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The American University of Science and Technology Automotive Day 2019

Image Credit: K8 Car Photography

On March 14th, it was not a normal day for the students of the American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. The AUST University campus was transformed into an exhibition of sports cars and racing cars building up the usual excitement of this annual exhibition, which was characterized this year by the presence of the motorsport world stars.

Despite the rainy weather, the students flocked to the university campus at first engine start. Fans of cars and motorcycles were intrigued to enjoy the roaring motor symphonies of the best motorsport vehicles on display at AUST that day.


The day started with the presence of one of the youngest drivers in Lebanon, Alex Feghali Son of Lebanon Rally Champion for 14 consecutive years Roger Feghali, Alex engaged with the students and had a nice Q&A session about the difference between Rally cars and ordinary cars and how are these equipped for speeding on closed roads and are fully loaded with safety features to protect the driver and the passenger. Alex displayed his own Speed test and Rally Cars and shared his experience with the students.

Oliver Kick, the Middle East Drift champion, was also present alongside his car and gave the students an opportunity to meet him, share his news and a chance to take some photos with the champ and his car. Oliver also shared his public safety message and informed the student about his special drifting school with the intention of removing drifting from public roads and taking it to the safe closed areas.

The event was also attended by drivers: Richard Ibrahim and the oldest driver in 4×4 Rallying in Lebanon Rashid Nehnehi alongside their vehicles, covering by that all aspects of motorsport activities and educating students about road safety and speeding no matter what type of vehicles you drive or whatever your motorsport passion is.

Lebanon Motorcross academy, led by Joe Salloty the RC Cup racing and motocross champion along with Rafic Eid Lebanon’s motocross champion for several years, were also present on campus to bring excitement and information to the sport of two-wheel motors.

And of course, as the usual annual ritual, Students brought their cars onsite attending the competition of the loudest car on campus and also the most beautiful car on Campus. The students filled the AUST campus with amazing classic, Super and tuned cars creating an unprecedented atmosphere.

The awareness activities don’t stop at safety messages and cars display, Giti tires decided to join the event this year and create the pit stop competition by Giti where students competed for the fastest tire change competition while being educated by Giti Experts on the safety of tires and the importance of having the right tires on your vehicle. In an attempt to break the routine, Automotive influencer and mechanic Rana Hayek joined the competition to incite girls to participate and win with Giti.

Giti Stand also witnessed the presence of International guest from Giti Mother company in China and USA that got the change to interact with the students and engage with them on the importance of having safe tires installed on their vehicles.

Finally, Strive Middle East the leading automotive and lifestyle digital platform wanted to spread a new kind of message, thus created a PlayStation racing game with an aim to show that driving on circuits is more fun that driving on public roads and with the rise of electric motors in Lebanon, Strive Middle East decided to offer 5 winners the chance to go-Kart in the first indoor karting arena using electric Go-Kart vehicles.


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University Automotive Day 2018 USEK

Image Credit : K8 Car Photography

The 15th of March 2018 was not the average studying day at Universite Saint-Esprit Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon as the campus was transformed into a mini motor show full of cars, fun, and awareness.

As usual, when the University Automotive Days Tour comes to the campus, students and professors come to witness the best cars and motorcycles on display and enjoy a day full of activities and awareness.


Xclusive SARL in support of the Student Office Affairs in USEK organized the first stop of the University Automotive Days Tour at USEK Kaslik, the event included several Tuned Cars on display brought to us by Auto Fashion the leading tuning shop in Lebanon. Auto Fashion spoke about the benefits of wrapping vs painting the car and also conducted a competition showing the students how to wrap a car where one student got the chance to wrap a Mazda 2 and win 100$ vouchers from Auto Fashion.

Just next to it was the Hankook Tires stand where the Drift and Speed Test Champion Paul Khawand from Hankook Racing team talked about the importance of tires safety and how students can select the best suitable tire for their cars and how they can detect defected tires in addition to the Hankook Race Pit Stop Challenge where students won discount vouchers from Hankook.

Onsite was also present Champion Oil, supported by the champ Paul Khawand talking about the importance of having the right oil for engines and how oil and lubrication affect the lifetime of the engine. Champion Oil, Braun Shavers, and Sony PlayStation conducted a PS race tournament where students got the chance to win a Braun Shavers and Oil packs from Champion Oil for the best timing.

Supporting Road Safety, Commercial Insurance offered insurance policies for the students who experienced the don’t text and drive campaign and tried to text while racing the Gran Turismo 6 on the PlayStation and were shown that it is impossible to text and stay on track.

Mazda was also present and talked about Road Safety, Fuel Economy and low emissions engines with the SkyActiv technology available on Mazda Cars and students who took part in the Mazda Competition won a weekend test drive onboard the Mazda CX-3.

Motorcycle Safety is becoming more and more of importance on roads these days, this is why ANB Motorcycles were present during the USEK Automotive Day and talked about Motorcycle Safety and awareness and the importance of proper safety gear when riding and the new safe riding techniques. Students got the chance to win free motorcycle riding sessions by ANB Motorcycles.

The USEK stop was one of the best universities we hit in the past 4 years and we expect to come back again next week for an even bigger and better event part of the 5th Edition of University Automotive days tour 2019, see you next year.


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University Automotive Day Tour 2017

Photos By K8 Car Photography

Each year as spring blossoms, Xclusive SARL hits the universities in Lebanon for an Awareness Automotive tour like no other. This year was no different with the Automotive Days taking place at the Lebanese American University and American University of Science and Technology.


On the 15th of March 2017, and in collaboration with the Safety Awareness Club, LAU Beirut Campus witnessed a one of a kind car show displaying the Old Vs New themed vehicles as students got the chance to see the evolution of the automotive industry from the classic 1960’s era till the latest models.

The awareness campaign focused on Total Liban’s new app for better maintenance and updated  with  the maintenance tips and scheduled checkups, WSP Italy focusing on the importance of having OE alloys and the dangers of installing random alloys on cars, in addition to MAZDA and ANB Motorcycle with their amazing setup and the Fool Gear Vs Full Gear concept for the 2-wheelers riders.

As for the 4th of April, and in collaboration with AUST Sport Club, the AUST Beirut Campus witnessed yet another crazy automotive day with the Old Vs New Theme with a very special addition of AUST Students’ best cars on campus. The Students voted for the best car of their choice and re-lived the Automotive day experience for the 3rd time in a row.

Both events were sponsored by Total Liban, Mazda and ANB Motorcycles and insured by Commercial Insurance with a special IT Support for the PlayStation Setup by DomTech.