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AutoPro and ACDelco Sign Memorandum of Understanding

AutoPro, a subsidiary of ENOC (Emirates National Oil Company) and ACDelco, a division of General Motors and one of the world’s leading automotive spare parts and services brands, today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding that will see both companies collaborate on a series of service center locations across the United Arab Emirates. In the coming year, up to ten sites will become the first AutoPro locations to be certified as authorized ACDelco service centers.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed during Automechanika Dubai 2018, for which ACDelco is the ‘Official Auto Service Center’ partner, in the presence of key delegates from both companies, led by Zaid Alqufaidi, Managing Director – ENOC Retail, and Mohammed Al Fayyad, Customer Care and Aftersales Director for General Motors Middle East.

The AutoPro-ACDelco Certified Service Centers will be able to service a wide range of car makes and models by accessing ACDelco’s extensive array of 90,000 high quality products, from across 37 categories. This multi-brand product portfolio covers American, European and Asian brands, ensuring that the majority of UAE car owners can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with having their vehicles maintained by an ACDelco Certified Service Center.

ACDelco’s partnership with AutoPro will help the American automotive spare parts brand to significantly increase its presence across the UAE, contributing to brand’s regional expansion strategy. The company is looking to increase its Middle East footprint by over 50 percent over the next 12 months.


Mohammed Al Fayyad, Customer Care and Aftersales Director for General Motors Middle East, said: “ACDelco’s collaboration with AutoPro is all about offering customers in the UAE the highest levels of convenience and peace of mind when it comes to receiving the very best automotive aftersales service. A trusted brand with over 100 years of experience, ACDelco is a global leader in automotive replacement parts and related services; and now, with AutoPro, a staple of auto maintenance in the UAE, car owners will be able to benefit from the expertise of both companies’ combined expertise in both aftersales parts and service.”

“We are excited to partner with ACDelco as a key player in the global automotive sector. Operating the largest network of service centers in the region, we hope to continue growing our brand by forging long term partnerships. Our collaboration with ACDelco will enable us to further enhance our service offering for customers in the UAE,” said H.E. Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Chief Executive Officer of ENOC Group.

In addition to covering all of GM’s vehicles with auto parts of OE specification, ACDelco also offers high grade replacement parts for a wide range of other vehicles including Japanese, Korean, European and American car brands. Its portfolio of parts includes, among others, maintenance parts such as batteries, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, wiper blades, and brakes, as well as repair parts such as alternators, radiators, chassis and heating and cooling components.

AutoPro provides an array of professional and value for money automotive services across a network of 34 locations in Dubai and Sharjah. Established in 2010, AutoPro has created a network of modern, friendly, conveniently located automotive facilities led by true car care professionals.


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Continental claims award for road safety in UAE

Continental, the leading German tyre manufacturer, has received a prestigious Acknowledgement Award at the Global Infrastructure Congress (GIC) in Dubai for its recent road safety initiative, urging UAE motorists to maintain high alertness levels to promoter safe driving on the roads. Hosted earlier this month under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, UAE, the award was presented by H.E. Eng. Hassan Al Mansoori. Under Secretary of Ministry of Infrastructure Development UAE to Continental Middle East represented by Martin Oern, Head of Finance and Tobias Heilmann, Head of Human Resources.

The official recognition of Continental’s safety initiative comes in line with what the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently highlighted about the fact that poor concentration, inattentiveness and tiredness raise the likelihood of crashes. Continental’s regional road safety initiative reveals how UAE motorists turn to different types of caffeinated drinks to help them maintain concentration and prevent road injuries. According to UAE authorities, road accidents are considered one of the leading causes for death of children in the country.


Commenting on the award, Jose Luis de la Fuente, Managing Director of Continental Middle East, said: “As road safety continues to be a major issue in the UAE and worldwide, it boosts our motivation to develop innovative solutions for a safer driving experience, while contributing to our Vision Zero initiative. We are so proud to receive such a highly-esteemed award, and this recognition from GIC confirms our ongoing commitment to raising awareness on road safety among motorists as well as developing not only award-winning but also effective and life-changing initiatives.”

The award-winning initiative was powered by a study, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Continental as part of its Vison Zero safety initiative. Endorsed by UAE-based Medical Doctor and DHA-certified Clinical Dietician, Dr Dana Al-Hamwi, Continental’s initiative warned of the dangers of relying on certain types of caffeinated drinks to enhance levels of alertness.

The Global Infrastructure Congress (GIC) awards aim to recognise the best ideas, initiatives, projects and solutions that enable and showcase future-ready and sustainable infrastructure; the GIC awards not only recognises but also promotes the winners as global leaders.

As a frontrunner in automotive technological advancements and road safety, Continental is a dedicated advocate of greater safety on the roads – the company’s global Vision Zero initiative aims to totally eradicate road accidents and achieve zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents on the roads. The survey was commissioned by Continental as part of its approach to delivering Vision Zero through enhancing drivers’ knowledge, attitude and awareness.


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Avon Tyres has introduced a new premium summer tyre to its range, the ZT7, suitable for small and mid-sized cars.

Replacing the ZT5 passenger car tyre, the all-new ZT7 has been developed to provide both a quieter and more economical driving experience whilst retaining sporty handling characteristics.

Avon’s noise damping ‘fins’, located in the tyre’s tread, are responsible for reducing airborne noise from contact with the road and make this Avon’s quietest tyre yet with a 69dB rating.


The ZT7 offers drivers improved fuel economy thanks to an optimised tread gauge which distributes load evenly, lowering the tyre’s rolling resistance. Improved tread wear is an added benefit, as the tyre has been designed with a more uniform footprint.

For enhanced traction, as well as improved wet braking, lateral grip and steering response, the ZT7 features a high definition silica compound with a finite element analysis designed tread pattern.

The ZT7 has been awarded a B rating for wet grip. A typical passenger car being driven at 50mph (80km/h) in wet conditions, on tyres such as the ZT7, is estimated to have a stopping distance 6 metres (or one and a half car lengths) shorter than a similar product with an E rating.


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This year Continental has expanded its range of summer car tyres even further, with the new portfolio now featuring over 200 new items. There are new sizes across sports cars to compact city cars. As a result, the German tyre manufacturer now offers one of the world’s most extensive ranges of tyres for cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

PremiumContact 6 – Safety and precision handling from mid-range to luxury–

With the PremiumContact 6, Continental successfully bridges the gap between a tyre with high ride comfort and a tyre for more sports orientated models. It unites ride quality, precision steering response, maximum safety and good environmental properties in a single product. The development engineers have come up with new compounds – creating a new tyre design taken from the SportContact 6 and tread pattern that offers an improved comfortable ride. The outcome is a product that delivers improvements in handling performance, rolling resistance, mileage and ride quality of up to 15 percent compared to its predecessor.


The PremiumContact 6 is manufactured in 120 sizes for rims from 16-22 inches. The current range covers tyre widths between 205 and 325 mm with aspect ratios between 30 and 65 percent and approvals for speeds of between 130 mph and 186 mph.

SportContact 6 – A high-tech tyre enters new dimensions

With the SportContact 6, Continental boasts a super sports tyre for the high-performance sector – a tyre that has a substantial edge over its predecessor, particularly in terms of handling, steering precision and high-speed capability. Continental’s development engineers have reformulated the chemical composition of the tread strip, redesigned the tread pattern and revamped the construction of the tyre.

There are almost 80 sizes available for 18-23 inch rims, with tyre widths from 225 to 335 millimetres and aspect ratios between 25 and 45 percent. The SportContact 6 is approved for speeds of up to 218 mph.

ContiEcoContact 5 – Safety and fuel efficiency aligned in one tyre

Combining short braking distances on wet and dry roads with low rolling resistance used to be considered the ultimate challenge. In the ContiEcoContact 5, Continental has a tyre that combines the two attributes with ease. The tyre developers introduced changes in all aspects of the tyre. The result, combined with shorter braking distances on wet roads, is a 20 percent drop in rolling resistance and 12 percent more mileage. The ContiEcoContact 5 is manufactured for a breadth of cars from 13-20 inch rims, widths of 165 to 245 millimetres and with approvals for speeds of up to 186 mph.

Proven test success and manufacturer approvals

Since around one third of all new European-built cars are factory-fitted with premium tyres from Continental, there is also an extensive range of replacement tyres available that have been produced to the car manufacturers’ specifications. These can be ordered from local retailers as well as from car dealers. With the SportContact 6, PremiumContact 6 and ContiEcoContact 5, Continental has the right tyre for almost any needs. In tyre UK tests, Continental products continue to scoop best-in-test accolades – with the PremiumContact 5 currently holding the Auto Express 2017 best summer tyre. The Sport Contact 6 gained pole position in its first UK tyre test, winning the 19 inch 2016 EVO summer tyre test – boasting very strong wet and dry handling.


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Bridgestone’s premium touring tyre – Turanza T005 rolls into MEA auto stores

Bridgestone Middle East and Africa unveiled today, Turanza T005 premium touring tyre at a dealer launch event in Jordan.

Developed and produced with the most advanced technology and design, Bridgestone Turanza T005 delivers outstanding comfort and a smoother, quieter and safer journey.


The T005 is targeted squarely at motorists who prioritize smooth handling and the most comfortable ride possible from their vehicle – without sacrificing safety. Bridgestone has made this happen with a host of enhancements to improve ride comfort, quietness, wear life, dry handling and wet braking

The tyre ‘sipes’ – the grooves cut into the tread area – are cut at a higher angle to soften tyre impact on the road, reducing noise in the cabin. ‘Chamfering’ of the sipe edges prevents the tyre from deforming and ensures flat contact with the road to improve braking performance. Meanwhile, for better wet performance, Bridgestone has applied its Nano Pro-Tech technology – which strengthens the tyre material on a molecular level – with a compound agent to reduce heat generation and energy loss, both of which improve performance on wet roads. An optimized contact shape ensures the T005 applies consistent pressure on the road, to reduce shock and impact noise for better comfort.

“Every motorist has their own driving style and demands from their vehicle, which is why Bridgestone’s tyre range is so broad” Commented Berna Akinci, General Manager, Marketing at Bridgestone MEA. “The new Turanza T005 premium touring tyre is a flagship product in the Bridgestone portfolio providing best-in-class comfort and high level performance which lets the drivers feel safe and lets them enjoy driving.”

Manufactured to provide a premium driving experience with the safety and performance Bridgestone is known for, the T005 is ideally suited to touring sedans and similar vehicles favored by longer distance drivers.

Bridgestone demonstrated the new tyre’s capabilities at its launch event in Jordan, which saw dealers experience the T005 premium comfort and performance in the real world during a scenic drive through Jordan’s twisting mountain roads to the Manja Circuit. Here, the tyre’s smoothness over changing surfaces, handling capabilities and braking power were all highlighted through a series of challenging on-track events.


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Kärcher Center Sedana Abu Dhabi Opens

Germany’s ambassador to the UAE, MDs of Kärcher ME and Sedana, and VIP guests attend launch of flagship store.

Kärcher, the world leader in innovative cleaning technology in partnership with Sedana Trading, today opened the Kärcher Center Sedana Abu Dhabi in the presence of the H.E. Ambassador Goetz Lingenthal, Germany’s Ambassador to the UAE. The opening of the flagship store was also attended by Richard Nouira, Managing Director of Kärcher Middle East, Karim Daniel, Operation Manager of Sedana Trading, Christian May, Managing Director Retail Channels at Karcher Group, and Axel Stolz, Executive Vice President, Sales Export, Karcher Group.

The Kärcher Center Sedana Abu Dhabi is the result of interweaving strategies and policies shared by both Kärcher and Sedana. Since 1978, when Sedana Trading first introduced the Kärcher brand to UAE with Hot High pressure washers, the partnership between the two companies has grown to provide best in class and complete cleaning solutions to the market. Kärcher’s commitment to delivering outstanding performance in cleanliness and value retention has seen the company’s presence in the region expand from the opening of its Middle East headquarters in 1998 in Dubai, to a healthy presence in many Middle East countries. Globally too, Kärcher’s commitment to its values has helped the company achieve no less than 600 active patents and a turnover of €2.5 billion in 2017.


“At Kärcher, we see it as our mission, and challenge, to develop the right cleaning solution for every customer. But we are also not just about selling a machine. We want to work with our customers over the long-term to ensure sustainable cleaning solutions, and a deeper relationship that places our customers and their requirements at the centre of our strategies and policies. In order to achieve this, having the right partner is essential. The opening of the flagship Kärcher Center Sedana Abu Dhabi, is testament to how fruitful our partnership is with Sedana,” explained Richard Nouira, Managing Director, Kärcher Middle East.

Acknowledging the value of Kärcher’s products, Karim Daniel, Operation Manager, Sedana Trading, also spoke of the quality of their long partnership with Kärcher. He said, “Over the years, our relationship with Karcher has grown in tandem with our business—from strength to strength which lead to the opening of the Kärcher Center Sedana today in Abu Dhabi. Together we saw a need for the flagship store, and we are really pleased to have achieved this vision. The Kärcher Centre Sedana Abu Dhabi is a one-stop store for machines, accessories, detergents, service, and for learning how to tackle the cleaning needs in the region.”

The flagship Kärcher Centre Sedana Abu Dhabi is located at Plot 1, M11 Mussafa Industrial, and it is set to make a difference in solving the daily cleaning problems that customers have through efficient cleaning solutions that the centre offers.


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Bosch is turning the car into a lifesaver

On March 31, 2018, the automatic “emergency call” system – eCall, for short – will become mandatory in the European Union. This requirement means that a digital first responder who automatically calls for help in an accident, will be riding along in the car, each and every time. “Connecting cars makes a great deal possible. Through the automatic eCall system, connected vehicles are now going to become lifesavers as well,” says Dr. Dirk Hoheisel, member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH. All new passenger vehicle models that hit the EU market after March 31, 2018, will come with eCall as standard. These vehicles will feature a standardized eCall box that automatically alerts the local emergency services via the number 112, which is the same across Europe. As a result, lifesaving assistance will be able to arrive with greater speed and precision at the scene of an accident.

These developments assume more importance, considering regional initiatives and campaigns currently under way, including countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, to combat road accidents. The EU expects that eCall will save 2,500 lives each year and reduce the number of people who are seriously injured by 15 percent. The first automakers are already providing their customers with the digital lifesaver as part of the navigation system without being required to do so by law. Bosch offers an extensive eCall range featuring telematics solutions and services. Thanks to the telematic eCall plug, even older cars can benefit from the solution.


Rapid assistance as standard

There are many things to think of in an emergency, and every second matters. However, many people fall into a state of shock following an accident. In an even more terrifying scenario, the people in a vehicle end up unconscious or trapped after an accident, unable to call for help themselves. These are precisely the situations in which the automatic eCall system springs to action as an indispensable lifesaver. It knows exactly where the accident has occurred – regardless if it happens at night on a deserted road or on the freeway – and automatically sends that information to the rescue services. “eCall places the emergency call faster than a person could and initiates the lifesaving rescue chain,” Hoheisel says. An SOS button is also installed on the vehicle’s dash, which the vehicle’s occupants can use to manually place the emergency call. In both cases, an audio connection is first established between the vehicle and the local emergency services team to communicate further details about the accident. If the driver does not respond, emergency responders go directly to the scene of the accident. Thanks to precise information about the location based on GPS coordinates, the emergency responders even know in which direction of travel the accident occurred. As a result, the automatic eCall enables emergency responders to arrive at the scene of the accident 40 percent faster in a city, while in rural areas, they can cut the usual response time in half.

A connectivity box that saves lives

The first automakers are already offering their customers eCall as part of a vehicle’s navigation or infotainment system for a number of years. In such a
set-up, what is installed in the car is not a standard eCall box, but rather an additional control unit that a connected vehicle uses to communicate with the outside world. At Bosch, this control unit is called the connectivity control unit, or CCU. It is the heart of connected mobility and the communication hub for eCall and other functions and services. The CCU registers a crash when the car’s airbags or seat-belt pretensioners are triggered. It then alerts rescue services or the Bosch emergency call center within a matter of seconds. The CCU is also connected with additional sensors in the vehicle and knows, for example, how many seat belts are in use − and therefore how many people are in the car. As a result, emergency responders not only arrive faster, but also better prepared at the scene of an accident.

eCall also speaks French

Knowing the challenge of communicating with local emergency services in a foreign country, the eCall service from Bosch speaks 16 languages fluently, among them French, Swedish, and Turkish. Unlike standard eCall, which directly notifies the local emergency services via 112, Bosch eCall first alerts Bosch’s own emergency call center, which is manned 24/7, 365 days a year. Based on the navigation system’s language settings, the associates on the eCall team know which language the driver speaks, which enables them to quickly and directly inquire how the driver is doing and learn what has happened. This way, there are no communication problems, especially during a critical situation like an accident. The Bosch emergency team then coordinates all rescue operations with the local emergency services in the respective national language. Bosch offers its eCall service in more than 50 countries worldwide, including in Japan, Brazil, and North America. A number of automakers, such as Daimler AG, are already opting for Bosch’s multilingual eCall service.

From cigarette lighter to lifesaver

The eCall requirement applies to new vehicle models that go through the EU’s approval process for the first time beginning March 31, 2018, before hitting the market. Vehicle models with an earlier type approval may continue to be manufactured and sold without eCall. “For Bosch, no car is too old to be a lifesaver, which is why we have developed an eCall retrofit solution in the form of the telematics eCall plug,” Hoheisel says. The retrofit digital first responder for any car is simply inserted into a vehicle’s 12-volt socket (cigarette lighter). No appointment at a garage is necessary. Thanks to an integrated acceleration sensor, it registers collisions and accident severity. It uses Bluetooth to send this information to the corresponding app on the driver’s smartphone, which in turn alerts the service center of the vehicle insurers’ accident switchboard. Even with the retrofit solution, an audio connection is first established with the driver. If the driver does not respond, emergency responders are immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident.

For motorcycles as well

For motorcyclists, the risk of being killed in an accident is 18 times higher than for drivers. In light of this, Bosch is developing eCall not only for cars, but also for two-wheelers. A special CCU for motorcycles captures the bike’s operating data, which it uses to detect accidents. Thanks to an integrated GPS module, the exact location of the accident is transmitted to the emergency services call center.



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The Michelin star chef inspired by judo


He is the owner of a two Michelin star restaurant in Paris and the author of a series of popular cooking books.

 Yet Thierry Marx maintains the secret ingredient to his success can be found on the judo mat rather than in the kitchen.


CNN goes behind-the-scenes with Marx in his kitchen, who explains how the disciplines required to be a top-level chef correlate with being a black belt judoka.

“Judo, like cooking, involves the mastering of gestures … the mastering of time,” Marx explains to CNN’s Judo World “The relationship with martial arts – judo and jujitsu, is the capacity to remain serene even in the most stressful moments.”

 Marx started studying the martial art whilst growing up in the Menilmontant neighbourhood in Paris, and describes how “The Gentle Way” offered a welcome distraction.

“I was very bad at school, I failed a lot and we were in a very poor neighbourhood,” he says. “Judo was free, so I dreamed of Japanese films and Japanese sports.”

Together with his coach Benoit Campargue, himself a former European Championship-winning judoka and coach to two-time Olympic gold medal winner Teddy Riner, Marx is hoping to introduce a new generation of Parisians into the sport through the three-month “Pass’Sport Pour l’Emploi” (Passport for employment) program.

 Marx tells CNN’s Judo World: “We created Pass’Sport Pour l’Emploi to help these young people say ‘Okay, I’ll get involved… I’ll feel better with my body and my spirit and I can now approach employment.’”


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Eight in ten of us think the smartest breakthroughs in science, technology and safety will come from copying nature – citing examples like cats eyes, Velcro and solar panels – found new research out today.

Biomimicry is the imitation of nature to solve the challenges we face. The study of 2,000 adults revealed that people agree it is four and a half times more effective to mimic nature than develop ideas from scratch.

The research for Uniroyal, the rain tyre, saw that one in four of us are fascinated by technology found in swimsuits, boat surfaces and car tyres, all modelled on the characteristics of shark skin that has microscopic patterns to allow better water dispersal.

People believe that biomimicry is better because it offers proven results, is a more natural solution and a better use of scarce resources.

Mark Griffiths at Uniroyal said: “Quite often the challenges we face have already been solved, so putting our brightest minds to work studying the natural world makes sense.

“Our experts at Uniroyal recognised the exceptional dispersal of water by shark skin and inspired by that developed some of the best performing tyres for wet weather braking.”

The research found that we believe that healthcare (55 per cent), energy generation (43 per cent) and food and farming (31 per cent) are the sectors that are likely to benefit most from biomimicry.

Other sectors to gain are in the areas of environmental protection, water conservation and transport.

Mark Griffiths adds: “Based on shark skin, Uniroyal ensures fantastic water dispersal on wet roads allowing vehicles to perform at their safest. When the tyre is able to get rid of surface water more quickly, it is less likely the car will aquaplane and the driver lose control.”

The study also found that a third of motorists are unaware that manufacturers develop tyres specifically for rain and wet conditions.

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Bosch establishes division for connected mobility services


Bosch continues to drive forward its transformation into a provider of mobility services. Its new Connected Mobility Solutions division will bring together over 600 associates to develop and sell digital mobility services. These include vehicle sharing, ridesharing, and connectivity-based services for car drivers. “Connectivity will fundamentally change how we get from A to B, and in the process it will help to solve today’s traffic problems. We are using it to realize our vision of emissions-free, stress-free, and accident-free mobility,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the Bosch board of management, at the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018 IoT conference in Berlin. By 2025, there will be more than 470 million connected vehicles on the world’s roads (source: PwC). Just four years from now, the market for mobility services and associated digital services will be worth 140 billion euros (source: PwC). “Connected driving is a growth area for Bosch. Bosch aims for significant double-digit growth with the solutions it offers,” Denner said. The plan is for the new division to further extend the existing service portfolio.

Bosch enters the ridesharing business

By 2022, the number of ridesharing users worldwide is set to rise by 60 percent to 685 million (source: Statista). To date, most such services have been directed at people who happen to be traveling in the same direction or who want to book a trip at the last minute; companies and commuters have been seen as less of a priority. This is precisely where SPLT comes in. Recently acquired by Bosch, this U.S. start-up developed a platform that companies, universities, or municipal authorities can use to arrange ridesharing for their staff. This B2B approach is aimed directly at commuters: the SPLT app brings together people who want to share a ride to the same workplace or place of study. One advantage of this is that rides are shared by colleagues, which means users never have to get in the car with complete strangers. Within seconds, an algorithm locates a suitable rideshare, calculates the fastest route through traffic, and thus assumes what used to be the time-consuming task of coordinating the departure point, departure time, best route, and passengers.


Digital services for electric vehicles


Bosch subsidiary COUP has provided e-scooters for rent in Berlin since 2016. After introducing e-scooter sharing to Paris last year, the service will launch in Madrid this year. This will bring the total number of e-scooters to 3,500. “Digital services will give electric driving a boost,” Denner said.

Eliminating range anxiety: Services that encourage everyday use

For many car buyers, the worry that an electric car might leave them stranded is a deal-breaker. It is precisely this problem that system!e is designed to tackle. Because the electric drive is connected to the cloud, the system can produce an “extended range forecast.” An algorithm factors in vehicle data such as current battery charge, energy consumption of heating or air conditioning, and the driver’s driving style, as well as information from the vehicle’s surroundings. This includes the current traffic situation and topographical data for the route ahead. Based on this information, the system can reliably calculate the vehicle’s precise range. For longer journeys in an electric car, the extended range forecast is supplemented by the “charging assistant.” This service knows where all the charge spots are on a given journey, ; it also manages the payment process. Thanks to additional information about restaurants, cafés, and shopping options, drivers can make the most of the charging time. A third service manages vehicle charging in smart homes, helping to optimize how they use energy. It integrates the electric car into the smart home’s electricity grid, meaning the car’s battery supplements the stationary storage device for the house’s photovoltaic system. During the day, the car absorbs excess solar power and feeds it back at night as necessary.


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ACDelco expands commercial vehicle product offering in the Middle East


ACDelco, the leading American automotive spare parts brand, has added to its commercial vehicle product lineup, re-introducing Heavy-Duty Maintenance-Free (HDMF) batteries and announcing new All-Season Metal Wiper Blades as well as oil and lubricant products in the Middle East.

Providing the performance expected from ACDelco, the recent additions to the product line deliver quality at every budget. The improved and maintenance-free, HDMF battery has a higher reserve capacity and is benefited by Full Frame Technology, with increased resistance to outside impact and vibration, the re-introduced product helps to provide better road safety. The brand’s new lubricants, oils and fluids are specially formulated and help to protect vehicles against harsh weather conditions and heavy duty commercial use in the region.

Equipped with the latest technology and aerodynamic design for a smoother and quieter operation, the brand’s windshield wipers are an economical replacement component for commercial vehicles. With strong corrosion resistance, the wipers’ durability is complemented by acryl spray painting over layers of electro deposition coating and electro zinc painting on a galvanized steel body.


Mohammed Al Fayyad, Customer Care and Aftersales Director for General Motors, said: “With the significant addition of new and enhanced products, we are affirming our commitment to staying at the forefront of the market and offering our customers a diverse product portfolio they can trust.”

“For instance, most heavy-duty batteries in commercial applications are exposed and installed outside of the engine room, so they need to be able to endure extreme conditions. Specially designed materials have been added to ACDelco heavy-duty maintenance-free batteries to ensure they resist vibration and potential corrosion. The same practical thinking was also applied to the rest of our commercial vehicle product line,” added Al Fayyad.

ACDelco HDMF batteries are made from a variety of components, including:

  • A polypropylene case with a reinforced design precisely tailored to support the battery elements. This is an exceptionally strong material which is able to withstand shocks and vibrations from the road
  • Centered Cast-on Plate Straps which are stronger than thinner gas-burned conventional connectors which reduce the lever action movement resulting from road shock
  • A double lid that prevents contamination and also adds to the strength and rigidity of the battery. It also includes permanent flame arresters to prevent accidental explosion from external spark or flame and a built-in hydrometer for faster checking.

All ACDelco parts are covered by a manufacturer warranty, with HDMF batteries backed by a 12-month warranty.


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Middle East supercar owners rev into action for the ‘Pirelli P Zero Experience’ Track Day at Yas Marina Circuit


Petrolheads spanning the UAE and the wider region descended on Yas Marina Circuit, the home of the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, on Friday, February 9 to test the latest offering from premium tyre manufacturer Pirelli in the thrilling ‘Pirelli P Zero Experience’.

A convoy of more than 200 supercars, from across the UAE, GCC and Jordan, took to the iconic Yas Marina track, forming a multimillion dollar convoy. The supercar owners were then given the opportunity to satisfy their need for speed in a two-lap drive around the 6.5km full F1 circuit.

The dazzling car convey stunned the attendees as it includes the fastest vehicles around the globe including the Ferrari 458 Speciale, Lamborghini Aventador SV, McLaren 675 LTs, Lamborghini Huracan, Porsche 918 Spyder, Porsche 991 GT3R and many others.


Pirelli teamed up event sponsor Porsche to give motoring enthusiasts the opportunity to try out the Italian brand’s latest, famous P Zero tyres, with a spin around the track in Porsche’s latest supercar models.

“It was a pleasure to have so many supercars in the one place and be able to satisfy the petrolheads’ need for speed in a safe environment, while showcasing the latest innovation in Pirelli’s renowned tyre technology with the P Zero,” said Carlos Milani, Managing Director Pirelli, Middle East and India, Pirelli.

“It is testament to the widespread appeal and reputation of the P Zero Experience that we had supercar owners from across the GCC and Jordan fly in with their vehicles just for this event. And, it was especially pleasing to witness most of the supercars in attendance were fitted with Pirelli tyres, proving to us that we are meeting demand for quality, performance and reliability.”

“This was the first event for 2018 with our circuit partners Pirelli and our third of the series. Hosting this great brand is always a privilege. Working with a client who allows our in-house Event Team to get creative and deliver a complete branded fit out of their event space allows us to add value and makes for a fun and engaging day out”. Jo Bates, Head of Events Management, Yas Marina Circuit.’