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ANB Motors SAL to Drive Ford Representation in Lebanon


Ford has appointed ANB Motors SAL as its new partner for the sale and service of Ford vehicles and distribution of genuine Ford and MotorCraft® parts in all of Lebanon, the Company announced today. ANB Motors, owned by the Boukather family, a prominent name in the Lebanese automotive market, has acquired the distribution rights from the previous distributor, Folic Automotive.

The new Ford distributor will be ready to welcome and serve Ford customers effective immediately, through its Ford service and maintenance outlet in Nahr el Mot. A new state of the art ANB Motors Ford showroom is also planned to open for business in Jal el Dib by March 2019, offering the latest Ford models including the range of best-selling trucks and SUVs as well as the iconic Ford Mustang muscle car.


“We are delighted to welcome ANB Motors into the Ford family,” said Mark Ovenden, President of Ford Middle East & Africa. “Offering our customers in Lebanon world-class products and a superior ownership experience is one of our top priorities. Ford is committed to the Lebanese market and our team is working diligently to get the ANB Motors team up to speed and ready to serve customers as soon as possible. We are confident that the Boukather family’s extensive experience, strong market presence and commitment to service excellence will provide our customers with the very best levels of Ford products, services and support that they need, when they need them.”

ANB Motors SAL is part of the A.N. Boukather Group Holding, a prominent family business celebrating 91 years of success in Lebanon, representing various brands in the motoring sector. The company prides itself in its commitment to excellence, innovation, continued development and expertise, as well as entrepreneurship and integrity.

Anthony Boukather, CEO of ANB Motors, said: “We’re thrilled to be appointed as Ford’s official importer-dealer for all of Lebanon. ANB Motors is committed to delivering some of the best vehicle ownership experiences to Ford customers. Our entire team is eager to begin serving our customers and offer the world-class products that the Ford brand offers.”

Effective immediately, Ford customers can contact ANB Motors by calling: +961-1- 888298; or emailing: As for 24-hour Roadside Assistance, customers in Lebanon who need this type of support may contact: +961-1-806670. The regional Ford Motor Company Customer Service Division may also be reached on for any concerns or questions.


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Five ways Ford can help you to make your Mother’s Day special

Many mums face a busy day from the moment they wake – so this Mother’s Day March 21, it’s worth taking a moment to think about what you may be able to do to help make her day a little more special.

Why not treat your mum to a day out – and let Ford take care of you both along the way?

Thankfully, Ford has a range of technologies that can help you to plan your day and also make the journey a lot of fun, regardless of the road and traffic conditions.

Get the party started or laugh your head off with mum. Why not put together a playlist of your mum’s favourite tunes for an impromptu karaoke session in the car? It doesn’t matter if you’re both pitch perfect or totally off-key, you’ll have a great time as you belt out lyrics at the top of your voices. If you want to share the laugh, why not load up her favourite talk show on podcast instead? Ford’s SYNC™ 3 can play music and podcast directly from your Apple or Android device or, if you prefer, MP3 and other files from a USB stick.


Take your mum to her favourite restaurant. A nice meal with your mum has to be special this Mother’s Day. Why not taking her out to the restaurant she always took you growing up? Can’t remember the directions to your mum’s favourite restaurant? SYNC™ 3’s navigation system will get you there with turn by turn instructions, leaving you more time to catch up with your mum. If you need to make a reservation, SYNC™ 3’s hands free calling will help connect you with the restaurant.

Pamper your mum with new bags and shoes. Retail therapy is a great way to pass the time and treat your mum. And, if you find you’ve got your hands full when you get back to the car, Ford’s hands-free foot-activated liftgate makes loading the boot easy. All you need to do is move your foot toward and under, then away from the rear bumper (similar to a kicking motion) to open the hatch. So long as the keyfob is close to the car (in your bag or pocket), the hatch will open.

Keep mum comfortable. If you’re planning a longer journey, Ford’s multi-contour seats with Active Motion® will help alleviate some of the tension of the drive by delivering a gentle massage. Dual-zone electronic automatic temperature control (DEATC) automatically maintains separate preferred temperatures, so front passengers can set the temperature they prefer.

Safety is paramount. Always make your journeys safe. Ford is packed with technology to ensure you are both safe on the road. Blind Spot Information System (BLIS®) with cross-traffic alert helps drivers change lanes or back out of a parking space with confidence. BLIS®) can alert the driver when a vehicle enters the blind spot zone, while Cross-Traffic Alert warns of traffic approaching from the sides when the vehicle is in reverse, such as backing out of a parking space. Adaptive Cruise Control provides everything conventional cruise control does — keeps a constant speed without having to work the brake or accelerator pedals — plus, it automatically maintains a comfortable preset gap distance from vehicles ahead. It can also bring the vehicle to a stop and resume acceleration automatically. That not only cuts stress, but makes driving much safer for everyone on the road.


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Ford Celebrates 41 Consecutive Years of Truck Leadership As F-150 Continues to Set US Sales Records

Ford has once again fortified its position as America’s truck leader with its F-Series marking 41 consecutive years as the nation’s best-selling pickup, and America’s best-selling vehicle for 36 years.

F-Series sales in 2017 increased 9.3 per cent with 896,764 trucks sold, representing F-Series’ best sales performance since 2005 and its dominance of the pickup market. Ford has now sold more than 27 million F-Series variants since January 1977 which, if lined bumper to bumper, would stretch over 150,000 kilometres and could circle the globe almost four times.

To put 2017 sales figures into some perspective, an F-Series truck was sold every 35 seconds throughout the year – a year in which Ford marked 100 years since the launch of its first purpose built truck, the 1917 Model TT.


Ford’s truck leadership was founded on core values of innovation, durability, dependability and legendary toughness. In 1977, that meant a light duty pickup that featured an improved 351-series V8 engine, standard front disc brakes and the option of an extended SuperCab for the sixth generation F-Series. Fast forward 41 years, and customer expectations, lifestyles, work demands and usage have helped to define the world’s most innovative, technologically advanced, safest and most capable trucks ever produced.

The 2018 Ford F-Series

Debuted in the region at the Dubai International Motor Show in November 2017 and available today in dealerships across the Middle East, the 2018 Ford F-150 is tougher, smarter, and more capable than ever. The new model features a refreshed bolder design with a rich array of new technologies that add on to the already class leading capabilities that the truck boasts.

Three years after introducing a high-strength, military-grade, aluminium-alloy-bodied F-150, the new truck arrives with bold new styling, advanced technologies, a segment-first 10-speed automatic transmission and F-150’s most advanced engine line-up yet.

An enhanced 5.0-litre V8 normally-aspirated engine features significant upgrades for 2018 including advanced dual port and direct-injection technology for more horsepower and additional torque. Spray-on bore liner technology, also featured in the Shelby GT350® Mustang, has been added to squeeze out even more weight from the aluminium block. For the first time, the V8 is paired with the 10-speed SelectShift automatic.

For best-in-class towing, the second-generation 3.5-litre EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 delivers roughly six tonnes of towing capacity thanks to its impressive 578 Nm torque. That level of power beats all diesel- and petrol-powered competitors, including V8 engines with nearly twice its displacement. With dual port and direct-injection technology, the 370-horsepower twin-turbo engine provides ideal low-end and peak engine performance for hauling heavy payloads and towing heavy trailers.


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Five Better Driving Tips from Ford that will Help Slash Your Fuel Bill

Ever get the feeling you should be getting more out of your tank of fuel? Having a car with a fuel efficient engine – like Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost range – is a great start, but how you drive it makes a big difference.

Poor driving habits are just like pouring money down the drain. As consumers buy fuel efficient vehicles in record numbers to save money and benefit the environment, few know that smart driving habits are really the best way to economise.

Ford studies have investigated the influence of driving style on fuel consumption and CO2 per kilometre driven and found that by adopting an eco-driving style, drivers can slash both their fuel bill and their emissions by as much as 25 per cent compared with ‘normal-average’ driving behaviour. Small changes to the way you drive can have a big impact on fuel economy and improve road safety at the same time.


“People go to extraordinary lengths to save money but then they jump in their cars and waste fuel,” said Andy Taylor, director, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Ford Middle East and Africa. “Eco-driving not only saves you fuel and money, it also benefits the environment, reduces driving stress and can make our roads safer for everyone.”

Here are some simple tips that can help you be a greener, more fuel efficient and relaxed driver.


  • Drive smoothly
    Look far ahead and anticipate road situations to smoothly adjust your speed, accelerating and braking. Aggressive driving such as rapid acceleration, speeding and braking can lower your fuel mileage significantly. So keep constant speed, accelerate smoothly, brake softer and earlier, and stay in one lane while it’s safe to do so. Not only do these anticipatory driving techniques save fuel, they enable more relaxed and safer driving and can prolong the life of your brakes and tyres.


  • Use cruise control
    Using cruise control on long stretches of highway helps maintain speed and conserve fuel. Activating your cruise control keeps you from unthinkingly driving faster and with lower fuel efficiency, maintains a constant speed, and avoids using additional fuel while accelerating. Try to set your cruise control at your vehicle’s most fuel-efficient speed, as long as it’s at or below the legal limit and safe to do so.


  • Lighten the load
    Reducing the amount of cargo you keep in your boot or back seat can improve your fuel efficiency as less energy is needed for acceleration. Try to travel as light as possible, keep only the most important items (like an emergency kit, jumper cables, a small toolset, and a small jack) in the vehicle.


  • Slow down
    Speeding wastes lots of fuel. By driving 90km/h instead of 100km/h you can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 10-15 per cent. Also, aim for a constant speed. Pumping the accelerator sends more fuel into the engine, emptying the tank faster.


  • Reduce aerodynamic drag
    Your vehicle is designed for good aerodynamics – but attaching a carrier or bike to the roof adds more wind resistance. If you spend lots of time on the highway or are planning a long trip, try to transport extra items inside the vehicle or attached to the rear. Keeping your windows and sunroof closed can lower wind resistance too. You will have less drag, and better fuel economy.