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Code name: Inferno – project based on Mercedes-Benz GLE63 S AMG with 800 Horsepower

Make : Mercedes-Benz
Model : GLE
Year : 2017

Country : Poland
Customized by : auto-Dynamics

Mercedes Benz GLE63 S AMG [C292] Code Name: “INFERNO” 806HP & 1181Nm

Aero Body Kit: The redefinition of the strictly visual aspects of the project was of an absolutely complex character, a holistic complexity and a meticulous architecture.


AMG metamorphosis began with the professional assembly of a complete, multi-element stylistic package, designed by the renowned studio – Topcar Design.

Exterior Modifications:

Remodeled front bumper
Custom rear bumper with aerodynamic diffuser
widening of all fenders and doors
Door Sills
Various accent panels and decorative elements

Each element of the “Inferno” package was painted according to a pre-determined color concept in order to emphasize specific attributes of the AMG body block in fusion with full stylistic coherence with the baseline of the vehicle body.

Topcar’s package included a complete de-chrome.

Suspension & Wheels:

It would be a shame if all that widening, wildly aggressive stylistic package “Inferno” looked caricatural with a set of modest, factory-made rims. Therefore, the design also reformats the context by manifesting and highlighting the scope of modifications with a set of forged rims from the renowned American producer – Vossen: “Model ML-R1 Forged M-R Series” 23″ in size.

The set of new rims was finished in black, deep, piano gloss.

Precisely redesigned, meticulously calculated, aggressive ET weaving allowed to enter a new set of wheels in the wheel arches, thus perfectly matching their line with the line of widened fenders, and adequate dimensioning enabled the maintenance of the nominal rolling circumference.

The rims are equipped with a set of sports high-performance tires – the German company Continental. Unparalleled, absolutely top model – SportContact 6 [295/35/23 front and 335/30/23 rear] and a package of new, OEM [MB] tire pressure monitoring sensors [TPMS / RDCI].

The Details:

Safe cleaning with attention to every detail, meticulous, intricate correction of the varnish – a prelude to the range of activities was performed. “Inferno” after taking into account all rigorous initiating procedures received a colorless film with self-healing properties from the Ultimate Plus series from the reputable company XPEL. Carefully, a ceramic coating of the Gyeon brand was applied to the entire transparent film. Consequently, all glass and rims were also consistently protected. The entire passenger compartment [textiles, leather, alcantara] and all interior elements were meticulously impregnated with hydrophobic coatings [Gyeon].

In conclusion, the wide spectrum of modifications carried out in Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 by resulting in a phenomenal performance in merger with distinctively-aggressive, coherent and arch-dynamic stylistics, transport GLE63 S to the world of an avant-garde, exclusive automotive, placing the project at the same time, a world leader in the extremely modified AMG. Code Name: “Inferno”.

Mercedes Benz GLE63 S AMG Code Name: INFERNO comes with engine modifications creating more than 806 Horsepower and 1181 Nm Power Pack.



Test Driven

Mercedes Benz GLE, Stands For Luxury & Adventure

Image Credit by Andrew Farhat

In any car conversation as soon as you mention the brand Mercedes-Benz, everyone knows you will be talking about luxury, elegance and capabilities whether off-road or on-road. Now add it to the word “GLE” you are talking about one of the most innovative SUV ever built by Mercedes.


For this review of luxury SUV test drive, we have chosen for you the new breed in Mercedes-Benz lineup the “Mercedes GLE”.

Mercedes-Benz is known to be one of the first ever to build a luxury SUV, previously known as the M Class, the GLE stands for what Mercedes Benz innovation and re-styling is all about.

To start our test drive, we headed down to Gargour Showroom – Mercedes Benz Dealership in Lebanon – to pick our SUV for a two-day test drive. At first glance you can clearly see what Mercedes have done to this vehicle, the name has surely change from the 18 years award winning vehicle the M Class, but that is not just it, there’s a completely new SUV waving for us and waiting to be test driven.

The looks on the exterior is slick; it has all the curves needed for that muscular look which car lovers strive for.
At the front you can evidently spot the overhauled upgrades with complete redesign in every inch; There’s a new bonnet, a new face and the headlights are just a killer coped with the latest Led technologies. Sliding your eyes across and just before reaching the back, this German masterpiece has all what is needed for that sportiness look. Wrapping it up perfectly at the rear with upgraded taillights and tailpipes for that contemporary look. We were stunned.

Test Drive mode on, we took the car for a long cruise into the mountainous roads of Lebanon; the journey was to die for. The cabin was so quite it almost felt like an S-Class, seated comfortably and listening to our favorite tunes was a blast with green scenery all around.

What would a person ask for more? Well with Mercedes there’s always more when it comes to luxury, elegance and technology: the nappa leather comfortable seats, the wood in dash, the technology, the spacious environment and much much more. To us the inside cabin is pure luxury on wheels.

On tarmac, the drive sensation was absolutely magnificent, this vehicle handles smoothly in on-road driving, you can barely hear the engine yet power corrupts and the engine light roaring keeps gashing in your head to push it more. Our ride is a GLE 400, it runs a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine generating 329-hp and 354-lb-ft of torque, so powerful and efficient that will surely make an impression on any car fanatic. The engine is coped with a nine speed state of the art automatic gear box which add more power, more efficiency and most importantly more comfort on gear change. The Mercedes-Benz GLE has a wide selection of engines to chose from: diesel, petrol and surprisingly hybrid and the most awaited is as usual the brutally powerful Mercedes-AMG GLE63 rated at 550 horsepower.

“Make the best of every ground” has become the official slogan for the SUV launch worldwide and in Lebanon, we want to take this to the letter. So to us what is an SUV if it can’t go off-road?

Well driving a Mercedes-Benz supped up with elegance and luxury is not your usual off-roading, rock crawling, mud crushing vehicle, nevertheless if you want it to be, it has all what it takes or so we were told. To prove this point, we took the GLE on a drive in the country side and test it its off-roading capabilities mated with the 4matic all-wheel drive.

On a muddy horse track and in light off-road terrain, it never failed to impress us. The suspension, the transmission, the power, the ground clearance and every tech put into this machine has a function.

To us, this was the wonder of German engineering.

If I want to summarize the GLE in one video scene, I would say when this vehicle is floating on roads, you feel like the music from Star Trek that accompanies the Enterprise when it moves from its dry dock in Space should be playing.

This re-invented Mercedes Benz has a sleek comfortable drive with utmost handling and responsiveness and fits seamlessly with any lifestyle, whether for a family trip on- or off- road, a sporty adventure with friends or just a comfortable driving experience around the city. It is elegant, spacious, and luxurious; it combines traditional classiness with a modern vibe.