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Continental unveils new Smart Wearables for enhanced safety

Continental, the premium German tyre and technology company, has unveiled two prototypes of new smart wearables for the first time at the recent 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The world premiere of the new smart wearable prototypes showcase a heated and actively-illuminated safety jacket, that features LED lights for enhanced safety at work. In addition to being safe, the prototypes also offer comfort with integrated heat function that saves energy for vehicle heating.

“The smart wearable concepts open up huge opportunities for the future and allow for interaction with vehicle electronics to be expanded. In the future, sensors in clothing could determine data such as humidity and temperature and, based on this, actuate the automatic climate control system via the vehicle electronics,” said Tobias Huber, who is responsible at Continental for developing smart, functional materials.

The jacket automatically lights up when the driver leaves the vehicle
The jacket heating system can reduce the cab energy consumption by up to 90 percent

Eye-catching LED lights for safety

The newly designed prototype jacket comes with energy-saving LED lights and eye-catching conventional night reflectors for safety, ensuring good visibility at all times. The jacket, targeted at employees of courier companies, emergency services, utility services staff and truck drivers, has also been equipped with an optional heating function that protects its wearer against accidents and is activated automatically on leaving the vehicle.


A coil incorporated in the driver’s seat inductively charges the batteries which powers the LEDs and the integral heating system, ensuring that the jacket is always adequately charged. In addition, a flexible second coil in the jacket absorbs the power from the seat coil. Various material layers safeguard the garment’s washability and limit radiation of the magnetic field to the driver.

Enhanced comfort thanks to effective heating concept

“The heating function is about far more than just improving comfort,” added Huber. “In delivery vehicles, the jacket heating system can reduce the cab energy consumption by up to 90%. That adds up to an extended range since the driver is heated rather than the cab.”

Electrically conductive materials are used to generate the desired warmth in the jacket without having to install a single millimetre of heating filament. This is thanks to a conductive, coatable polymer compound that is incorporated in the material by means of a printing process.

If electricity flows through the material, it is directly converted to heat. Consequently, the surface is fully warmed within seconds at the cost of a relatively low power input.


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Continental Commissions First Driverless Tyre Test Vehicle

  • Newly developed tyres are being tested under real life conditions to ensure premium quality

  • Automation allows for improved processes and more conclusive results

  • Driverless tyre tests based on prototypes of Continental’s automated Cruising Chauffeur

Continental, the premium German tyre and technology company, has commissioned the first driverless tyre test vehicle, using pioneering technology based on the company’s automated Cruising Chauffeur. Launched at the Continental test site in Texas, USA, the innovative system will see newly developed tyres being tested under real life conditions across a wide range of road surface, making test results for Continental’s passenger and light truck tyres more conclusive to ensure premium quality.

Controlled through a satellite-based navigation system, the new test vehicle is equipped with camera and radar sensors allowing the vehicle to react immediately to people, animals, or other unexpected objects on the road without a driver. This contributes to making Continental’s Vision Zero strategy for accident-free driving a reality.


Nicolai Setzer, Continental Executive Board member and Head of Tyre Division said, “In critical situations, the tyres’ level of technology is the deciding factor in whether a vehicle brakes in time. With tyre tests which use an automated vehicle, we achieve highly conclusive test results and thereby ensure the premium quality of our tyres.”


Driving test vehicles places huge demands on the drivers and the smallest deviations on the test track can have a huge impact on the quality and comparability of the test results. Therefore, newly developed rubber compounds and tyre models will be tested under real life conditions to show just how well they perform on different road surfaces.

In addition to the significantly improved comparability of the results, the tyre test using automated vehicles will also reduce the maintenance work required for the test tracks as there will be less route variations.

Thomas Sych, Head of Tyre Testing at Continental, commented, “We want to automate and standardise tyre tests to such an extent that we can identify even the smallest differences in the tyres. The automated vehicle enables us to reproduce processes precisely, meaning that every tyre in the test experiences exactly the same conditions. This way, we can ensure that differences in the test are actually caused by the tyres and not by the test procedure.”

“Thanks to close collaboration with colleagues from many different areas of Continental, we have made a lot of progress with our prototype for the tyre test. Our focus now is on further developing the necessary camera and radar systems for this special case of off-road routes,” explains Sych.

Automated vehicles are not new for Continental. As far back as 50 years ago, Continental was already doing groundbreaking work in preparing for the future of mobility. The company’s engineers developed an electronically controlled car to automate tyre tests 50 years ago when the vehicle followed a wire that was glued to the track, which limited its use to asphalt test tracks. Today’s prototype can also safely navigate along gravel roads without a driver.


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Continental’s all-new bespoke Generation 6 tyre arrives in the Middle East

Continental Generation 6

Continental, the premium German tyre manufacturer has announced the arrival of the first batch of the brand’s all-new Continental Generation 6 tyre range which has been specifically designed for the Middle East market. Aimed to service up to 40 percent of the region’s tyre market, Continental’s new range offers car owners a selection of robust tyres designed to cope with the road conditions found across the region.

Consisting of 60 different sizes across three distinct product lines, the Generation 6 tyres have been dispatched from Europe directly to the markets across the Middle East region and comprise ComfortContact 6 for smaller cars and city driving, UltraContact 6 for larger sedans and MaxContact 6 for high performance vehicles. Providing a wide range of options for customers, the new premium tyre range will service small to high performance cars, combining advanced German technology with local expertise to deliver unmatched levels of comfort and robustness suitable for the driving conditions faced by the region’s drivers.


Continental Generation 6 have undergone intense safety checks ensuring one of the safest ranges of tyres on the market in line with the brand’s Vision Zero goal of eliminating fatalities, injuries and accidents on the roads. Before any Continental innovation goes into production, it is tested intensively. Continental uses and develops more and more advanced-testing measuring technology to deliver matured and optimised products. This way, Continental ensures to deliver only the safest, most comfortable and reliable mobility solutions.

Commenting on the Middle East arrival of Continental Generation 6 tyre products, Jose Luis de la Fuente, Managing Director of Continental Middle East, said, “The region has proven to be a key market for Continental since the establishment of the brand’s regional office in 2015.  With the arrival of the first tyre range exclusively designed for the Middle East, we are confident that our customers will reap the benefit of the Continental Generation 6 tyres’ performance and robustness across some of the toughest terrains and challenging driving conditions of the region.”

The robust design of the new Generation 6 range provides high resistance to damage from hazards such as potholes, debris and kerb impacts, helping to prolong the tyre’s life. All products feature the latest technological advances for enhanced grip, handling and braking, and quieter more comfortable rides.

One of the top three automotive suppliers worldwide, Continental develops pioneering technologies and services for the sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. It offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable transport solutions, including brake systems, systems and components for powertrains and chassis, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics and tyres.


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Continental claims award for road safety in UAE

Continental, the leading German tyre manufacturer, has received a prestigious Acknowledgement Award at the Global Infrastructure Congress (GIC) in Dubai for its recent road safety initiative, urging UAE motorists to maintain high alertness levels to promoter safe driving on the roads. Hosted earlier this month under the patronage of H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, UAE, the award was presented by H.E. Eng. Hassan Al Mansoori. Under Secretary of Ministry of Infrastructure Development UAE to Continental Middle East represented by Martin Oern, Head of Finance and Tobias Heilmann, Head of Human Resources.

The official recognition of Continental’s safety initiative comes in line with what the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently highlighted about the fact that poor concentration, inattentiveness and tiredness raise the likelihood of crashes. Continental’s regional road safety initiative reveals how UAE motorists turn to different types of caffeinated drinks to help them maintain concentration and prevent road injuries. According to UAE authorities, road accidents are considered one of the leading causes for death of children in the country.


Commenting on the award, Jose Luis de la Fuente, Managing Director of Continental Middle East, said: “As road safety continues to be a major issue in the UAE and worldwide, it boosts our motivation to develop innovative solutions for a safer driving experience, while contributing to our Vision Zero initiative. We are so proud to receive such a highly-esteemed award, and this recognition from GIC confirms our ongoing commitment to raising awareness on road safety among motorists as well as developing not only award-winning but also effective and life-changing initiatives.”

The award-winning initiative was powered by a study, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Continental as part of its Vison Zero safety initiative. Endorsed by UAE-based Medical Doctor and DHA-certified Clinical Dietician, Dr Dana Al-Hamwi, Continental’s initiative warned of the dangers of relying on certain types of caffeinated drinks to enhance levels of alertness.

The Global Infrastructure Congress (GIC) awards aim to recognise the best ideas, initiatives, projects and solutions that enable and showcase future-ready and sustainable infrastructure; the GIC awards not only recognises but also promotes the winners as global leaders.

As a frontrunner in automotive technological advancements and road safety, Continental is a dedicated advocate of greater safety on the roads – the company’s global Vision Zero initiative aims to totally eradicate road accidents and achieve zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents on the roads. The survey was commissioned by Continental as part of its approach to delivering Vision Zero through enhancing drivers’ knowledge, attitude and awareness.


Automotive news

Audi presents FC Bayern München on a pre-season tour

Audi is continuing its 16-year partnership with FC Bayern München with the return of the Audi Summer Tour. The itinerary includes three exhibition matches against some of the top teams in Europe. The tour begins with a brief stop in Klagenfurt before the Munich-based team jets off to the United States on July 23.

With support from Audi, FC Bayern München will be taking part in the Audi Summer Tour end of July this year. The opening game will see the reigning German champions face the winners of the French league Paris Saint-German in Klagenfurt. Then on July 23, the German record league title winners will jet off to the USA. This will be the club’s third visit to the US as part of the Audi Summer Tour following their previous trips in 2014 and 2016. On July 25, the US leg of the tour will kick off with a match against the Italian record champions Juventus Turin in Philadelphia. The final game will mark a reunion with Bayern’s former manager Pep Guardiola, who will be leading out his new team Manchester City in Miami on July 28. These three top-class games are part of the “International Champions Cup” (ICC) exhibition competition.


“As a long-standing partner of FC Bayern München, we are excited to be supporting the summer tour again in 2018,” says Bram Schot, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “Our brand is all about premium experiences and unforgettable moments, and that is why the top-class games of the Audi Summer Tour are the perfect platform for our customers and supporters of FC Bayern. Added to that is the importance and potential of the US market for Audi.”

“The Audi Summer Tour is a key element of our international strategy and supports the global development of our brand. Together with Audi, we want to give our fans in the USA the opportunity to experience our team up close in their own back yard,” adds Jörg Wacker, Board member for Internationalisation and Strategy at FC Bayern München AG.

The tour will also include a large number of fan events away from the pitch, with club legends like Lothar Matthäus taking part. Audi has been a partner of the club since 2002, and in 2011 it became a strategic partner of FC Bayern München AG. Both players and officials get around in Audi vehicles. With more than 6,000 members, the “Audi Fanclub FC Bayern” is the football club’s largest fan club worldwide.