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Adventure in Austria onboard the new Jeep Wrangler 2019

The adventure with Jeep began about 77 years ago and continued over the years evolving to become the synonym of adventure, freedom, and authenticity.

We are all familiar with the legendary Jeep Wrangler and classify it as King of off-roading, however, the all-New Jeep Wrangler is a whole new story or should I say a whole new chapter in the book of Jeep’s adventure tales.


The new Jeep Chapter starts with our story seeking adventure and entertainment and what would be a better choice for such experience other than Camp Jeep’s location in the wild forest of Austria?

We landed in Austria around noon time and were truly exhausted from the overnight flight, the journey began as we moved from the airport towards Camp Jeep’s location. Once off the highway, the roads started to get narrower and the tire marks on the muddy roadsides started to get bigger reciting the Jeepers’ tale from the night before, our hearts started to beat faster as the adrenaline rushed into our veins with every sign we pass along the way as we came closer to the camp.

Our driver dropped us at the gate, the huge sign said “Welcome to Jeep Camp”, and just like a kid coming home from school on that first day of vacation, I threw out my luggage and took my camera and strolled among the all-new Jeep Wrangler models parked inside the camp. Gazing around, I was thrilled to come across a magnificent heavily modified Mopar Jeep with 707 horsepower and more importantly going through a trip back in time in the history corner with the 1941 Willis and other historical milestone vehicles by the American Manufacturer Jeep.

Our joy didn’t last much as we were informed that driving the New Jeep Wrangler will be taking place on the next day. So as soon as we returned to our hotel and without any hesitation, I jumped into my world of dreams fast forwarding the hours to the next day. At first sight of sunrise, I was the first one to be on set and ready for the new Jeep Wrangler adventure in the forest of Austria.

But first, I couldn’t but mention the beautiful mountainous view in the morning with the golden sunrise reflecting a must-have painting on the exterior of the new wrangler.

At first glance, the exterior of the all-new Wrangler has kept the authenticity of the Wrangler’s iconic designs with the round headlights and the instantly recognizable seven slots grill however with a closer look and for those who are Wrangler freaks, the difference is noticeable. The Jeep Wrangler is now bolder, sportier and most importantly still screams wrangler in its iconic design.

Perhaps the most important change in the new Jeep Wrangler is the twist in functionalities, especially that now you can alter its shape easier and faster with the adoption of new hinges for doors and roof panels.

You can not start an adventure without removing the doors, windshields and roof panels, the doors come now with lightweight aluminum and can be easily removed with the new hinges screws, the windshield can be folded as easy as it comes with the fact that you can keep the rearview mirror useable after removing the windshield, the roof panels especially the rear ones are now one click away from total freedom.

Now that the exterior is set, converted and ready for adventure, we started packing the needed tools and equipment for the adventure. The All-New Wrangler 2019 has now a wide variety of smart storage solutions in door panels nets, new locations for cup holders, several phone storage locations, under-floor storage and places you won’t even believe it can be used to hide stuff or keep it safe when roof panels are up, what I liked personally and was really handy is the presence of the Screws and bolts organizer where I got a safe place to store and organize all the screws that I removed when unboxing my wrangler.

Having said that and now ready for the roads, one thing comes to our mind: we are now on our way to hit the dirt, mud, rocks, water and whatever nature throws in our way so we need to be ready to receive some mud, sand, and water inside the cabin, and since now the interior cabin is more advanced in technology with the new Uconnect infotainment system bragging its capabilities on the 8.4 inch screen and also with the adoption  of high-quality finishes materials, will you be able to enjoy it to the max without worrying about the aftermath? Well, Wrangler’s engineers added a final touch to protect the cabin’s high-quality materials with fully washable interior and a protective rubber cover for the information and entertainment system screen, so now nothing can stop us.

Let the adventure begin on aboard the New Jeep Wrangler with the Engine Start button first appearance on a wrangler and off we go. We started our journey on some paved roads and here you can clearly notice the driving sensation from the previous generation, the cabin is much quieter and the driving is much softer. However, the test drive is for the off-roading capabilities, we already knew what we were in for but nevertheless we had to go for it: mud, rocks, trees, dirt, water, wind and fire and all the elements of nature couldn’t stop us from having fun, laughter, adventure, and freedom. The mechanical capabilities of the New Wrangler are no different from the previous generation with the PentaStar V6 3.6-liter engine setup with off-roading systems capable of overcoming any obstacle. Additionally, the new wrangler came equipped with an electronic front swing bar for more flexibility especially on sandy dunes and rocks.

The result is that the All-New Jeep Wrangler 2019 is more than ever capable of delivering both joys of improved on-road calmer experience and off-road rugged driving with a more modern design that remains authentic to it true origins equipped with outdoor freedom, advanced safety, and technological features.



Events Coverage

The Best SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018

America Loves Its Trucks so do we. As soon as you enter the SEMA Show 2018 premises and while still at the parking you cannot but notice the huge lineup of trucks and more just waiting for you to drool over it. Here are the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.

The lineup on the outdoor area spreads across all the halls of SEMA and that is one large huge space, you start warming up with some customized Jeep Wranglers some with striking colors, some with striking looks and another with extreme customization like Jeep Pickup or even Jeep Limousine. As you move forward the bigger trucks start to appear with Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet lifted up and way I say lifted up it is way up –first floor height up- and moving on you start enjoying the various LED colors used as under car or should I say under truck neon giving that extra flair to those amazingly displayed trucks.


This is our third article in the SEMA Show series and still gives us the shivers when we talk about SEMA and more importantly about the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.

And if you think this is it, wait till you enter the inside halls well for the Truck of SEMA Show 2018 there’s more than one, the upper hall and the lower hall where you get the change to enjoy the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018 and more importantly you get the chance to meet the customizers, check out the new products and the latest trends in 4×4 customization and even in classic trucks lowering, rat rodding and more, and probably one of the best customizers in the business of Hot rods and Muscle Cars crowned the Trucks of SEMA Show 2018 with its customized blazer Chevrolet the Ringbrothers and also Hurst joined the game of supping up some 4×4.

We leave you to enjoy our best selection of photos and exclusive shots for Arab Motor World from the Best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.


Heels & Wheels

Storm chaser – Beauty of the Desert

Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-02

Vehicle : Storm Chaser
Model : Jeep Wrangler
Year : 2014

Models : Unknown
Country : Somewhere in the Desert

Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-01
Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-00




Range Rover Classic Off-Roading through the snow


Image Credit: Lebanon

Make : Land Rover
Model : Range Rover
Year : 1992

Owner : Alain Chahine
Country : Lebanon

Engine & Performance

  • At Stock: 3.9L
  • Engine Modifications: 4.6L
  • Differential: ARB Front and Rear Air Lockers
  • Ashcroft 4.7 Ring and Pinions
  • Ashcroft CV and Shafts


  • Suspension: Terrafirma Suspension 

Wheels and Tires

  • Wheels: BeadLock 10”
  • Tires: 36” Irok


  • Front and Rear Reinforced Bumpers
  • Roof Racks
  • 13000 Lb Electric Winch


Test Driven

A Snow retreat onboard the upgraded 2018 Nissan X-Trail

For this weekend drive and before winter was over and the snow melts down, we wanted to go on our yearly snow retreat. It was time to hit the snowy ski slopes of the Cedars mountains in Lebanon. For the occasion, we wanted a family SUV, young in its spirit and capable in its features to deliver fun and safety throughout this long driving journey of snow, light off-roading and adventure.

We have chosen the 2018 upgraded Nissan X-Trail, although we have previously driven this SUV in its regional launch event a few months back however we wanted to put it to the real test and see it in action.


The New 2018 Nissan X-Trail has undergone several major upgrades on its exterior to give it a more robust design while still maintaining its sculpted and muscular styling. The “V-motion’ grille extends further downwards for a much more aggressive look coped with a redesign of the bumper underneath. From the sides, the major change is the addition of chrome side moulding across the base of the two doors creating a more luxurious yet sporty appeal on the X-Trail profile. Moving to the back of the car, the totally re-designed rear view is a sight to see, with chrome integration and rear lamp signature which are now full LED gives the X-Trail a more athletic design. On the roads, the 2018 Nissan X-Trail perfectly reflects its identity of a forceful family SUV.


Kids in the back, ski gears and needed luggage for the weekend stored perfectly and we are ready to go. During long trips, families face two major issues: at first, prolonged driving distance can cause discomfort for the driver and the front row passenger, however with the spacious five-seater we were driving on city streets, highways and curvy bumpy mountainous roads seated comfortably throughout the whole journey as the new Nissan X-Trail comes equipped with the fatigue-reducing Zero Gravity front seats, secondly kids in the back can be a real source of discomfort in those long trips, once more the Nissan X-Trail solved the issue with its 2nd row seats that slides and reclines, providing Easy Flex Seating so the rear passengers can enjoy a comfortable sitting setup with enough leg room for everybody and yet still have enough cargo space for the stuff we threw in the trunk, noting that the New Nissan X-Trail has also increased its cargo capacity from the previous model.

As the trip progresses, we were having fun enjoying our choice of music through Bluetooth connectivity. Reaching the mountains and as the weather started to change, a light fog carpet was covering the roads, this is where the new shaped rectangular fog lights and the full LED lamps with wider high beam pattern on the new Nissan X-TRAIL came in handy for a better visibility and enhanced road safety.

Depending on your choice of available trims (X-Trail S, X-Trail SV, X-Trail SL), the new SUV comes loaded with safety and technology features that amplify Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility philosophy and provide Intelligent Power, Intelligent Driving and Intelligent Integration to increase a driver’s confidence and trust in their new Nissan X-TRAIL. Some of these features are included in the X-Trail for the first time such as Intelligent Rear View Mirror, Intelligent Emergency Brakes, Intelligent Cruise Control, opening panoramic sunroof, leather upholstery, privacy glass, dual-zone automatic air-conditioning, roof rails, Intelligent Around View Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Blind Spot Warning technology, Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Trace Control, Nissan’s Hill Start Assist (HAS), Anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution and stability control and much more.


On the drivability level, the 2018 Nissan X-Trail comes equipped with a 2.5L 4-Cylinder engine coped with an CVT XTronic automatic transmission producing 170 horsepower. Our vehicle came equipped with 4-WD using the Intelligent 4×4 system that is responsive and adapts to roads’ changing conditions. We took the 2018 X-Trail on various types of gravel, mud, snow and anything you can think of and the SUV performed perfectly and was capable of overcoming any surface that we crawled on. We had a blast splashing it through water, muddy pools and most importantly snow.

Other new upgrades were also part of the 2018 Nissan X-Trail that makes an impression on every driver upon door entry, I personally liked the new steering wheel which is now higher on the top part and D-shaped on the lower part for a sportier look and feel and at the same time is more functional when it comes to viewing the dashboard meters and in exit and entry of the SUV. In addition to the newly used materials and design of leather, gloss black and more for a higher-quality ambiance and increased refinement of the inside cabin.

The 2018 new Nissan X-TRAIL is a spacious five or seven-seat crossover designed for young families and adventure-lovers seeking a more premium style and refined driving experience. I Know because I tried it.


Automotive news In the News

RAM and MOPAR Customize the All-new 2019 Ram 1500 at Chicago Auto Show

The Ram Truck and Mopar brands teamed up at the Chicago Auto Show (CAS) to debut an outdoor-sport-themed 2019 Ram 1500 modified with a selection of the more than 200 Mopar parts and accessories available for the all-new truck.

The customized show truck highlights the large menu of Mopar products, created through thousands of hours of testing and validation, available for the all-new Ram 1500. The fit, finish and function of all Mopar parts and accessories were developed in close concert with Ram Truck engineers and designers to harmonize with the all-new Ram.

“At the Chicago Auto Show, Mopar is showcasing the art of the possible when it comes to accessorizing the all-new Ram 1500,” said Pietro Gorlier, Head of Parts and Service (Mopar), FCA. “With more than 200 parts and accessories, available at launch, Mopar delivers the largest array of factory-backed, authentic products to personalize the new Ram 1500 and make it truly one of a kind.”


The Flame Red 2019 Ram 1500 Big Horn Sport 4×4 showcased at the Chicago Auto Show is equipped for the outdoors with a 2-inch Mopar lift kit that delivers additional off-road clearance and an aggressive appearance, while accommodating oversize, large tread 35-inch tires. Mopar 18-inch, six-lug off-road beadlock-capable wheels with matching trim rings keep the tires pegged to the rims when aired down for increased off-road grip and traction.

Black Mopar off-road wheel flares accentuate the 35-inch tires and provide additional defense against trail hazards. Durable, body-length Mopar off-road cast aluminum running boards add both visual appeal and functionality, with a skid-resistant stepping surface that offers better grip in muddy or wet conditions.

The 5-ft. x 7-ft. bed features a unique Mopar offering that will be available in the near future — a lifestyle Ram Rack, first shown as a prototype part on the Ram Macho Power Wagon concept vehicle at the 2016 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show. Large gear can be secured to the truck, demonstrating the capacity of the Ram Rack to store and transport a variety of lifestyle equipment.

The rear Ram Rack is adjustable, with the ability to slide all the way up to the front Ram Rack. The Ram Rack system mounts to the available production bed utility rails. A Mopar bed step, featuring an articulating arm, lowers down for easy access.

The new Mopar “Ram Airflow” cold-air intake system feeds a steady flow of fresh air to the 395-horsepower, 410 lb.-ft. of torque, 5.7-liter HEMI® V-8 engine. The intake, scheduled for availability later this year, is compatible with all hood applications for the all-new Ram and works in concert with the Mopar performance cat-back exhaust, which is constructed from AL409 stainless steel and emits a deep exhaust note.

Mopar 5-inch dual exhaust tips complete the package and feature dual wall thickness, fitting snug to the bumper and providing a smoother edge. Other exterior touches include matching black Mopar hood graphic stripes, blacked-out Ram emblems and badging, front tow hooks and a Mopar logo hitch plug.

Inside, premium black Katzkin leather seats in the front and back are embroidered with Rebel red Ram’s head logos on the seatbacks. The same Rebel red stitching also accents the seats, door trim and center console. New Mopar all-weather floor mats are embellished with the Ram’s head logo and constructed with deeper channels and higher, more rigid sidewalls to contain water and other debris. Mopar brushed aluminum door sill guards carry the R-A-M text logo.



Automotive news

Nissan Armada Snow Patrol

The Nissan Armada Snow Patrol, which makes its world debut this week at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, takes Nissan’s flagship SUV to new heights – literally. With its three-inch suspension lift, extreme off-road tires, massive front bumper, light bar and roof rack, the one-off Snow Patrol project takes Armada out of the carpool line and onto snow covered mountains – returning Armada to its roots as an adventure-ready off-roader.

“While the 2018 Armada drives like a luxury sedan, it has a long off-road heritage as the Nissan Patrol, a global expedition vehicle,” said Billy Hayes, division vice president, Commercial Vehicles and Trucks, Nissan North America, Inc. “As part of our celebration of winter at the Chicago Auto Show, we wanted to remind our growing family of Armada owners and enthusiasts that this full-size SUV stands ready to take you to the mountains, or at least safely through Chicago streets covered in lake effect snow.”

Armada has been on a winning streak since the second-generation design was introduced for the 2017 year – with sales last year increasing 154 percent over 2016, making it the fastest growing SUV in its class1. Buyers have been attracted to Armada’s unmatched combination of best-in-class2 standard 390 horsepower, full-feature 8-passenger interior and class-exclusive Intelligent Rear View Mirror (I-RVM)3.


And, with a standard towing capacity4 of 8,500 pounds for both 4WD and 2WD models (when properly equipped), Armada can easily handle a trailer load of snowmobiles.

As for the transformation from showroom stock to full Snow Patrol outfitting, the focus was on fitting more aggressive wheels and tires – and outfitting the exterior with the tools for extreme winter driving. “With its rugged fully-boxed ladder frame, powerful V8, advanced all-wheeldrive system and easily engaged Snow Mode setting on the 4WD Mode Control dial, Armada is ready to tackle the most adverse climate situations. The Armada Snow Patrol takes it to the next level,” said Hayes.

The project build started with the installation of a complete suspension lift kit from Pro Comp – giving additional clearance for the new 35-inch-tall Pro Comp MT2 maximum traction extreme off-road tires. The new tires are mounted on 20×9-inch Cognito Series 61 wheels with a Satin Black milled finish.
To help safely navigate backwoods trails, the Armada Snow Patrol’s front end was beefed up with a Smittybilt off-road bumper with grille protector bar and winch mount with 12,000-pound capacity winch. Helping light the Snow Patrol’s way is a roof-mounted DR36 double row LED light bar with flood and spot capabilities, along with a pair of grille-mounted 5-inch LED round motorsports lights.
M-1A running boards/rock sliders were added to help prevent road debris damage, and to supplement the Armada’s large interior cargo space, a one-piece Defender rack was mounted to the roof.

Inside, premium leather-wrapped front seats with pearl color surfaces and cement color perforated inserts, cobalt color wings, contrasting cobalt stitching and Armada Snow Patrol logo seatback inserts were added. A custom body wrap by Icon Image Graphics, with special Armada Snow Patrol logo, was the final touch.

“The Armada Snow Patrol project was completed using readily available aftermarket parts – thanks especially to Pro Comp and Katzkin – showing owners how easy it is to take their family adventures to the next level even in some of winter’s most severe conditions,” said Hayes. “We think this vehicle is going to attract a lot of attention among visitors to the Chicago Auto Show.”

Nissan Armada Snow Patrol Project Build Specifications
Base Vehicle: 2018 Nissan Armada full-size SUV
Drivetrain: 390-horsepower 5.6-liter DOHC Endurance® V8; 7-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, manual mode and Synchronized Rev Control
and tow/haul mode for enhanced performance and fuel efficiency; all-wheel drive; 8,500-pound maximum towing capacity (when properly

Wheels – Cognito Series 61 20×9, Satin Black milled
Tires – Pro Comp MT2 maximum traction extreme off-road, 35×12.50R20
Suspension lift kit – 2-inch front/1-inch rear level lift
Off-road bumper – M1A2 with grille protector bar, XRC 12,000-lb winch
Side steps – M1A2 Smittybilt
Fog lights – 5-inch LED round motorsports lights
Light Bar – Explorer Lighting S4 LED Cube and LED light bars
Sport overfenders – M-1 fender flares with 2-inches extra tire coverage, stainless steel rivets
Roof rack – Defender one-piece, 4’ x 4’ Smittybilt
Weather shields Front seats – Premium leather-wrapped front seats, pearl color with cement color perforated inserts and cobalt wings and
contrasting stitching, Armada Snow Patrol logo seatback inserts
Geometric body wrap Icon Image Graphics
All-weather floor liners

The Nissan Armada Snow Patrol will be on public display at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show, which runs Feb. 10-19 at Chicago’s McCormick Place.





Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler
Year : 2014

Owner : George Khouzami
Country : UAE (originally from Lebanon)
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

Originally from Lebanon, George Khouzami has lived in the UAE for all of his life. Despite only being 25, he is fully engrossed motorsport, with a karting career already under his belt and a few modified Mercedes in the garage he is happily aboard the petrolhead train. However, there was one area that George had never really ventured into: offroading. He began looking around for the right vehicle that he could use to explore his newfound curiosity for the desert. His solution came in the form of a 2014 Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission.

Despite being a very capable vehicle in stock form, George knew that with a few modifications his new Wrangler would easily outperform many other vehicles.

So when George took his 2014 Jeep Wrangler to them with the request that they make it one of the best performing and greatest looking Wranglers in the country, they were rearing to start the project.

First up on the list of things to do was suspension. George chose the 3.5 inch AEV dualsport system for its progressive feel and all surface control. Accompanying the AEV springs are King’s fully adjustable shock absorbers with external reservoirs for increased resistance to fade. King hydraulic bumpstops have also been installed in the front and Sumosprings in the rear to help control bottoming out over high speed sections in the dunes. Short arms and track bar replacements from Teraflex have been included to maintain correct alignment and geometry to minimize any vibration in the driveline as a result of lifting the vehicle. Up front, the Fox 2.0 ATS steering stabiliser was called upon with the intention of reducing the effects of bumpsteer and with 26 clicks of adjustment it is possible to tailor fit steering feel based upon road conditions.

A lift kit is only complete with a good set of correctly sized tyres so five 35 inch Cooper AT3 tires were installed. These Coopers strike the perfect balance between a quiet and refined ride on the road and an aggressive enough tread pattern to battle through sand and rocks. They are mounted on matte black Method NV race wheels and bolted to the axle with a H&R spacer.


Thought was put into making sure there would be no difficulties in accommodating those big tires. An Airaid Synthamax air induction kit and a Gibson dual exit exhaust helps air to flow through the engine better whilst providing a meaty sound. Together they help to bring the 3.6 litre Pentastar V6 to life with more power and increased throttle response which will help to combat the loss of power. When installing larger tires it is important that the axles are suitable reinforced to take the extra strain. Ramy 4×4 paid close attention to this and welded on an Artec front axle armor kit. A sleeve kit from Teraflex also came into action and slides inside the axle to reinforce the weak axle tube. The ring and pinion ratios were also adjusted to 4.56 in both the front (Dana 30) and rear (Dana 44) to keep those 35s turning.

Not only did George want his Jeep to perform well but he also wanted it to look good doing so. Therefore, the team at Ramy 4×4 did some special work on aesthetic features. A muscular AEV heat reduction bonnet was installed and plays a big role in engine cooling so that George’s Wrangler will shrug off the intense heat on midday off road excursions. Bushwacker pocket style fender flares provide excellent coverage whilst also helping to achieve that aggressive look. The Rugged Ridge aluminium front bumper helps to increase the approach angle over the stock piece and looks great doing so. The good looks continue through to the side mirrors which have been covered with carbon fiber look caps.

In the summer months the unbearable temperatures often lead off roaders to night drives and without the correct lighting this is almost impossible. That is why George wanted to ditch the standard head and fog lights and replace them with JW Speakers. The LED technology far surpasses the standard halogens in terms of brightness and longevity. A 52 inch Cree LED spot light bar is paired with 5 Cree spotlights mounted onto the bonnet to aid in illuminating the area in the distance whereas the Cree A-pillar mounted flood light makes the area immediately in front of the vehicle more visible.
The aim at the start of this project was for George’s Jeep to stand out and to be a great performer. It is safe to say that the team at Ramy 4×4 have surpassed that target and created a phenomenal Jeep Wrangler that is ready to take on any terrain and look awesome doing so.



#RAMYproject: The Major


Make : Jeep
Model : Wrangler JK
Year : 2016

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

THE MAJOR” is RAMY Automotive’s latest iteration of the two door Jeep JK and turns a stock 2 door Jeep JK into a Jeep pickup complete with a baja styled custom made tire carrier fixed onto the rear bed. This truck conversion is further complemented by modifications to the chassis for example Fox adjustable shocks, an AOR 2.5 inch lift kit, SUMO bump stops and Method beadlock rims. The performance of THE MAJOR is given a boost by Sprintex Supercharger which bumps up the stock of 54% more horsepower; 195 Wheel Horse Power stock to 302 WHP supercharged, Gibson exhaust and K&N filter.

So what makes the truck conversion great? Apart from its looks the truck conversion sheds a lot of weight and coupled with a lift kit and the 2 door’s shorter wheelbase, THE MAJOR is nimble and easy to maneuver around the dunes. And with the extra horses from the SPRINTEX supercharger, THE MAJOR is the perfect weapon of choice for any dunes that comes on the way.



  • Sprintex Supercharger
  • Gibson Exhaust
  • K&N Filter

Chassis, Suspension:

  • Fox Adjustable Shocks
  • AOR 2.5″ Lift Kit
  • Sumo Bump Stops
  • Method Beadlock Rims

Exterior and Interior:

  • Pickup Conversion and Painting
  • Custom made Tire Carrier for 2 Tires
  • Rugged Ridge Front Bumper with a Stinger
  • AEV Rear Bumper
  • Custom Grill
  • JCR Fenders
  • JCR Rock Sliders
  • JCR Inner Fender Liners
  • Hi-Lift Jack
  • Warn Winch tabor 12k
  • Custom HD Project Headlights
  • JW Speaker Rear Lights





Make : Hummer
Model : H2
Year : 2005

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : Ramy 4×4

This Hummer H2 SUV is quiet a unique edition of the 2005 usual Hummer, the rearmost part of this H2 was modified to a pickup truck bed of the 2005 H2 SUT “Sport Utility Truck”. RAMY 4×4 modified it and created this peerless SUT by converting it into a Fastback.

Upgrade details

  • Custom Fastback
  • Custom Front Bumper
  • Custom Paint Job of some items
  • Warn Tabor 12 Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Remote Control
  • AMP Research Powersteps
  • AE Wheels
  • 3” Lift Kit with Rancho Shocks
  • Train Horn
  • Superchips Flashpaq H2
  • Throttle Body Spacer
  • K&N Intake System
  • LED Light Bar



JEEP WRANGLER JK Unlimited 2016


Make : Jeep
Model : WRANGLER JK Unlimited
Year : 2016

Country : United Arab Emirates
Customized by : RAMY 4×4


  • Gibson Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust

Chassis and Suspension

  • AEV JK 07+ LHD 2.5” 2dr DualSport XT Suspension

Wheels and Tires

  • CenterLine RT1, 20×10, 5×127, 24 Satin Black

Exterior and Interior

  • Action Truck Unlimited JK
  • Switch Pod A/Pillar
  • Winch Mount Block Off Kit
  • Euroguard Taillight BLK JK
  • JK Avenger Grill New Model
  • JCR Prerunner Tire Mount
  • JCR Universal Tire Mount Bolt
  • JCR Front Lower Bumper Skid
  • JCR Rear Full Width Bumper
  • JCR Crusader Mid Width Front Winch Bumper With Tube
  • Rear Number Plate Board
  • Fuel Tank Cap
  • AOR 7” Sealed Beam LED Headlight Black
  • JK Angry Bird Fenders
  • JK Transformer Hood
  • JK Short Flexible Antenna
  • AOR JK Bumper Light Horizontal Rocker Switch
  • AOR JK Rear Light Horizontal Rocker Switch
  • CH4X4 JK Off Road Light Horizontal Switch
  • AOR Off Road 9ft Red Flag Pole with Flag
  • AOR 6 x 3W = 18W, Spot, Double, Lower Mount, CREE, 4” Lights


Test Driven

Discovering Dubai with the All-New Land Rover Discovery First Edition