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Grace Aoun “Freedom”


Images received by Grace Aoun

Name : Grace Aoun
Profession : Lady Biker
Country : Lebanon

Who is Grace Aoun?

Grace Aoun is a 21 years old Lebanese girl studying to be a fashion designer, passionate about motorcycles and working as Sales representative in a motorcycle shop.

What first got you to ride a motorcycle?

Every person has a childhood dream; my childhood dream was to ride motorcycles.

Pursuing this dream, I chose to work in this field where I acquired the basic skills and knowledge to handle motorcycles, ride it and most importantly safety and maintenance, so here I am a Biker Lady.

Why Motorcycles?

For me, driving a motorcycle is a lifestyle plus it is the most convenient way of transportation in a country over jammed with traffic.

In addition and being an adrenaline addict myself, motorcycles is a way to satisfy my passion, it gives me the ultimate rush being in control of such power and speed however I need to highlight that I always recommend motor speed and power on a closed circuits or closed roads in order to avoid accidents and endangering people’s lives and yours.

Is there a person who inspires you in your life?

Every person has a specific idol to draw inspiration, be motivated to follow their footsteps but for me it’s different , I draw my inspiration from every woman who worked for what she wanted and got there and especially in positions claimed exclusively for men.

This makes me stronger and makes me believe I can achieve and reach whatever I want in my life.

A lovely lady working in a Motorcycle shop, how does that feels like?

It was hard at first, after all it’s a man’s world and especially in our region.

Being a girl working in a motorcycle shop and riding bikes made me target for lots of critics from my surroundings and even my family.

You participated in Motocross Championship, what were you looking to accomplish and proove?

It was to prove that girls can accomplish results in such championships; it was mainly for fun. We were all winners that day.

On the street, when you are on your bike riding, what happens?

When I first got on my bike it was odd, people always pointing at me on the streets, guys following me around, or even laugh sometimes.

It happened to me once that a man in his late 40’s said “it’s not enough that you (referring to women) are bad at driving cars, you want to drive bikes too”.

That was one of the main reasons me and my friends decide to spread this around in media.

Now we find girls are riding super bikes, Harleys, and small scooters and society started to get familiar with this evolution.

Do you encourage other women to drive motorcycles, how can they start?

I encourage every woman if she has the passion for motorcycle not to miss it.

There is a structural way to start riding a bike starting from theory lessons to practical driving on closed circuits then on open roads.

It’s easy to learn and for the women who think it’s too late, I tell them it’s never too late join other women that are coming in to learn even at the age of 45 and above.

So if you have the passion, don’t hesitate to get on a bike.

What is the message, you are sending to our community by being a biker, Motocross racer and living the super bikers’ lifestyle?

We as girl bikers are trying to prove that nothing is exclusive to men we can be what we want ourselves to be.

Yet we need to highlight that there’s no Bad image for bikers, this unwanted image originated from the use of bikes in stealing or stunting on open roads, we say that bikes are means of transportation not death machines.

We would like to set the example for both men and women bikers; you should always wear protection gear and should never perform “stunts” on open roads.