Tuned Cars

Code Name: AVALANCHE – based on BMW X5M [F85]


Make : BMW
Model : X5M

Country : Poland
Customized by : auto-Dynamics

Car wrapped in satin black
Wheels 22″ Anniversary Evo II “Black Line” – Hamann
Tires 22″ SportContact 6 – Continental
Front Spoiler [Carbon Fiber] – Manhart
Rear Diffuser [Carbon Fibre] – Manhart
X5M Painted Trunk Emblem [Gloss Black] – IND
BMW Painted Trunk Roundel Trim [Gloss Black] – IND
BMW Painted Hood Roundel [Gloss Black] – IND
Front Grill  [Gloss Black] – M Performance
Side Grill [Gloss Black] – M Performance

Lowering Kit – Hamann

Titanium exhaust system – Akrapovic
De-cat downpipes – Eisenmann
Sport air filters – BMC
DGA Gauge / Display System – Awron
Stainless steel brake lines – Fischer Hydraulik
ECU tune [670HP / 880Nm]
+ few small modifications


Tuned Cars

The Yellow Punisher Dodge Challenger


Image Credit

Make : Dodge
Model : Challenger RT
Year : 2012

Owner : George Mathew
Country : United Arab Emirates
Founder of : UAE Dodge Club

Exterior Upgrades:
Custom Paint Job
Cowlstyle Bonnet with Punisher Digital Printed Wrap
Phantom Grills
Xlume Punisher Illuminated Badge
GTS Side Window Louvers
GTS Rear Wind Shield Louvers
Wicked Designz Wickerbill Spoiler
StonSho Front Number Plate Holder
MGP Caliper Covers

In-Car-Entertainment (Audio and Video):
Pioneer Sound System
Pioneer Head Units
Pioneer Speakers
3 Pioneer Amps
2200 Watts Pioneer Woofers

Light Display:
Engine Bay Lighting
Interior Lights
Trunk Music System Lighting

Engine & Performance:
5.7- Liter Hemi
K&N Cold Air Intakes
JBA Longtube Headers Catless with Borla Atak Catback
0-100 Km/h: 5.2 Seconds
Top Speed: 245 Km/H
Horse Power: 360

Wicked Designz Custom Made Strut Brace
Fast Bags by Universal Airbags Suspension
Mopar Rotors with EBC Brake Pads

Wheels and Tires:
Centerline Wheels MM1 Series
Nexen Tires

“My Challenger is all I need now. No matter if there are more powerful cars but I want to keep my Challenger with me as long as possible so that my kids when they grow up can cherish the classic American Muscle car” – said George


Classic Cars

Nostalgia to Lebanon glory days with the Classic Porsches trip


On the 8th of April 2018, a group of Porsche Classic Car Owners wanted to take their classic cars back to the glory days where these cars roamed the streets.

The day started at early morning with more than 7 classic Porsches from all ages got together for a trip down the memory lane. After the first sip of coffee at “Paul” coffee shop, the owners were ready to roll and headed straight to the old Train Station of Tripoli visiting this classic landmark that marked the era of prosperity in the Lebanese North Capital.

An array of colours and history was being created on that day with the 964 Cabrio and 993 Cabrio owned by Assaad Raphael, 911 Targa owned by Fouad Matta, 944 S2 Cabrio owned by Jean Pierre Kebbe, 964 Cabrio owned by Michel Nassif, 944 owned by Michel Chahine and the 930 owned by Henri Azadian.

Each and every one of these cars is a legend by itself. The 964 was the first car to be offered with Porsche’s optional Tiptronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as options and was considered to be 85% new as compared to its predecessor. The 993 Cabrio is Porsche’s last air-cooled 911 and also Porsche claims that every part of the car was designed from the ground up, including the engine and only 20% of its parts were carried over from the previous generation, in addition, the car was promoted via its role of safety car during the 1994 Formula One season. The 911 Targa is considered to be the newcomer to the Classic scene of Porsche and is now among the highest in demand. The 944 S2 Cabrio covered heavily in our articles is one of those often forgotten oddities of the automotive world. Its recipe is simple: it is the best, most powerful, final non-turbo iteration of the Porsche 944. And finally the 930 or as we would like to call it the Widow Maker and this car truly lives up to the legend which it carries its name.

The trip back in time was a refresher of memory for many of us and what is better than these amazing machines to feat your eyes on and remember the great days and the superb history of Porsche since the 1970’s.


Tuned Cars

The Shark, Camaro SS


Photos By K8 Car Photography

Make : Chevrolet
Model : Camaro SS
Year : 2010

Owner : Khalid Ghalayini
Country : Lebanon
Member of : Camaro Club Lebanon
Customized by : AutoFashion


  • Custom Front Carbon Fiber Design PVC Lip
  • Custom Polycarbonate Hood Vents and Scoop with Shark Aggressive Design
  • Inside Hood Airbrush Shark Design
  • DJ Grille Black Matt and Carbon Fiber Design
  • Custom Side Fenders with Engraved Red LED Camaro Logo
  • Custom Side Fenders Air Vents
  • Camaro Stealth Wicker Bill for 5th Generation ZL1 Style Rear Spoiler
  • Custom Rear Diffuser with 4 Exhaust tips & Rear Lower Lip Carbon Dipping Design
  • Unique Stripes Kit Special Design for The Shark Camaro
  • Custom Shark Design Airbrush for Inside Trunk
  • Vertical Doors Kit (by House of Tuners)
  • ZL1 Bumper Conversion Package (by House of Tuners)

Engine & Upgrades

  • OBX Big Block Down and Forward Headers with 3.5” V-Band
  • IPE Valvetronic Rear Muffler with Carbon Fiber Tips
  • Engine Bay Custom Red and Carbon Dipping Design
  • ECU/ECM/PCM Tuning by Phastek Performance Diablo
  • K&N Cold Air Intake (by House of Tuners)

Brakes, Suspension & Chassis

  • Carbon Fiber Strut Bar
  • Shark Red Design on Brake Calipers
  • 6-Piston Ceramic Brembo Brake Kit

Wheels & Alloys

  • 20” ZL1 Alloys
  • 275/40/20 Momo Tires


  • RGB-W Color Shifting for Headlight and Fog Light Kit
  • LED Fog Lights (Philips) 90W Laminate
  • Custom Tail Sequential LED Flashers
  • Custom Reverse LED Lights
  • Custom Illuminated Camaro SS Door Handles (by House of Tuners)
  • Illumined Camaro Door Sills (by House of Tuners)

Interior & Infotainment

  • Heads Up Screen Display
  • Carbon Paddle Shifters
  • Leather Custom Steering Wheel with Red Stiches
  • All in One Touch Screen with Navigation
  • A/C Control Touch Screen
  • Red Seatbelt
  • Steering Wheel by Phastek USA


Tuned Cars

The Devil in a Veloster


Image Credit : Yusuf Sharif

Make : Hyundai
Model : Veloster
Year : 2016

Owner : Yusuf Sharif
Country : Yemen / United Arab Emirates
Member of : Veloster Team UAE

Engine & Performance:

At Stock: 1.6 GDI non-turbo
Exhaust: Magnaflow Catback


KYB Shock Absorbers
Eibach Lowering Kit

Wheels and Tires:

18″ Candy Vossen Wheels

Exterior and Interior:

Camouflage Wrap Design
Custom Front Grille
D-style Spoiler
Custom Side Skirts
Side Diffuser
Dashboard RGBW Light
RGBW Flooring Lights
LED Lights
RGBW color Chasing


Performance Cars Tuned Cars

A Super Supra from Lebanon


Image Credit : K8 Car Photography

Make : Toyota
Model : Supra
Year : 1993

Owner : Hatem El Khalil
Country : Lebanon

Engine and Performance:

Re-Built Engine Bottom End and Head
Manley Rods and Pistons
Ported Head
GSC Camshafts
Unorthodox Cam Gears & Pulleys
Shimless Bucket Seats
Ferrea Valvetrain
Ferrea Intake
Ferrea Exhaust
Ferrea Seals
Ferrea Guides
Stage 4 Fuel System with 1700 cc Injectors
Triple Walbre 450Iph Fuel Pump
HKS 4” Full Titanium Exhaust

Horsepower: 792 RWHP
Weight: 1495 Kg

Chassis and Suspension:

HKS Hipermax V Suspension
Brembo GT 6-pistons Brake Kit
Brembo 355mm Cross Drilled Disc Rotors

Wheels and Tires:

CCW Classics with Black Centers Wheels
Tires: Toyo R888 (315 Rear)


Do-Luck Type 2 Front Bumper with Real Carbon Fiber Inserts
Top Secret Full Carbon Fiber Hood
Blitz Side Skirts
Trial Rear Diffuser with Real Carbon Fiber Inserts
LED Rear Taillights

ICE In-Car-Entertainment and Lighting (Audio and Video):

Pioneer Appradio 2
LED Interior Light Bulbs

It is one of the most visceral driving experiences one can have. Every time I see it, it makes me smile, She’s a Keeper. – said Hatem


Tuned Cars

SuperNova Camaro Transformers


Image Credit : Jad Karam

Make : Chevrolet
Model : Camaro
Year : 2012

Owner : Jad Karam
Country : Lebanon
Customized by : House of Tuners
Member of : Camaro Club Lebanon

Engine & Performance:
Stainless Works Longtube Headers
1′ 7/8 Performance Connect
Custom Made CatBack 3.0 Inch Tube
Cold Air Inductions Air Intake
Yank 3200 Stall Torque Converter
Stage 2c Livernois Cam Package
DOD Delete Kit
Snow Performance Methanol Kit
GM 1LE Ring & Pinion 3.91 Gear Ratio
Full Valve Train Upgrade
MSD 8.5MM Spark Plug Wires

0-100 Km/h: 3.6s
Top Speed: 300Km/h
Horse Power: 650
Weight: 1650Kg

Bilstein B6 High-Performance Adjustable Shocks
Brembo 6-Piston Disc Brakes

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: Transformers Special Edition 20”
Tires: Front:245/45 R20 Rear:275/40 ZR 20

Custom Made Hood
VDI Vertical Doors Kit
ZL1 Bumper
GFX Side Skirts
GFX Diffuser
Transformers Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Stripes
Transformers Limited Edition Rear Spoiler
Transformers Limited Edition Fuel Cap
Custom Roof Fin Antenna

Transformers Limited Edition Door Kick Plates
Custom Illuminated Dash and Footwell
AEM AFR and Methanol Boost Gauge
Custom Stitched Velour Floor Mats
Scosche Touch Color Screen Dash Kit

In-Car-Entertainment (Audio and Video):
Pioneer AppRadio 3
Alpine Surround System
ICE Modifications done at: Green Car Audio

“Supernova was built to be unique and there’s a lot to appreciate about it. It’s a strong performer that blends speed with precision and enjoyment in a way your heart will always skip some beats and be happy about it. The exhaust note is just incredible you’ll always want more. For me she’s more than four wheels and an engine, she’s Home.” – said Jad Karam


Classic Cars

A BMW Classic Love Story


Image Credit : K8 Car Photography

Make : BMW
Model : E24 M635csi
Year : 1980

Owner : Alaa al-Shami
Country : Lebanon

Each and every one of us has a true love in his life, love can be defined in many ways and can include a passion for cars, hobbies, brotherhood, family and that special someone.

Our love story goes back to many years before when Alaa had a beyond compare love story with his future Mrs. Alaa and another love affair that dominated his passion.

Out of his passion and love affair, Alaa couldn’t help but to spread his love on the most important things in his life.

He needed to be ready and absolutely be sure about the most important decision of his lifetime, “do I keep my love affair or do I pop the question of lifetime commitment with the person I love the most?”

Usually, a decision like that is easy, but what we didn’t tell you is that his love affair is with a classic BMW from 1980, so yes it is an important question.

So, Alaa waited till he was done with the BMW and decided to keep both relationships and got down on his knees on that snowy wintery morning to make a lifetime commitment.

Obviously, the future Mrs. Alaa couldn’t say no as she was getting the deal of her life, a gentleman with love above infinity and a classic car to stamp their love.

And that is how a love story like no other began and will continue to an ever after.

As for the Classic BMW, well it is a 1980 BMW E24 6 series M635 csi.

The BMW E24 is the first generation of BMW 6 Series grand tourer coupes and was produced from January 1976 to April 1989.  The BMW E24 6 series replaced the E9 coupes and the German manufacturer took a break for 16 years before bringing the E63 6 series back again in 2004.

The E24 was produced solely in a 2-door coupe body style which generated lots of interest among the bimmer lovers.

The M635CSi is the first of the BMW M6 model line and is the second true “M car” produced after the BMW M1.

The E24 M635CSi (called the M6 in North America and Japan) is considered the start of the M6 model line.

It has a 3.5L engine M90 engine generating 215 hp coped with a 304 Nm torque and reaches 222 Km/h

In 1980, the fuel-injection systems changed from Bosch L-jetronic to Bosch Motronic. And also The 635CSi central locking system could be operated from the passenger door and trunk, a new option at that time.

There’s no doubt, that this car is a true classic icon irrespective of its market value as it defined the “M” direction of the BMW and became one of the most desirable cars of the 1980’s era.


Tuned Cars

The 300 Spartans Hyundai Veloster


Image Credit : Alaa Hassan 

Make : Hyundai
Model : Veloster
Year : 2012

Owner : Alaa Hassan
Country : United Arab Emirates
Member of : Veloster Team UAE

Engine & Performance:
K&N Air intake Kit
Magnaflow Exhaust
Blowoff Valve
KYB Suspension

0-100 Km/h: 6.9 seconds
Top Speed:  230 KM
Horse Power: 260 HP
Weight: 1,400 kg

Wheels and Tires:
Wheels: BBS Rims
Tires:   Yokohama Tyres

Full Custom Design by Alaa Hassan
Tinted Taillights
Full Wrap

In-Car-Entertainment (Audio and Video):
A full sound system by Pioneer
Pioneer Doors speakers 4-way 300W each
Pioneer Front Door Tweeters
Pioneer Rear Speakers 4-way 600w x 2
2 x Pioneer TS-W3003D4 12″ SUB 2000W
Pioneer  Mono Amplifier 2400w
Pioneer 4CH Amplifier 760w
2 X Battery
Full Light System


Tuned Cars

Pegasus White Challenger