

What is the usual people‘s reaction when they see a woman doing car stunts?

Most of them are surprised. They also enjoy watching a woman who is supposed to be calm & sweet into such a challenging adventure. I believe that this contrast is really exciting.

What kind of messages are you sending to our community in general and to the amateur cars or motorcycles stunt people performing dangerous moves on open roads?

To begin with, I would like to highlight the fact that all of our stunts are never performed without prior serious planning respecting high safety rules. They are always done during an organized big event.
So the message that I am trying to deliver is that it is totally wrong & forbidden to practice any kind of stunt activity on open roads, outside of an organized event and without the minimum of safety regulations.
So to all car & motorcycle drivers: Drive safely on the road and act as Crazy as you want inside a closed track/circuit respecting the minimum obligatory Safety rules.

Anything else you would like to share

Thank you for this interview and I really appreciate your kind interest in what we do.
I am very glad to share with you details about myself and I wish all Arab Tuning and Arab Motor World family all the success and best of luck! Thank you…


She Challenges

The Mechanic, Rana Hayek


Image Credit: As Received from Rana

Name : Rana Hayek
Profession : Mechanic
Country : Lebanon

For this “She Challenges section”, we couldn’t but talk about Rana Hayek a dedicated mechanical engineer lady that decided to take the Auto Mechanics to another level.

Ladies and gentlemen introducing The Mechanic Rana Hayek.

Who is Rana Hayek??

I am a 21-year old young lady. A university student at NDU majoring in mechanical engineer and very passionate about cars, engines and speed.

How did your passion for cars started and when?

It started when I was a just a little girl and  I accompanied my dad to the garage. I was influenced by movies and video games about cars that I used to watch and play.

We don’t see much or maybe at all an auto mechanic girl, why this domain?

Every time I pass next to a garage, I feel that I want to be part of the team checking on the car. That feeling led me to where I am today.

When a certain customer pulls over to work on his car and sees you what is his first reaction?

You can see the surprise on their faces and they start asking me questions. They usually congratulate me on taking the decision to study what is considered to be a man work.

Auto Mechanics is a greasy business, how do you deal with the nails and all?

That’s not a big deal ! Water and soap can fix it all ☺︎ because I like what I do, I have to like what comes with it.

What’s the story of that Gear Tattoo?

That’s a sort of a permanent expression that reflects my passion to cars. Also, I always wear my wrench earrings and ring.

Do you recommend other girls who has passion for Mechanics to venture into studying it and working as a car mechanic here in Lebanon?

Definitely! I don’t see any barriers that prevent them from doing so. . With the digital evolution, everything is computerized and what matters is the mental strength over the physical strength. This eliminates all barriers when it comes to the field of study and career selection.

Is there a specific message you are trying to send to our community?

I think the message comes as a matter of fact: women accessing men’s world.

Doors are open to women in any field they believe they can excel at! I encourage them to follow their dreams and passion and forget about the NO of the society if they believe that what they are doing is right.

Anything you would like to add?

I would like to thank you for shedding the light on what seems to be a contrast: a woman in the field of mechanics.


She Challenges

Mona Khatib, A Woman with No Boundaries


Name : Moni Khatib
Profession : Biker
Country : Lebanon

Who is Mona Khatib?

I am a 33 years old Lebanese woman majored in engineering, lives in Beirut and likes adventure and fun.

Super Bikes lady rider, what can you tell us about your experience?

I have been riding a superbike for more than 6 years. I joined several groups in Lebanon and finally created my own group 4 years ago.

What first got you to ride a motorcycle?

I love the rush of adrenaline and the feeling you get when you ride a machine that offers you so much power.

You are now riding in Lebanon and you used to ride in UAE, any difference in people’s reaction when they see a woman on a super bike?

People find it strange when they see a female biker, they used to point at me or wave and smile.

You are now part of a motorcycle group that rides for fun, do you get any special treatment from the guys in the group, is there any other woman rider in the same group?

On the roads, I drive like any other male biker so no special treatment there however those bikers treat me like a sister and respect my space. We are all as family, we do care about each other and stand for each other no matter what.

Do you encourage other women to drive motorcycles

I do encourage anyone male or female that loves riding for the sake of riding to enjoy the beauty and freedom of driving a motorcycle but do it carefully and not for showoff.

This sport is thrilling and dangerous at same time.

As a rebel and extreme biker, what is the message you are sending to our community, to the bikers in general and to the women bikers in particular?

To my fellow bikers, please be careful on the roads and take this hobby seriously and always wear your safety protections.

Anything else you would like to share.

I would like to request from our government to consider bikers as a group of our community and as not as criminals and to take the necessary steps to preserve our lives and ensure our safety on the roads.


She Challenges

The Kitty of Camaros ZL1


Name : Yolanda Mörsner
Profession : Queen of Tuning
Country : United Arab Emirates

Arab Motor World team circulates the Arab World to highlight the most distinctive women that bring a new flavor to the world of Automotive; I don’t know if we can call it pure luck or meant to be the way we’ve met with the queen of tuning in the Arab World “Yolanda” or as everybody knows her Camaro Kitty ZL1. What’s important is that we flew across countries and got the chance to meet one distinctive person with one distinctive vehicle.

Ladies and Gents, here it is the Kitty ZL1

Who is Yolanda Mörsner?

I’m a South African citizen residing in UAE, I’m also a mother of 6 amazing kids and a wife of a loving and supporting husband. And for sure I’m a real petrol head

What pushed you to own a sports car?

Sports cars are exciting and different especially the Camaro. Ever since I saw the movie Transformers I just knew I had to have to give me one of those one day

Your Camaro is extremely tuned and we don’t see many women tuning their cars, what was the trigger that got you into tuning?

The trigger was my husband, he used to modify cars when I met him, I used to help him and I loved every minute of it. So when I finally got my dream car I decided to personalize and modify it.

So the obvious next question why Kitty?

I was inspired by my daughters and I have always been a Hello Kitty fan. The nicest part about the Hello kitty theme is the expressions on kids’ faces when they see my car. THAT’S PRICELESS.

Your Camaro is really tuned with items even the most creative design companies won’t think of it like the eyebrows…, who come up with these ideas and who does the design?

The ideas and designs are all mine J

We see you going on rides with the Camaro Club of UAE, how do the guys treat you as we don’t see many woman driving an extremely tuned Camaro and ride with the group?

They treat me with respect and we share the same passion for cars and same mutual respect, we are one family

We see that you have many fans and followers on Social Media, is there a message you are trying to send out?

Yes for sure, life is short make the best of it, be unique, dare to be different, MODIFY OR DIE

Anything else you would like to share?

Yes, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for featuring my pride and joy


She Challenges

Grace Aoun “Freedom”


Images received by Grace Aoun

Name : Grace Aoun
Profession : Lady Biker
Country : Lebanon

Who is Grace Aoun?

Grace Aoun is a 21 years old Lebanese girl studying to be a fashion designer, passionate about motorcycles and working as Sales representative in a motorcycle shop.

What first got you to ride a motorcycle?

Every person has a childhood dream; my childhood dream was to ride motorcycles.

Pursuing this dream, I chose to work in this field where I acquired the basic skills and knowledge to handle motorcycles, ride it and most importantly safety and maintenance, so here I am a Biker Lady.

Why Motorcycles?

For me, driving a motorcycle is a lifestyle plus it is the most convenient way of transportation in a country over jammed with traffic.

In addition and being an adrenaline addict myself, motorcycles is a way to satisfy my passion, it gives me the ultimate rush being in control of such power and speed however I need to highlight that I always recommend motor speed and power on a closed circuits or closed roads in order to avoid accidents and endangering people’s lives and yours.

Is there a person who inspires you in your life?

Every person has a specific idol to draw inspiration, be motivated to follow their footsteps but for me it’s different , I draw my inspiration from every woman who worked for what she wanted and got there and especially in positions claimed exclusively for men.

This makes me stronger and makes me believe I can achieve and reach whatever I want in my life.

A lovely lady working in a Motorcycle shop, how does that feels like?

It was hard at first, after all it’s a man’s world and especially in our region.

Being a girl working in a motorcycle shop and riding bikes made me target for lots of critics from my surroundings and even my family.

You participated in Motocross Championship, what were you looking to accomplish and proove?

It was to prove that girls can accomplish results in such championships; it was mainly for fun. We were all winners that day.

On the street, when you are on your bike riding, what happens?

When I first got on my bike it was odd, people always pointing at me on the streets, guys following me around, or even laugh sometimes.

It happened to me once that a man in his late 40’s said “it’s not enough that you (referring to women) are bad at driving cars, you want to drive bikes too”.

That was one of the main reasons me and my friends decide to spread this around in media.

Now we find girls are riding super bikes, Harleys, and small scooters and society started to get familiar with this evolution.

Do you encourage other women to drive motorcycles, how can they start?

I encourage every woman if she has the passion for motorcycle not to miss it.

There is a structural way to start riding a bike starting from theory lessons to practical driving on closed circuits then on open roads.

It’s easy to learn and for the women who think it’s too late, I tell them it’s never too late join other women that are coming in to learn even at the age of 45 and above.

So if you have the passion, don’t hesitate to get on a bike.

What is the message, you are sending to our community by being a biker, Motocross racer and living the super bikers’ lifestyle?

We as girl bikers are trying to prove that nothing is exclusive to men we can be what we want ourselves to be.

Yet we need to highlight that there’s no Bad image for bikers, this unwanted image originated from the use of bikes in stealing or stunting on open roads, we say that bikes are means of transportation not death machines.

We would like to set the example for both men and women bikers; you should always wear protection gear and should never perform “stunts” on open roads.