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Royal Enfield 650 Twins launched in the UAE


Following an enthusiastic reception from the world’s press at the recent global launch of all-new Continental GT 650 Twin and Interceptor INT 650 Twin mid-sized motorcycles, its recent European launch at EICMA 2018 and following the launch at the Melbourne Moto Expo, Royal Enfield is delighted to bring the full-production versions of the motorcycles to riding enthusiasts in the UAE.
The Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 will be on display at the Royal Enfield exclusive store and dealerships in Dubai starting February 2019 and booking will begin from January 15, 2019. The Royal Enfield Twins 650 motorcycles will come with a 3-year warranty and Roadside Assistance service. These motorcycles will also come with a wide range of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories that will have a 2-year warranty.

Addressing the press conference at the Royal Enfield exclusive showroom in Dubai, Mr. Arun Gopal, Head- Business Markets – Europe Union (EU) and Latin America, said, “The UAE is amongst the first ten markets where the Royal Enfield 650 Twins have been launched and we are extremely thrilled to bring these accessible, evocative and fun motorcycles here. Royal Enfield continues to invest in the market potential of the UAE which has seen an increasing demand for classically- styled motorcycles which provide pure motorcycling joy. Now with the launch of the Royal Enfield 650 Twins, riders can have all more fun on city roads and on highways alike.”
Launched here today, these motorcycles are priced AED 19,999 onwards for the Interceptor INT 650, and AED20,399 onwards for the Continental GT 650, for the Standard colourways, making these motorcycles a perfect blend of authentic appeal, contemporary fun ride experience, and accessibility. It was in 2015 that Royal Enfield opened its first exclusive store in Dubai and showcased its entire motorcycle, apparel and genuine motorcycle accessories range.

Royal Enfield partnered with RK Globals’ subsidiary – Avanti Automobile Trading. RK Globals, established in 2004, are the importers, distributors & retailers of automobiles and automobile components with over 15 years of experience in creating markets for leading motorcycle manufacturers. They are also the distributors of several global automobile brands in the light and heavy commercial vehicle segment. Located in Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Dubai, the 2000 sq. ft full service store is designed as per Royal Enfield’s brand new retail format that showcases the brand’s philosophy of “Pure Motorcycling” in every aspect of the Royal Enfield ownership experience.


The UAE is now amongst the first ten markets where the Royal Enfield 650 Twins motorcycles have been launched. The Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 have been developed after tens of thousands of kilometers of road and track testing on parts, aggregates and motorcycles, the production motorcycles are now rolling off the line and ready to be shipped across International markets in a phased manner as part of the marque’s global expansion programme.

Image1-RoyalEnfield_Continental GT 650 CC

Commenting on the retail launch of the Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental GT 650 in the UAE, Mr. Arun Gopal, Head- Business Markets – Europe Union (EU) and Latin America said, “We’ve been on an exciting journey for over a decade in the International markets and believe that we are excellently poised to grow the mid-weight motorcycling segment globally. We have invested in our capabilities, and in building an ecosystem of pure motorcycling lifestyle through gear and apparel, events and other new formats. The launch of the 650 Twin motorcycles adds many more miles to this journey, and is the perfect opportunity to further our ambition of growing the leisure motorcycling market across the world. Keeping these motorcycles accessible is a key objective for us to bring in new people to the Royal Enfield way of pure motorcycling lifestyle. We strongly believe that the 650 Twins will be an attractive, evocative motorcycle for our customers in the UAE.”
At the heart of every Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 Twin and Interceptor INT 650 Twin, however, is the built-in fun factor provided by each model’s special combination of an agile chassis (developed at the marque’s UK Technology Centre with legendary sports motorcycle frame builder Harris Performance) and a simple but state-of-the-art air-cooled, 650cc engine producing a punchy yet user-friendly 47 horsepower.

In addition to emitting a gorgeous exhaust note, the engine offers ample pulling power across wide RPM range to make the motorcycle unfussy to ride in urban traffic and exhilarating on the open road – meaning the Continental GT 650 and Interceptor INT 650 offer the perfect motorcycling package for both experienced and novice owners across daily rides and longer excursions.

The Continental GT 650 will appeal especially to sportier riders with its optional single seat, sculpted fuel tank, rearset footrests and race-style clip-on handlebars, all of which have been ergonomically designed to remain comfortable in the city, on the highway or on the twisting back roads where the motorcycle really comes alive.

The Interceptor INT 650, on the other hand, harks back to Royal Enfield’s 1960s twins through its teardrop tank with traditional knee recesses, comfortable, quilted dual seat and wide, braced handlebars reminiscent of the street scrambler style that emerged in ’60s California. Its comfortable and commanding riding position make the Interceptor both fun and practical on all types of terrain, from curving coastal roads to the urban jungle, for eading out of town two-up or for cruising down to the beach.



Second Ducati-Locman watch collection presented at Pitti Immagine

Like last year, Ducati and Locman – the watch-maker based on the Island of Elba (Tuscany, Italy) – will be together at Pitti Immagine to present the latest line of unique, high-tech sports watches for those with a passion for Italian flair and motorcycles.
For the launch of this second series the two Italian companies’ style centres have teamed up to create watches that embody their hallmarks: competitive spirit, cutting-edge technology and a passion for design.


The latest Locman Ducati collection consists of four models, each with a different mechanism, with prices ranging from €299 to €598: the quartz Solo Tempo (Time Only), the quartz twin-gauge Chronograph (with 24-hour time and chrono minutes), the three-gauge Chronograph (with continuous watch seconds, chrono hours and chrono minutes) and the Meccanico Automatico Solo Tempo (Mechanical Self-Winding Time Only).


All models feature a circular design, giving the watch dynamism and lightness. The case, which has a diameter of 42 mm, is made of brushed 316L surgical stainless steel with polished bezel and pushbuttons. The screw-down crown features the Ducati shield and has a dual internal silicone seal to improve waterproofing. The face, surrounded by a rehault marking out the minutes, takes its cue from Ducati instrumentation and the racing world, the coloured band highlighting the first 15 minutes. Straps are available in soft hypoallergenic silicone or natural padded leather with high-contrast stitching.


In short: a collection characterised by outstanding technological content that is immediately available in Italy and Japan, in Locman boutiques, in all the best jewellery stores, in selected Ducati Stores and internationally through


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The Girls of EICMA 2018 Motorcycle Show


Show : EICMA
Year : 2018

Country : Italy
Models : Girls of EICMA Motorcycle Show

Every November, Motorcycle fans are on a date with one of the most exciting motorcycles show in the world “EICMA” and this year EICMA 2018 was no different. EICMA is an annual motorcycle show held in Italy every year and brings you the latest releases in the motorcycle industry.

However, not all visitors are just interested in motorcycles. Many go as well for the action that copes with the show from motocross to stunts and much more. And a lot goes for the hottest girls in Italy.

Nothing beats the killer combination of Girls and Motorcycles and EICMA 2018 holds the most daring and beautiful motorcycles with the most gorgeous girls.

Arab Motor World is present in every motor show and is always ready to bring you the hottest girls and hostesses that give an exciting flair to every show.

EICMA 2018 is not far from our reach and we were present there to bring the amazing photos of the hottest models of EICMA 2018.

We have visited several motorcycles stands and got the chance to interact with these lovely ladies.

Honda Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Barracuda accessories, Yamaha Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, Vespa, Piaggio, KTM, Harley Davidson, Ducati, MV Agusta and all other brands brought in their hottest models on both side motorcycles and girls for the EICMA 2018 Motorcycle Show.

And not just that, the motorcycles and girls were setup to meet every motorcycle lifestyle from Motocross, to Moto GP, Speed bikes, cruisers, scooters and so much more.

To wrap it up, EICMA 2018 is the best place to be if you are a motorcycle fanatic where you will enjoy great motorcycles, adrenaline pumping 2-wheels action, trendiest accessories and off course the hottest hostesses, and the prettiest girls on motorcycles.

Arab Motor World will be there next year to bring you more for this section of heels on wheels.



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SEMA Show 2018 Motorcycles and Crazy Stuff

SEMA Show 2018 is not just a show about Tuned and Muscle Cars or lifted trucks and 4×4. SEMA Show 2018 is a show about creativity, talents, skills and amazing products.

After covering the best of the best from Tuned Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, trucks, 4×4, off-roading, classic trucks and cars and even the babes of SEMA Show 2018, I think SEMA also deserves a quick tour around what was happening and the crazy motorcycles that were on display throughout the show days in Las Vegas.


Lots of crazy activations and events were taking place inside and outside of SEMA Show halls that even if you plan it you can not cover it all.

From Celebrities appearances such as Jay Leno and Chip Foose to Music Bands and entertaining shows and most importantly the drift action and the 4×4 experiences by Kia, Continental Tires and Ford. And off-course one tent with a small arena full of crazy people the Hoonigans.

Beside the activations there was some crazy stuff displayed here and there such as out of this word trucks and supped up muscle cars with blowers higher that the roof at Hot Wheels Stand, strass covered engines, biggest turbos in the world, biggest sub-woofer, Nissan Cars setup with a DJ set, JBL fully loaded subwoofer trunks and so much more.

Two main items deserve our attention the e-Coppo first electrical Drag race Camaro by Chevrolet and the Dodge from Fast and Furious.

Dropping all that and entering a new world of customization under the name of Motorcycles and this is where the real deal begins with lowered bikes, air brushing, crazy colors with chrome, custom chopper and so much more.

This is the last article from a series of articles covering the SEMA Show 2018, we hope you enjoyed our tour and see you next year in Las Vegas for the craziest show on earth.


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A.N. Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup Stage 2 Ehden Street Challenge!

A.N. Boukather Motorcycles organized the 2nd stage of the Enduro Cup introducing for the 1st time in the Middle East and at the heart of Al Midan Ehden, a one of a kind street challenge exclusively for KTM riders, under the patronage of Zgharta-Ehden Municipality.

With the support of TOTAL Liban, Ehden Spirit, Commercial Insurance, Zgharta Traders Association and Rotoract Club of Zgharta Zawie, this event became promptly the biggest motorcycles’ race done in Lebanon.

Within a unique atmosphere, cheers of more than 4,000 attendees, 26 participants competed with pure sportsmanship within the closed streets of Ehden while climbing stairs and surpassing obstacles on the roads making it a pure “Ready to race” experience for the riders and the crowd!


The race was divided into 4 categories: Veteran, Advanced, Clubmen, and Junior.

Mr. Anthony Boukather, CEO of A.N. Boukather said: “We are delighted this time to assure for passionate riders a new kind of race and terrain, challenging their talent within a closed and safe area, allowing them to enjoy their passion safely and wisely on a track designed with expertise and high standards of security measures. We are pleased to share this momentum done for the 1st time in the Middle East with Zgharta- Ehden Municipality who happens to believe and share with us our values of Safety, Solidarity and Social Responsibility. In fact, for this occasion, all residents of Zgharta-Ehden will earn a special discount on safety apparel & accessories at all our ANB Motorcycles’ showrooms.”

A.N.Boukather Motorcycles Enduro Cup Stage 2 set a new level for the motorcycles’ racing experience in Lebanon and delivered once again a memorable Enduro experience making us wonder what kind of race is happening next!


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A.N. Boukather Motorcycles 390 Cup Stage 1

A.N. Boukather Motorcycles organized the 1st stage of the 390 Cup at Pit Stop track Zouk Mosbeh, with the support of TOTAL and Commercial Insurance and in tribute to late ANB Motorcycles club member Jean Azar.

With the exceptional organization, safe track and expertise, this cup has been highly awaited and demanded by riders and none riders in Lebanon.

Within the outstanding atmosphere and cheers of a supportive and excited crowd, 14 participants competed with genuine traits of sportsmanship and professionalism.


The race was divided into two categories clubmen and advanced where KTM riders dominated the podium!

Mr. Anthony Boukather, CEO of A.N. Boukather said: “It is always our pleasure and duty to provide passionate riders with a safe and professional competition allowing them to race on track rather than on the streets, and therefore make their talent grow properly, securely and with a team driven by expertise and high standards of safety measures.”

A.N.Boukather Motorcycles 390 Cup repositioned the motorcycles’ cups in Lebanon.  It highlighted again the culture of riding as a sport, by bringing together motorcyclists in a challenging yet professional competition on track. A.N.Boukather Motorcycles offered an unforgettable “Ready to Race” experience making us impatiently wait for the remaining stages of this season!


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Harley-Davidson® and Jeep® renew their partnership for 2018

Jeep Harley

Harley-Davidson® and Jeep® have renewed and strengthened their European partnership for the fifth consecutive year. Under the arrangement, the Jeep brand will remain a key partner and official sponsor of major Harley-Davidson events and rallies throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Brands don’t come much more iconic than either Harley-Davidson or Jeep. Each boasts a long and fabled history played out on the world stage. And today both produce vehicles that encapsulate the very essence of freedom and the spirit of adventure.


Building on the success of the last four years, Jeep will have a larger presence at three major Harley-Davidson European events: Euro Festival in Saint-Tropez, France (7-10 June), the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson in Prague, Czech Republic (5-8 July) and European Bike Week™ in Faaker See, Austria (4-9 September).

Jeep will also attend other Harley-Davidson events in the year including Africa Bike Week™ in South Africa (26-29 April), the Tuscany Rally in Italy (25-27 May) and the Thunder in The Glens event in Aviemore, Scotland (24-27 August). In addition, Jeep will showcase vehicles at local events across the EMEA region.

Event visitors will be given the opportunity to get up close and personal – and test drive – the entire Jeep line-up. The special guest at each major event will be one of the new products that will enhance the Jeep range this year, including the all-new Wrangler. All will be available for exciting test drives on and off-road. The full 2018 range of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, including the all-new Softail® models, will be on display and available for test ride at all events.

Jeep Harley

There will also be a strong Jeep dealer presence to handle enquiries, a terrace ‘chill out’ area, an exciting zip line experience and a Mopar® expo area where the public will be able to admire the latest Jeep models. This will include the iconic Wrangler equipped with Mopar Original Accessories created to enhance its look, functionality and off-road capabilities. Here visitors will also receive information on Mopar products and services, as well as on the endless possibilities of customizing their Jeep vehicles.

Visitors can ‘shop-till-they-drop’ and will be able to purchase Jeep and Harley-Davidson merchandise from the official outlet stores on site, while H.O.G members can also take advantage of a limited offer with preferential rates to purchase new Jeep vehicles. All events will be complemented by strong digital, social media and print exposure for the Jeep brand across all of Harley-Davidson’s channels.

The reinforced relationship builds on the core values the two brands share: freedom, adventure, and a passion for the open road, with all of the experiences it brings. Both produce vehicles that encapsulate the very essence of freedom and the spirit of adventure and allow customers to live out their individuality in a strong and distinctive way. Owners of the two brands also share something very special – a sense of belonging that often translates into highly customised vehicles that reflect their owners’ creativity and personality.

To further underline the expertise of both brands for personalisation, a special promotion called ‘Custom Cousins’ has been launched and will feature on J.O.G. and H.O.G. social channels. The contest will see the two communities engaged in submitting entries and voting for the best customised Wranglers.

The contest will crown three ‘best of the best’ Wrangler personalisations, with owners winning a trip to the Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary celebrations in Prague to take part in the on-site expo activities. Among H.O.G. members that have been voting in the contest, 10 winners will be awarded tickets to the Jeep Owners Group’s most important annual event – Camp Jeep – taking place at the Red Bull Ring in Austria on July 13-15.


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ANB Motorcycles Club Annual Bikers Night

In the presence of the Worldwide Stunt rider Rok Bagoros & KTM Dakar Rider Benjamin Melot, ANB Motorcycles Club celebrated outstandingly the 2nd edition of the Annual Bikers Night at the heart of AHM Club, Beirut Waterfront.

Along the sensational performance of singer Ingrid Naccour, dance choreography of no other than Pierre Khadra, the exquisite riding of Benjamin Melot and the thrilling live stunt show of Rok Bagoros, a wide community of passionate riders witnessed a sensational unveil of 5 new bikes from Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Vespa and KTM for the 1st time in the region. Live draws, open premium bar and nothing than positive vibes and genuine smiles marked the whole night.


Not only did riders attend the party but they had access to a unique weekend with ANB Motorcycles’ guest stars, Bagoros and Melot, to benefit from their expertise in a stunt, enduro and trail riding school.

Mr. Anthony Boukather, CEO of ANBoukather Holding said: “this night is celebrated every year as the number of riders is increasing. We started by selling 3 bikes in 2009 and last year the company sold 1000 bikes. It is a pleasure to be able to reunite all bikers in Lebanon in one night to reinforce friendships and embrace our common values of safety, solidarity and social responsibility that we truly focus on.”

The Annual Bikers Night set a whole new level of expectations and standards for the motorcycles segment in Lebanon. With the launch of 5 new bikes fulfilling the riding pleasure of each passionate rider, the season looks excitingly promising!



Breitling and Norton Motorcycles: Two global lifestyle brands announce partnership



Swiss watch brand Breitling has announced a partnership with English motorcycle producer Norton Motorcycles that will lead to the creation of some unique common products or features. They will be inspired by the brands’ compelling and intriguingly similar historic timelines, and will even include some of the materials used in Norton Motorcycles’ legendary high-performance bikes.

The partners are an ideal match. Both Breitling and Norton Motorcycles are brands with a strong heritage, founded in the nineteenth century by visionaries who gave their names to their companies and, to a large extent, defined their industries. When James Lansdowne Norton founded his company – a manufacturer of “fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade” – in 1898 and produced his first motorcycles in 1902, Léon Breitling had already been making watches in the Swiss Jura mountains for more than a decade.

The two long-established brands have incredible histories. Breitling has, for the better part of a century, been renowned for its strong link with aviation and its pioneering role in the development of chronographs. Norton Motorcycles has long been regarded as the British motorcycle manufacturer, and its bikes have distinguished themselves both on and off the racetrack.

Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO since the summer of 2017, says that his brand’s parallels with Norton Motorcycles are striking. “Both companies are innovative and entrepreneurial,” he says, “and have powerful legacies. At the same time, we are looking ahead toward what we at Breitling call ‘our legendary future’.”

Stuart Garner, who bought Norton Motorcycles in 2008 and has driven its extraordinary revival, agrees, saying, “I’ve always said that the key to a company’s success is to let the brand be the brand. This has been essential both at Norton Motorcycles and Breitling. We haven’t tried to change the nature of our brands or deny their histories. In fact, we revel in those histories and take inspiration from them while focusing on the future.”

Georges Kern is convinced that the passionate fan bases at Breitling and Norton Motorcycles will overlap. He says, “Both companies have reputations for products with an incredible ‘cool factor.’ It’s easy to imagine someone riding by on a Norton motorcycle wearing a classic Breitling – a perfect combination of aspirational, statement-making brands.”

The new watches will incorporate DNA elements from both brands, offering wristwatch and motorcycle fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express their individuality by flying – at once – the colors of an emphatically Swiss watchmaker and the ultimate “British-made” motorcycle manufacturer.