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Saudi Woman Racing Driver Aseel Al Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honour in a Jaguar F-TYPE.

Aseel, the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, had never driven on a track in her home country before.

Aseel joined Jaguar in a call for June 24th to be known as World Driving Day – a day when finally, the whole world can enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel of a car. On World Driving Day Jaguar invites people to share a memory of their best driving moment (image or anecdote) using the #worlddrivingday.

Aseel said:

“Having loved cars since I was a child, today is highly emotional for me. This is the best driving moment of my life. What better way to kick off World Driving Day than a lap of honour in my home country in a Jaguar F-TYPE – the ultimate car to roar around the track.  I hope people around the world will share in our joy today by sharing their most memorable driving story using #worlddrivingday.”

By creating World Driving Day, Jaguar urges people to remember this historic day and what it means to women, to Saudi Arabia and to world progress in general. As part of its ongoing work with over 40 Universities and Academic institutions globally on future mobility solutions, the company will also be partnering with University in Saudi Arabia to join this global network. The partnership, to be announced later this year, will be a unique exchange to tap into the brightest young minds in Saudi Arabia to shape the company’s future innovations as it moves to ACES (an Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared future).

Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson, Salman Sultan, Regional Public Relations and Social Media Manager comments:

‘We are delighted to mark this historic day with motorsport expert Aseel Al Hamad as she races for the first time on Saudi soil and launches World Driving Day. This day is a commitment from Jaguar to celebrate this key moment annually for both men and women. This year, we’re really excited to collaborate with the brilliant students from Saudi Arabia to shape the future of mobility for people around the world.”

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Performance car fans can now hail the ultimate taxi rides around one of the world’s most renowned race circuits. The Jaguar Race Taxi experience gives thrill-seekers a full-throttle hot lap in the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR and XJR575, around the famous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit.

Jaguar Race Taxi passengers will be driven around the world’s most demanding circuit by hand-picked professional drivers, encountering cornering forces of up to 1.2g on the most challenging sections. They can also relive the excitement of their experience around the 20.83km, 73-turns
Green Hell, with an HD video recording of their lap.


“A ride in the F-TYPE SVR and XJR575 Race Taxi is a thrilling and truly unforgettable experience for any car enthusiast – or anybody who just enjoys going very fast! Our highly experienced professional drivers are veterans of the Nürburgring 24-hour race, making them uniquely qualified to show customers the true potential of these extraordinary supercharged V8 Jaguars.”

Phil Talboys, European Engineering Operations Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

The F-TYPE SVR has been developed by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations as a 200mph all-weather supercar and is the pinnacle of the F-TYPE range. Powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine with 575PS and 700Nm and benefiting from an enhanced chassis and driveline and active aerodynamics, the all-wheel drive F-TYPE SVR delivers supercar performance – in all conditions – and can accelerate from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds (0-60mph in 3.5 seconds).

The Jaguar XJR575 is the fastest and most powerful XJ ever made in the iconic luxury saloon’s
50-year history. Also powered by a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 developing the same maximum power and torque as the F-TYPE SVR, it can reach 100km/h in just 4.4 seconds (0-60 in 4.2 seconds) before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 300km/h (186mph) while delivering the luxury, refinement and comfort for which the XJ is renowned.

Passenger laps in the two supercharged Jaguars are available until November.


Test Driven

Jaguar F-Type It’s Good to be Bad

Throughout the years, we have been watching movies about war between good and evil, and in most films the good always prevails. Nevertheless, we all fall for the villain. The villain has the best gadgets, coolest cars, and charming personality, making him the star of the show.


Most great villain characters are usually played by British actors, who fit the description perfectly, with the well-known reputation of Brits’ charm, precision, and ambition. In this article of Arab Motor World, we will become the villain for 3 days and live the ultimate thrill.

Equipped with superior mind thinking and planning to take over the world in 3 days, we started setting the perfect plot; A charming gentlemen that will sweep the spectator off their feet is now ready to make his move, all what was missing was the perfect fast and elegant vehicle for that getaway we were eager to experience. Boom, there it was! This magnificent, perfectly designed super car that fit the profile: “The Jaguar F-TYPE R AWD”.

So what makes the Jaguar F-TYPE the perfect vehicle for our three-day world domination plan?

First, a super villain requires a great looking car with a bad-ass attitude and gorgeous styling; The F-TYPE is a stunningly beautiful machine with an aggressive panache in every single detail. The front of the car is magnificent, it starts with an elevated perfectly sculpted hood leaning all the way down to a large open grille centered next to double twin vents and connected to a front splitter beneath the grille, giving the F-TYPE that fiercely look of a  Jaguar’s jaw in ready to attack mode.  On top of that, the “R” badge on the front grille and the “J” signature within the HID headlights give the Jag that distinctive look.

Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 12
Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 08
Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 02
Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 05

Moving all the way to the back, the Jaguar’s state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics design methods interferes to craft this exquisite breed of Jaguars with lines and cuts as never seen before, meticulously studying every detail in aerodynamics. Even the door handles retract when not required, with their flush design creating an uninterrupted airflow along the flanks. The large haunches over the rear tires give the Jag its arrow shape leading us all the way to a masterpiece in car design “the Jag’s Tail”. Matching the front, the rear of the vehicle can not be any less aggressive; its signature taillights swept around to the side arches and those quad exhaust tips looking sharp like a cannon ready to blow fire at any given moment. All coped with an Impressive 20” Gyrodyne alloy wheels with yellow calipers giving the F-TYPE R its uniquely powerful shape and beautiful design that set it apart as a true performance sports car.

Inside the cockpit, the British went all the way with 1+1 seating designed to deliver pure driving pleasure. The design is wrapped around the driver and he or she is treated to a wonderful, flat-bottomed steering wheel with technology all over and controls within hands’ reach. The seats are sporty and super comfortable, and the material used on the inside of the F-TYPE screams luxurious performance all over, with Black leather stitched in white and carbon fiber panels.  My personally favorite touch is the Active Central Air Vent, part of the advanced climate control system, which automatically deploys, only when required, rising from the dashboard and retracting after use.

Our plan was progressing well; we found the car that has the villain looks: the F-TYPE is at the same time both charming and aggressive. It was time to look under the bonnet and see what powers this amazing machine and if it was capable of making that quick getaway.  The F-TYPE is not your ordinary sports performance vehicle. The R and AWD edition that we were driving is powered by an intimidating 5.0L V8 Supercharged, capable of generating 550 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and 680 Nm of torque at only 2,500 rpm for that extra rush on takeoff. The F-TYPE engine is coped with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission fitted to an All-wheel Drive system that can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and reach a top speed of 300 km/h. The car is fitted with so many gismos that make it capable of generating breathtaking power and yet keeping it under control with the Torque vectoring software and other electronical suspension control systems.

We found the perfect getaway car, but it was time to put it to the real test. Our 3-day plot to take over the world was all set.

Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 11
Arab Motor World Jaguar F-Type Test Drive 10

Like a super villain, I flashed my wicked smile to my partners in crime and started the ignition on this beast, and, instantly, I got shivers all over my body and came to experience what I can truly call an eargasm generated from that intriguing roar of the Jag’s abundant power.

As the door of our hideout opened gradually on D-day sunrise, I gently floored my F-TYPE, crossing the back alley.  Reaching out to the main street, I had to make an entrance worthy of the great villain, so I revved my Jag on first gear as soon as the nose of the F-TYPE peeked into the sunlight. The roaring sound of the V8 matched the Jag’s sculpted body and didn’t disappoint the curious, as all eyes were on us from those early morning runners.

Cruising down the highway heading to the “X” spot, the F-TYPE, and just like every super villain with dual personality can flip between cool and charming to ferocious in the blink of an eye. The F-TYPE flipped from a comfortable GT cruiser to all-out supercar screaming like the Devil’s anger and popping like 50-caliber machine guns during engine overrun with just one shift down and floored pedal.  If the F-TYPE flashes in your rearview mirror, it will definitely create mixed emotions, between appreciating the beauty and fearing the beast. Nevertheless, you’d better move out of the way.

At the end, and just before reaching the “X” spot, I had my adrenaline pumping to the max and realized that the F-TYPE is more than just a great getaway car; it is truly an unleashed beast with tremendous power and superb comfort. The F-TYPE transformed my dream of world domination to a reality of track domination, and I came to realize that you don’t need to be a villain to drive the fastest British getaway vehicle; all you have to do is enjoy the ride.