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Join the quest for the best Dynamic Businessmen’s Vehicle onboard the Infiniti Q50 2018

Our Journey begins today with our quest to find the best Small Luxury Sedan suitable for the dynamic businessman. We wanted a unique vehicle, out of the ordinary selection of American and European cars, capable of fulfilling the active life’s needs, stylish and suitable for everyday drives and the energetic lifestyle of the on the rise executives.

Usually, businessmen and executives take bold and quick decisions every day that affects the lives and the progress of their corporation. These decisions tend to lay the pressure of daily work on their shoulders.


Thus, their selection of cars has to be reflective of their lifestyle and everyday routine. The chosen vehicle has to reveal their dynamic personality and be at the same time elegant, distinctive, connected, comfortable and more. For this occasion, we chose the 2018 Infiniti Q50 from the Japanese manufacturer to join us on our quest for the best Dynamic Businessmen’s Vehicle.

At first glance, you will notice that the Japanese manufacturer didn’t perform any overhauling on the exterior design of the 2018 Q50. However, a quick face to face comparison with the previous generation will reveal a different opinion.  The front of the facelifted 2018 Infiniti Q50 is characterized by a larger, three dimensional design grille centered by the Infiniti logo, the Infiniti Signature headlights resembling the human eye are now slimmer and more swept to the sides, the fog lights are now standards and perfectly positioned under the headlights coping with the new front bumper small modifications for that aggressive, sporty yet elegant front design. On the side, Infiniti has maintained the lateral lines that connect the front of the car to its rear, paving the way to a more athletic rear end with twin exhaust tips, rear diffuser, and slimmer taillights.

On another note and because entrepreneurs have different visions and requirements, the Japanese manufacturer has released the 2018 Q50 in four trims, each with different features: Luxe, Sport, Blue Sport, Red Sport 400 that can reach 400 Horsepower. The distinguished engine used is the new 3.0-liter twin-turbo from the “VR” family of engines. This engine was chosen among the top 10 engines for 2017.

After this quick round-up of the Infiniti Q50 exterior design and various lineup, I think it is time to put the Q50 to the road test and start touring the Lebanese roads and enjoy the various features on this car, and eventually get the answer for the most important question: does the 2018 Infiniti Q50 have all the requirements of the dynamic businessman?

As soon as we entered the inside cabin of the 2018 Infiniti Q50, we were captivated by the stylishness and modernity that the Japanese engineers adopted when designing the interior of the Q50. They integrated enhanced technology and upgraded quality materials all over the cabin, whether in the improved Infotainment technology or the leather-like materials with dual-stitching providing elegancy, comfort and connectivity.

The chosen vehicle for our journey today is the Infiniti Q50 Luxe, the first thing you notice while driving the Luxe is that it turns heads wherever we went. The passbyers of the vibrant city of Beirut couldn’t help but noticing the striking exterior of the 2018 Infiniti Q50, however we wanted more out of this vehicle thus we took it for a ride away from the noisy streets of Beirut and the pressure of our daily life. We skipped the highway and reached the Lebanese mountainous roads. The drive was super comfortable and the car was more than capable of overcoming the fast corners, we even pushed the engine to its limits and got the chance to enjoy the 208 horsepower juiced out of the 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine coped with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The Q50 was floating on the curves and straight lines.

The most important feature that I enjoyed personally and in my opinion the main factor behind the comfort driving of the Q50 is the “spinal support” seats – which was designed to support the driver in his seat and also reduce the amount of pressure on the upper and lower back muscles.

From a connectivity perspective, and despite the fact that our journey onboard the Q50 was during the weekend, the decisions and continuous work joined us for the trip. Like any business decision maker, tough calls do not end with the weekdays, we wanted to stay connected at all times. The Infiniti Q50 technologies came to complement the constant communication through their (InTouch) systems, which kept me in touch with the world and able to take the needed decisions in a timely and easy manner, while maintaining luxury, comfort and safety during the driving process.

Moreover, and in contrast to the traditional interfaces, the Japanese manufacturer has built-in two touch screens (LCD / VGA 8-inch and 7-inch) that resembles one large control panel. The system is designed to match the car’s functionalities with the driver’s needs, directing contents and functions to the top screen, while maintaining the control buttons at the lower screen for easier access.

Just like the Infiniti Q50 comes with different trims catering for the different requirements of each businessman, the Japanese manufacturer has adopted the “InTuition” technology to allow owners of the Q50 customize the interior, driving settings and much more according to their needs. The seating setup can be customized and stored for multiple drivers detectable from the smart key. The driving modes can as well be customized according to the driving style of each individual from Personal, Standard, Snow and Sport driving modes.

In addition, the 2018 Infiniti Q50 comes equipped with several safety and comfort features: Start/stop system, active stability control system, ABS, EBD, TSC, VDC, Active LED Headlights – with automatic light level adjustment, front and rear parking sensors with rear view camera, active noise control system and so much more…

In conclusion, and despite the fact that there aren’t any major changes on the 2018 Infiniti Q50, this car remains one of the best sellers at Infiniti and the most desirable among business people who want to distinguish themselves from the traditional Small Luxury Sedans options yet remain stylish, elegant, dynamic and unique.



By Nabil Moustafa

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