Classic Cars

1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva


Make : Land Rover
Model : Defender Minerva
Year : 1952

Owner : Nostalgia Classic Cars
Country : United Arab Emirates

Winner of Custom 4×4 Award at the 8th Emirates Classic Car Festival

After World War II, several countries started developing their military fleet, and with the rise of the automobile industry in the US, Land Rover found itself competing with Jeep to dominate the military vehicle segment.

The first prototype of Land Rover was built up over the summer of 1947 and had been completed by mid-October of that year. It was built on the chassis of a war surplus Jeep and had a 1389cc four-cylinder petrol engine from the contemporary Rover 10hp saloon car.

In 1952, Land Rover made its reputation in building military vehicle, thus LR was approached by Minerva, a Belgium automobile production company, to build military vehicles with custom specifications needed for the Belgium army. Land Rover was competing with Jeep for that contract and eventually was won by the British automaker. Both 80” and 86” models were made until production ended in 1956. Most were for military use, and very few were built for civilian use.

This specific 1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva is still almost at factory conditions and comes with left-hand drive specifications. The 2-door soft-top body type light weight military vehicle weighs in at almost 1820 kg and is a 4×4 part-time drive with rear permanent drive and front engaged manually in off-road conditions, it comes equipped with a 1997 cc engine displacement and capable of producing 52 hp and 137 Nm of Torque.