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INFINITI’s new Driver’s Guide app upgrades the driving experience

RYMCO, the official distributor of INFINITI cars in Lebanon, announces the release of the INFINITI Driver’s Guide, a new, free, mobile app supported by augmented reality (AR) technology, which completely transforms the experience of driving INFINITI cars.

INFINITI’s user-friendly Driver’s Guide helps customers gain an unprecedented understanding of their vehicles in real time, through three main features: 3D augmented reality, warning lights and messages, and a quick user guide.

Launching in two phases, phase one of the app will cover the Q50, QX50, Q30, and the QX30, while phase two will cover all remaining models. The app launch represents another step in INFINITI’s commitment to providing unrivalled customer service and is a testament to the brand’s ongoing efforts to connect with customers and exceed their expectations.


An in-depth look at the features:

The 3D augmented reality feature is designed to scan any button to instantly access more information and functionalities. The feature has the ability to communicate with the steering wheel, audio, air-conditioning, INFINITI control, drive mode, combination meter, TRIP-reset, multi-switch panel, center console buttons and the start and stop buttons.

The warning light explanation provides information on any light that appears in the vehicle. Should a warning light on the vehicle’s cockpit turn on, for example, a warning light signal will also appear on the app, allowing the driver to tap on it to access a detailed explanation.

And, finally, an electronic version of the Quick User Guide is available on the app, providing an overview of some of the most important vehicle features that all drivers should be aware of. Drivers can use this app to freely search for information by typing the keywords in the search bar provided.

“The Driver’s Guide will put all the information customers in Lebanon need at their fingertips, giving them full awareness of what their vehicles have to offer,” said Gaby Dib, INFINITI Sales Director at Rasamny Younis Motor Company (RYMCO) “It’s an integrated, advanced solution aimed to enhance every journey,” he added.

RYMCO encourages its INFINITI customers to download the free app, which is available in both English and Arabic on Google Play and the Apple Store. Once the app has been downloaded, customers can simply select their specific INFINITI model, to stay in sync with their cars, every step of the way.


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MG Motor launches iLink for the Middle East Market

MG Motor has introduced its innovative new iLink application to the Middle East market, making life easier for its growing number of customers. This smart phone application is the first in the Middle East to combine both dynamic and service features in one, providing users with a direct connection to their car. Key features allow users to monitor their driving history, receive service reminders, be alerted if their car is damaged, and track their vehicle.

The innovative smart application, which is compatible with all MG models, ensures peace of mind by reminding customers when a service is required. Users can track their vehicle using geo-location identification, helping owners if they misplace their vehicle in a car park or lend their vehicle to a friend. MG iLink is the only application in the market to offer punch sensor technology, which alerts the driver if their vehicle is damaged, whether it is parked or being driven by a friend or a valet driver.

Customers using MG iLink will also be able to step into a pre-cooled vehicle during the summer, using the application to turn on the engine, and consequently the air conditioning, in advance of getting into the car. During prolonged periods when the vehicle is not in use, the application can be used to schedule a time for the engine to be turned on for an hour every day.

The ‘driving history’ feature can also be used to monitor driving behaviour, customers will be able to use MG iLink to download a daily report which tracks how much fuel they have used over a particular period, the locations visited and fuel costs. By viewing the history of all driver’s customers can ensure everyone is driving safely and maximising fuel efficiency.


Commenting on the new application, Tom Lee, Managing Director, SAIC Motor Middle East said: “MG iLink is being launched specifically for the Middle East market. The application, which aims to ease life and provide peace of mind for our customers, features pioneering technology that highlights MG Motor’s commitment to being at the forefront of technology and innovation within the car industry.”

Since its acquisition of MG Motor, SAIC MOTOR, as a Global Top 500 company, has opened a new chapter for this British-born brand. Earlier this year, MG Motor introduced two SUV models to its new generation line up in the Middle East, the MG RX5 compact SUV and the MG ZS SUV, to complement its existing MG GS and MG 360 models.

ilink MG Motor App - Arab Motor World




Now you can take your McLaren with you everywhere thanks to the brand’s new automotive mobile app, which puts the whole world of the British sportscar and supercar maker in your pocket or purse.


The new McLaren mobile app, for Apple and Android smart phones, opens the door to McLaren Automotive with fingertip ease, capturing all the excitement and passion of the brand along the way.

As well as the latest McLaren content, users can view future McLaren events and book driving, motorsport and lifestyle experiences and see Mclaren Automotive’s content curated from across its social media channels.

The app provides access to owner manuals for each current model in the Sports Series and SuperSeries, in PDF form, available in a range of languages that can be downloaded from the app.

The new McLaren mobile app also offers users a range of ways to learn about, share in and become part of McLaren Automotive’s activities. The latest news and videos are sent straight to your phone and users can tailor the feed can to see the channel(s)they are most interested in.

There is a tutorial to show how easy it is to get the best from each area of the McLaren mobile app. And downloading and registering for the app is just as straightforward: if you are already registered with McLaren Automotive, look out for an email with a personal QR code – just scanning it with a phone will automatically fill in your details.  Alternatively, search “McLaren Automotive” in  the Apple App Store  or Google Play Store for further information.


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Land Rover Releases New 5.0 Version of its Renowned Off-Roading Social Mobile Application


Land Rover has just released a new version of its renowned off-roading mobile app, Ardhi. The 5.0 version comes with newly added features, a revamped design and a new user friendly interface, in line with the latest mobile trends to uplift off-roaders’ experience while tracking and sharing uncharted routes.

Since its launch in Dec 2015, the application had more than 83,000 downloads, with over 650 active users during the past two months. The mobile app has been used to trace more than 3,300 paths around the region over the last 2 years.

Commenting on the release of the new 5.0 Ardhi Mobile App, Jaguar Land Rover Brand Director Hannah Naji said:


Since its launch in 2015, the Ardhi Mobile App has proved extremely successful among the off-road enthusiasts in the reign. We are excited now to announce the release of the updated 5.0 version which is a valuable tool to help all adventurers, whether experts or amateurs to explore and enjoy the region’s rich and diverse terrain.”

With smart phone penetration in the GCC amongst the highest in the world, premium SUV manufacturer Land Rover has combined its off-roading heritage and passion for innovation to create one of the first and most advanced social mobile application for off-road enthusiasts. The app, known simply as ‘Ardhi in Arabic’ or ‘MYLAND, has been designed as an essential tool for regional off-roaders of any level to chart, save and share their off-roading adventures.


The 5.0 Ardhi Mobile App now comes with a whole host of new genuinely useful, engaging and fun features that set it apart from anything else on the market, and allows you to:

  • Map and share your adventures with the world
  • Pre-plan your trips form the convenience of your home, before going on an off-road adventure
  • Create your own path from scratch or uploaded paths from other navigation device or simply choose existing off-roading paths
  • Import and export paths in GPX and KML formats, mainly for users using any other navigation devices
  • Join and interact with a growing community of local off-roaders, follow their news, like and comment on their latest adventures
  • Record your path without using the internet
  • Manage your phone battery consumption for longer past recording
  • Use the SOS function at moments of inconvenience to get help from fellow Ardhi off-roaders
  • Send SMS to off-roaders around you in case of internet connection issues
  • Retrace and share your steps as you conquer Your Land, or take on paths created by other Ardhi users

The new Ardhi 5.0 Mobile App is part of Land Rover’s continuously evolving MYLAND regional creative communications platform, which celebrates the impact that Arab culture has had on today’s modern society. Launched in 2014, MYLAND (‘Ardhi’ in Arabic) captures stories and unique content from a whole host of sources including Land Rover’s ‘Calligraphy Project’ film and installations, the ‘My Journey, My Inspiration’ film series as well as user generated tips, videos and photos. It also hosts the creative output from Land Rover’s collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment.

The Land Rover 5.0 Ardhi app is available to download now from Apple App Store for iOS smart Phones and from Google Play store for Android smart phones, and a handy video guide is also available to help users get started: Ardhi App YouTube. To find out more about the application, please visit the app’s new website.