Conditions to join the club:

The member must be a current owner of a Ford Mustang or vouched for by Mustang Member with added Value.

Joining the Mustang Club Lebanon:

In order to join the Mustang Club Lebanon, first you need to fill the Application Form, 2nd the committee will review your application and contact you in case of acceptance.

Duration of Membership:

Memberships have a lifetime validity; no annual fees are required.

Upgrade packages are available giving the members the chance to increase their benefits from the club, these packages are not annual fees however some benefits have validity.

Payment of fees where applicable is done after committee review and acceptance and is non-refundable even in case of Dismissal for any reason or quitting.

Dismissal from the Club:

The Committee can dismiss any member at any time in case of violation of any of the below mentioned Rules or failing to abide by the rules and regulations of Club Rides and events or showing any misconduct that does comply with Mustang Club Lebanon rules and regulations when joining other club events and rides.

If any member cannot follow the rules, did harm to others or has done any act against the club, then he must be excused from the club.

Warnings are usually given when a misconduct is done for the first time and is subject to disciplinary actions and if done for the second or third time, then that member will be expelled from the club.

Mustang Club Lebanon Rules and Regulations:

  • Respect other members and offer help whenever possible
  • No discrimination against members or non-members for any reason
  • No physical or verbal fighting with your fellow members or outsiders during club meetings or events
  • No personal attacks towards other members or enthusiast from different car clubs
  • Members should attend at least 6 events or rides for Mustang Club Lebanon annually
  • The Clubs’ platforms are not to be used for adverting
  • No racism/sexism/discrimination/politics/religion/violence are allowed on Club’s platforms or during events and rides
  • Drivers must obey Traffic laws at all times and enjoy safe driving (Including and not limited to: Have a seat belt when driving, not to perform car stunts on public roads…)
  • Driving responsibly during club events, on public roads and on the racetrack
  • No criminal behavior is allowed, any member accused of any criminal behavior will be dismissed immediately
  • Don’t allow others to use your membership for discounts at club sponsors
  • Car club business not be discussed with non-members
  • If other members of your club need assistance, then it would be great for you to assist or extend help to show brotherhood and sisterhood. This might just only be a club, but you have to be united and act like one family.
  • Fees must be paid when requested
  • Members must follow and like Clubs’ Platforms
  • Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited during all club activities. Showing up to activities intoxicated is also prohibited. Consumption of intoxicating material during club activities will lead to the automatic expulsion/ban of the member from the club.