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The perfect car for a cruise in nature: The Infiniti QX30

If you are looking for a small premium crossover and love that aggressive yet elegant looks of an Infiniti then the Infiniti QX30 is your choice.

A long winter reigned over Lebanon this year, it wasn’t until April that the weather cleared out. This weekend, I looked outside my window and I could clearly see the birds singing, flowers blossoming and the aroma filled the air; it was definitely springtime.

I had to hit the road and was in a mood for a cruise alongside trees and the beautiful scenery of the Lebanese mountains and what would be the perfect car for such a cruise other than the Infiniti QX30.


The Infiniti badge on the front grille defines the nature of the car, it is the definition of Japanese premium cars, QX means that this car is made for on-road driving with an adventurous side hidden in its gems, it may not be an extreme off-road vehicle but it has capabilities to give you the pleasure of discovering nature in its fine formats.

This small crossover equipped with a 2.0L turbocharged engine producing 210 horsepower delivered a smooth ride uphill while I was enjoying my favorite tunes on the Infiniti Infotainment System displaying all the info I needed on my 7” screen and pumping my beats on the clear sound 10 Speakers Bose system.

All of a sudden, an herb of sheep crossed my path and gazed into the human eye-shaped headlights “Infiniti signature lights” and I felt like nature is calling and had to take that turn into the offroad path at that specific moment for that sense of freedom that you can only get with unplanned trips.

Entering that pathway, I couldn’t but think out loud, discovering new roads in nature is simply satisfying but doing so indulged with premium leather, stitching, and the premium material cabin is another Infiniti experience.

One thing I regretted while driving the Infiniti QX30, is the fact that I was alone enjoying that spring experience as despite the fact of being a small crossover, this vehicle is more than capable of fitting a group of friends into its cabin sitting comfortably and still have enough space to carry their backpacks needed for a hiking ride or some time alone away from the noise of the city.

On my way back to civilization, I came to realize that the Infiniti QX30 is not just made for off-roading and adventure seekers, it is also the perfect car for the city with a very comfortable steering and suspension systems turning your ride into a joy able experience, adding to it the tons of technological features that will surely make your life easier such as Start/Stop function, Cameras….

If you are looking for a small premium crossover and love that aggressive yet elegant looks of an Infiniti then the QX30 is your choice.


By Nabil Moustafa

Nabil Moustafa, a professional automotive Journalist with more than 13 years of experience in Automotive Journalism.
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