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TECHART Formula V alloy wheels for Panamera (971) and Cayenne (9Y0)

Flashback. IAA 2013. With the Formula IV TECHART started into a new era of wheel design. The Formula IV became an etablished refining part for all porsche models. Both alloy and forged wheels. The clear and detailed five-spoke design of the Formula IV fits perfectly to every Porsche body design.

And now TECHART presents the new Formula V design. This multi-spoke wheel takes its place next to the  Formula IV. A further step. Followed by many more. The Formula V wheels will be available at the end of August. The portfolio starts with the 22-inch alloy version for the Panamera (971) and Cayenne (9Y0).

The second evolution stage is ready: TECHART Formula V


Multi-spoke design is the next topic in the product expansion of TECHART. Impressive, elegant and clean. The independet design makes the wheels look bigger than they really are. And 22-inch is not small. An optical advantage that meets the demands of the bigger Porsche models like the Panamera and Cayenne.

The color design sets highlights at the striking spots. There are two standard bicolor combinations. Grey/gloss turned as an understatement choice and black/gloss turned for the sporty touch. Just the right thing for all tastes. Should it once be more special? There are no limits for individual color combinations! Besides the attractive standard color variants, all TECHART wheels are also available in individually matched custom colors.

New wheel design, new model program

The product launch of the Formula V includes the alloy wheels for the Panamera (971) and Cayenne (9Y0) for the moment. This wheel set will be an elementary part of the new refining kit for the Porsche Cayenne. You’ll get more informations about this in September.

TECHART Automobildesign. The Brand. The Company.

TECHART Automobildesign GmbH, with its headquarters in Leonberg near Stuttgart, sets global standards in terms of premium refinement for Porsche cars. Founded in 1987, TECHART has been living this passion for over 30 years. With consistent implementation of own ideas and developments, high quality standards and continuous brand development, the company became an internationally renowned trademark with over 75 headquarter-based employees and sales partners all over the world.

TECHART’s product range offers refinement options for any Porsche model and every section of the vehicle: aerodynamic improvement and exterior styling, technical optimizations such as engine powerkits, exhaust systems, wheels, suspensions or assistance systems, as well as bespoke interior personalization, manufactured by TECHART’s inhhouse saddlery and upholstery shop.

Approved as an internationally registered vehicle manufacturer and certified as Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) by the European Union, TECHART is the premium brand for the refinement of Porsche cars worldwide.


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Spending the day with Keskin Wheels and Syron Tires at ESSEN Motor Show 2017


We got the chance to spend the day at Keskin Wheels and Syron Tires stand during the last Essen Motor Show event 2017.

During our visit, we got the chance to have fun, laugh, interact with the staff, talk to drifting and motorsport experts from Syron motorsport team and most importantly felt the engagement and the interest of car tuners in their brands.

It was a snowy day in Essen and very cold outside the Messe Essen however on the inside the warmth welcome of the Keskin Wheels and Syron tires made the balance, the day started with a tour around the Keskin Wheels’ new collection and may I say what a beautiful collection I personally loved the Hurricane design on Keskin wheels I think it will look amazingly beautiful on any European vehicle.

As for Syron Tires, we got the chance to sit with the drifting couple Corinna and Alexandre Graff; Alex is the head of motorsport team at Syron tires, holder of several Guinness World Records in drifting and one of Germany’s top drifter, who explained to us about their experience with Syron tires and how they benefit from the German engineered tire technology whether in car control or controlled drifting.

Later that day, we were joined by two gorgeous models that literally set the stand on fire. The models were posing on the cars on display at Keskin and Syron stand and give the audience a sense of beauty and the beast. And if you think this was fun wait till you get a visit from the killer in scream movies that tried to steal the Keskin Wheels and Syron tires and was faced by forceful resistance from the team and the fans.

We would like to thank the Keskin and Syron team for having us that day, it was a blast both on the entertaining level and on the technology and German engineering knowledge.

We would like to invite our fans and readers to check them out as I believe it will create a revolution in the world of wheels and tires.