Classic Cars

A BMW Classic Love Story


Image Credit : K8 Car Photography

Make : BMW
Model : E24 M635csi
Year : 1980

Owner : Alaa al-Shami
Country : Lebanon

Each and every one of us has a true love in his life, love can be defined in many ways and can include a passion for cars, hobbies, brotherhood, family and that special someone.

Our love story goes back to many years before when Alaa had a beyond compare love story with his future Mrs. Alaa and another love affair that dominated his passion.

Out of his passion and love affair, Alaa couldn’t help but to spread his love on the most important things in his life.

He needed to be ready and absolutely be sure about the most important decision of his lifetime, “do I keep my love affair or do I pop the question of lifetime commitment with the person I love the most?”

Usually, a decision like that is easy, but what we didn’t tell you is that his love affair is with a classic BMW from 1980, so yes it is an important question.

So, Alaa waited till he was done with the BMW and decided to keep both relationships and got down on his knees on that snowy wintery morning to make a lifetime commitment.

Obviously, the future Mrs. Alaa couldn’t say no as she was getting the deal of her life, a gentleman with love above infinity and a classic car to stamp their love.

And that is how a love story like no other began and will continue to an ever after.

As for the Classic BMW, well it is a 1980 BMW E24 6 series M635 csi.

The BMW E24 is the first generation of BMW 6 Series grand tourer coupes and was produced from January 1976 to April 1989.  The BMW E24 6 series replaced the E9 coupes and the German manufacturer took a break for 16 years before bringing the E63 6 series back again in 2004.

The E24 was produced solely in a 2-door coupe body style which generated lots of interest among the bimmer lovers.

The M635CSi is the first of the BMW M6 model line and is the second true “M car” produced after the BMW M1.

The E24 M635CSi (called the M6 in North America and Japan) is considered the start of the M6 model line.

It has a 3.5L engine M90 engine generating 215 hp coped with a 304 Nm torque and reaches 222 Km/h

In 1980, the fuel-injection systems changed from Bosch L-jetronic to Bosch Motronic. And also The 635CSi central locking system could be operated from the passenger door and trunk, a new option at that time.

There’s no doubt, that this car is a true classic icon irrespective of its market value as it defined the “M” direction of the BMW and became one of the most desirable cars of the 1980’s era.