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Official opening of the ARES Design Technical Centre in Modena

After just three full years of trading, ARES Design has taken ownership and developed a bespoke facility in Modena to design, develop, produce and handover coach-built limited-edition cars for clients from around the world.

The first six cars announced in this significant growth phase for ARES were presented to groups of global media, investors, clients and other friends of ARES. And the Modenese roads reverberated to the sounds of supercharged off-roaders, classic supercars with modern powertrains and the unmistakable resonance of a luxury GT.


The first six cars released in ARES’s fourth year of trading have all been developed, designed and constructed through a high-quality network of expert suppliers under instruction and guidance from ARES Design. But they all came ‘home’ in January for final quality sign-off and, where necessary, production completion at the ARES Design Technical Centre.

This new business model in the world of bespoke automotive production – where all projects begin and end at a dedicated global HQ – brings coach-building to a new level of quality, attention-to-detail, speed and cost-effectiveness.

Dany Bahar, CEO and co-founder of ARES Design, said: “Presenting our amazing new facility and 10 ARES projects either on the road, in-build or at concept phase and due for release later in 2018, was an incredibly proud moment for me and our shareholders. We believe we have found a sweet spot for bespoke automotive production: both in our location in Italy at the heart of the world of luxury cars, and in the market place for coach-building.

“Our technological advances and global headquarters allow for new levels of personalisation that deliver cars in weeks, not years at prices that respect our clients. We have seen great interest in our projects for 2018 and it was amazing to see our first cars take to the roads.”

The first six cars from the ARES Design Technical Centre:


ARES Design Coupe for the Bentley Mulsanne
Throughout the 20th century, one of the most popular marques for coach-builders was Bentley, so it’s perhaps fitting that ARES Design chose Bentley’s four-door Mulsanne as the basis for this spectacular recreation of a Bentley coupe. Using cutting-edge 21st-century techniques, the ARES Design Coupe for the Bentley Mulsanne is an exquisite coupe for the modern era, built in limited numbers for customers who appreciate Bentley style but would like a bespoke handcrafted creation.


ARES Corvette Stingray
Is there a more iconic American car than the Corvette Stingray? The first-generation Corvette was introduced in the 1950s but the historic Stingray moniker was unleashed the following decade. It is perhaps the most revered of all the Corvettes, and ARES Design’s brief was to thoroughly bring this 1964 Stingray up to date with modern performance, road manners and interior appointments as well as fully restoring the Corvette in the process. The finished product is the result of over 3500 hours of work and a stunning one-off creation that showcases the entire range of ARES Design’s capabilities.

ARES Design X-Raid
In a world that’s seemingly awash with huge 4x4s, there’s one example that’s stood the test of time better than most, Mercedes-Benz’s G-Class. It’s an indomitable machine equally at home on- or off-road and in its G63 form a devastating performer. ARES Design has used the G63 as the basis for its stunning reimagining of the luxury off-roader, the ARES Design X-Raid. It combines the undoubtable excellence of the G63 and its venerable twin-turbo 5.5-litre V8 with a unique take on the G-Class’s styling along with a luxurious complete revamp of the 4×4’s interior. With its stunning new lightweight suit and the performance and luxury to match, ARES Design’s X-Raid brings the G-Class thoroughly up to date with a level of style and sophistication that showcases the Modena-based company’s skill set to the full.


ARES Design Porsche 964 Targa
ARES Design has unleashed its reimagining of the classic Porsche 964. The car in question is a 1991 Carrera 2 Targa and while a casual glance might not give the game away, under its stunning bodywork and inside its cockpit it tells a different story – this is a 964 with a modern twist thanks to it incorporating finely honed components from a more contemporary Porsche, the 997 Carrera. ARES’s 964 Targa is a remarkable vehicle and a testament to the prowess and perseverance of its skilled technicians to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems to recreate a stunning car. All the good looks and undoubted style of the Porsche 964, yet packing all the latest technology from the 997.



ARES Design Land Rover Defender: supercharged and naturally-aspirated
When Land Rover launched its utilitarian 4×4 back in 1948 it can’t possibly have imagined that in 70 years’ time it would still have a dedicated following and an appeal that transcends social and geographical barriers. Everyone, it would seem, loves the Defender and the ARES Design Land Rover Defender is the ultimate expression of the 4×4, offering power, poise, luxury and panache in one dramatic package. It is a thoroughly re-engineered example of what can be achieved with a keen eye for design coupled with engineering excellence. ARES will build 53 examples of its Defender in a project in which it has teamed up with legendary Land Rover specialist JE Motor Works. The ARES Design Land Rover Defender is the finest example of the bespoke Defender off-roader on the road today and will come in both naturally aspirated and supercharged versions.


Classic Cars

1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva


Make : Land Rover
Model : Defender Minerva
Year : 1952

Owner : Nostalgia Classic Cars
Country : United Arab Emirates

Winner of Custom 4×4 Award at the 8th Emirates Classic Car Festival

After World War II, several countries started developing their military fleet, and with the rise of the automobile industry in the US, Land Rover found itself competing with Jeep to dominate the military vehicle segment.

The first prototype of Land Rover was built up over the summer of 1947 and had been completed by mid-October of that year. It was built on the chassis of a war surplus Jeep and had a 1389cc four-cylinder petrol engine from the contemporary Rover 10hp saloon car.

In 1952, Land Rover made its reputation in building military vehicle, thus LR was approached by Minerva, a Belgium automobile production company, to build military vehicles with custom specifications needed for the Belgium army. Land Rover was competing with Jeep for that contract and eventually was won by the British automaker. Both 80” and 86” models were made until production ended in 1956. Most were for military use, and very few were built for civilian use.

This specific 1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva is still almost at factory conditions and comes with left-hand drive specifications. The 2-door soft-top body type light weight military vehicle weighs in at almost 1820 kg and is a 4×4 part-time drive with rear permanent drive and front engaged manually in off-road conditions, it comes equipped with a 1997 cc engine displacement and capable of producing 52 hp and 137 Nm of Torque.


Automotive news In the News



Land Rover will mark its 70th anniversary with a series of events and celebrations in 2018, beginning with the restoration of the vehicle that started it all – one of the three pre-production Land Rovers shown at the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show launch. This gave the world its first glimpse of the shape that would become instantly recognisable as a Land Rover.

For years the whereabouts of this launch Land Rover was a mystery. The demonstration vehicle from the Amsterdam show was last on the road in the 1960s, after which it spent 20 years in a Welsh field before being bought as a restoration project; it then lay languishing unfinished in a garden. Following its surprise discovery just a few miles outside of Solihull, UK – where the car was first built – the experts at Jaguar Land Rover Classic spent months researching in company archives to unravel its ownership history and confirm its provenance.

The team behind the successful Land Rover Series I Reborn programme, which allows customers to own a slice of Land Rover history with meticulously restored Series Is, will now embark on their most challenging project yet: a year-long mission to preserve this historically significant prototype and enable it to be driven again.


Tim Hannig, Jaguar Land Rover Classic Director, said: “This Land Rover is an irreplaceable piece of world automotive history and is as historically important as ‘Huey’, the first pre-production Land Rover. Beginning its sympathetic restoration here at Classic Works, where we can ensure it’s put back together precisely as it’s meant to be, is a fitting way to start Land Rover’s 70th anniversary year.


“There is something charming about the fact that exactly 70 years ago this vehicle would have been undergoing its final adjustments before being prepared for the 1948 Amsterdam Motor Show launch – where the world first saw the shape that’s now immediately recognised as a Land Rover.”

The Jaguar Land Rover Classic team will follow a dedicated process to restore the launch vehicle, which has a lot of special features that are unique to the 48 pre-production Land Rovers that were produced prior to the mass production vehicles, such as thicker aluminium alloy body panels, a galvanised chassis and a removable rear tub. The patina of its components will be preserved, including the original Light Green paint applied in 1948.

Previous owners of this historic vehicle are being invited to Jaguar Land Rover’s Classic Works facility to share their experiences and to witness its loving restoration.

This landmark project, representing the earliest beginnings of the Land Rover story – which led to more than 67 years of continuous production of iconic Series I to Defender vehicles at Solihull – is the first in a series of stories and events that will celebrate the past, present and future of Land Rover throughout 2018.



Aftermarket News

Cooper Tire Announced as Official Tyre partner for Kahn Design

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd and Kahn Design are proud to announce the designation of Cooper as the first “Official Tyre” of Kahn Design.

Cooper will be the tyre of choice for a variety of Kahn’s coach-built vehicles, for which the Middle East is an important market, including its renowned range of coach built Flying Huntsman models, which are designed by the founder and Design Director of the Kahn Group himself; Afzal Kahn.

In addition, certain Chelsea Truck Company vehicles, also produced by the Kahn Group, will be fitted with Cooper’s acclaimed Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Sport tyres.


Already present in the Middle East, with retail partners in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Kahn Design’s bespoke creations are personalised to exact individual specifications to guarantee a completely unique vehicle. Whether exploring exciting outdoor adventures or cruising through the urban environment, Kahn design’s range of Chelsea Truck Company vehicles serve a wide range of purposes.

Eye-catching models such as the coach built Flying Huntsman 6X6 Pick Up and Flying Huntsman Longnose editions, Jeep Black Hawk edition, End Edition Defender and a plethora of Range Rover models have been snapped up by discerning buyers across the GCC and Lebanon.

This new partnership links Cooper’s passion for performance and off-road know-how with Kahn design’s design coach building and manufacturing expertise. Both brands share important core values – both are driven by success and are unrelenting in their quest for the highest quality performance.

Cooper Tire has a variety of tyres options available to meet the varying conditions of Middle East roads; the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport, which offers outstanding grip and handling, as well as the latest generation of its most popular off-road tyre, the Discoverer STT Pro which delivers serious traction, durability and treadwear.

Cooper Tire Europe Marketing Director Michiel Kramer said, “Choosing the correct tyre is vital so it is a massive endorsement of the quality of our products that the Kahn Group has hand-picked Cooper as its ideal choice of tyre. Cooper’s range of tyres is known for its exceptional grip, handling and braking, so this is a great platform for us to demonstrate our long-standing expertise in producing tyres that are designed to handle all surfaces, both on the open road and off road.”

With tyre needs from tough and functional to urban chic, Cooper was an ideal choice according to Kahn Group CEO, Afzal Kahn. “The reliability, safety and performance of Cooper tyres is extremely high, just the way we need it for our customers to have the best driving experience we can offer. Cooper tyres are a known quantity. They work well in all the conditions that Chelsea Truck Company customers usually come across both on the open road and off-road. Cooper has such a rich history, so the two companies linking up makes perfect sense.”