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The Fenyr SuperSport makes its US debut at 2018 Monterey Car Week

The W Motors Fenyr SuperSport zoomed into action at the 2018 Monterey Car Week, joining some of the finest names in automotive history in a series of exciting events, shows, rallies, and Concours d’Elegance. The production trim model made its US debut at the prestigious automotive week, where the world’s most exceptional cars gather along the picture-perfect Monterey Bay Peninsula and are celebrated by enthusiasts visiting from around the globe.

The new Fenyr SuperSport is the latest addition to the W Motors line-up of hypercars focusing purely on performance, power and speed. The carbon fiber masterpiece perfectly balances advanced aerodynamics engineering with aggressive aesthetics, true to the Dubai-based W Motors design and manufacturing ethos. Only 110 hypercars will be produced and sold worldwide.


To kick off the Monterey Car Week, the Fenyr SuperSport participated in the Fuel Run on Wednesday 22nd August, joining W Motors’ first model launched, the famous Lykan HyperSport, to make up a convoy of 100 exotic and awe-inspiring supercars on an epic Californian road drive from Malibu to Monterey.

Friday 24th saw W Motors sponsor and participate in one of the most revered happenings in the line-up, The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering. Recognized as one of the world’s premium motorsports events, visitors were offered an up-close-and-personal opportunity to admire the Fenyr SuperSport, along with other extraordinary rare automobiles.

Both the Fenyr SuperSport and the Lykan HyperSport were showcased on Saturday 25th at Exotics on Cannery Row, a carefully crafted supercar gathering where members of the public can enjoy a wealth of cars on display, as well as other auto-related activities on one of the most popular destinations on California’s central coast.

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport - Arab Motor World

The line-up ended on Sunday 26th at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the top-ranking collector car competition in the world, where the Fenyr SuperSport was displayed on the renowned Concept Lawn alongside some of the most exclusive limited series cars ever created.

Speaking of the state-side premiere, Ralph R. Debbas, Founder & CEO of W Motors stated, “We are proud to have been part of the historic Monterey Car Week for the third year in a row, and to finally launch the Fenyr SuperSport in its production trim in the US. The feedback we’ve had throughout has been phenomenal, and we look forward to continuing to enhance awareness of W Motors as the leading international manufacturer of high performance luxury sports cars.”

Strengthening its product line, as well as its global presence, W Motors recently announced the launch of the “Fenyr SuperSport Launch Edition”, limited to 10 units only and inspired by the Spirit of Wolf. The ten unique launch editions have been passionately created to showcase the Fenyr SuperSport in all its glory; each breathtaking car crafted in a unique colour combination and highlighting endless possibilities of creating one’s dream hypercar.

The Fenyr SuperSport: Spirit of the Wolf

Named after the most ferocious wolf in Norse mythology, the Fenyr SuperSport is not only distinguished by the unique W Motors DNA but also is a technical wonder developed in close collaboration with international leading technical partners, including Magna Steyr Italy – where a dedicated facility is assigned for the engineering, production and manufacturing of W Motors hypercars – and the German engine-manufacturer RUF Automobile, which supplies the engine for the ferocious beast.

Among the plethora of distinctive features, we can name the reverse-opening door system; the innovative active aerodynamics system; the full exterior body in carbon-fibre with extensive use of graphene composite, which transforms the Supercar into a lightweight and high-resistance machine. The custom-made RUF engine has been exclusively developed for the hypercar – a twin-turbo flat 6, mid-rear 3.8L engine capable of delivering 800HP, making it possible to reach 0-100 KM/H in just 2.8 seconds and a maximum top speed of 400 KM/H.

“The Earth will shake violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall, and all binds will snap – Fenyr will be free”  (adapted from Prose Edda, 1220)

W Motors Fenyr SuperSport - Arab Motor World
W Motors Fenyr SuperSport - Arab Motor World


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Abu Dhabi Motors signs MOU with W Motors and ICONIQ Motors

ICONIQ Motors and W Motors have this month signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Abu Dhabi Motors, signifying a move into an important next phase of establishing a distribution partnership in the UAE.

As the largest retailer of premium cars in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi Motors is a major force in the region’s automotive sector and will be a key strategic partner for the expansion of theW Motors and ICONIQ Motors brands in the UAE.


The signing ceremony took place at the W Motors showroom in Dubai City Walk. The three signing parties included Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, Ralph R Debbas, Chairman & CEO of W Motors, and Bruno Lambert CEO of ICONIQ Motors.

Commenting on the partnership, Arno Husselmann, General Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, said: “We are thrilled to be joining W Motors and ICONIQ Motors in this exciting partnership aimed at bringing ICONIQ’s Smart Passenger Vehicles to the region. ICONIQ and W Motors are innovative brands with remarkable cars that are set to take the industry by storm. We look forward to our involvement in the successful growth of this distribution partnership. We will only consider partnering with the best products and technologies which deliver substance and value to the customers. These products do so in abundance and will find many customers.”

W Motors was born out of the desire to harmonize form and function. The company is the first developer of high performance luxury sports cars in the Middle East catering to Ultra High Net Worth individuals. Based in Dubai since 2012, the company’s vision is to become a fully integrated high-performance luxury sports car producer with activities ranging from car design and research to development and manufacturing.

Currently, W Motors have a lineup of two sensational designs: the Lykan HyperSport, hero car featured in Universal Studios blockbuster The Fast & The Furious 7 and the Fenyr Supersport launched last November 2017 in its production trim. Both vehicles along with the ICONIQ Seven models are currently featured at the brands’ flagship showroom located in City Walk upscale Boulevard.

Citing the partnership with Abu Dhabi Motors, Ralph R Debbas, Chairman & CEO of W Motors stated: “We are extremely proud to partner with Abu Dhabi Motors, leader in luxury vehicles sales in the Middle East. With the help of their professional team, we hope to push W Motors brand and vehicles in the region and beyond, by learning from their expertise in the automotive field as well as from their best practises in terms of excellence in sales and after-sales process and high customer satisfaction and value”.

Being the leading Rolls-Royce dealer in the region and the world, Abu Dhabi Motors showroom will offer a strategic visibility for W Motors Hypercars with a clear synergy linking both luxury automotive brands in terms of high-performance luxury cars catering to HNWI clientele.

ICONIQ Motors currently has a lineup of two Smart Passenger Vehicles (SPVs) which include the ICONIQ SEVEN VIP and the ICONIQ SEVEN PREMIUM. The SEVEN VIP is the ultimate all-electric long-range vehicle which redefines executive transportation. From the unprecedented comfort of two luxurious captain seats, to the convenience of voice control and the AI personal assistant, the SEVEN VIP’s Connected Vehicle Platform makes a commute to become the ultimate travelling experience. The SEVEN PREMIUM is a technological achievement in its own right. An all-electric, long range vehicle with four independent seats in the passenger cabin. The SEVEN PREMIUM is designed with customer comfort and accessibility as a first priority, allowing the passenger to enjoy a uniquely customizable journey.

ICONIQ Motors focuses on offering a truly unique passenger experience by presenting the latest in comfort, entertainment and productive technologies. Designed by the W Motors Design Studio in Dubai and built by ICONIQ Motors in China, the two fully-electric luxury SPVs are developed “around the passenger with the purpose of bringing the latest in comfort and connectivity”, according to ICONIQ President Alan Wu

With 20 Global Awards in 14 Years, Abu Dhabi Motors is the most successful Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealer worldwide. Its most notable awards include the Global Dealer of the Year in (2008, 2012, 2013, and 2015) and Global Sales Leader (2008, 2013, 2014, and 2015) and won Global Bespoke Dealer for the past 9 years in a row.


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W Motors, the first Arab brand of high-performance luxury sports cars from the Middle East, achieved a new milestone today with the world premiere of the Fenyr SuperSport launched at the renowned Geneva International Motor Show.

W Motors was also joined on the stand by partner ICONIQ Motors, based in China, who unveiled in parallel their brand new electric SPVs ICONIQ Seven model in VIP edition.

Held every March, in the Swiss City of Geneva, the 88th edition of the international motor show will be hosted at the Geneva Palexpo similar to every year and is considered to be the most important Motorshow among all others, establishing a perfect demonstration platform for the world’s automakers launching new concepts, prototypes, technical breakthroughs, world premieres and international partnerships.


Unveiled previously in a private event held at W Motors first flagship showroom in Dubai end of 2017, the Fenyr SuperSport is the latest masterpiece created by W Motors in a limited production of only 25 units per year. Entirely developed in-house by the W Motors Design Studio based in Dubai and equipped with the custom high-performance powertrain created by RUF Automobile in Germany, the Fenyr SuperSport becomes a performance-focused machine at its core, embodying the greatest performance, power and speed possible.

The heart of a Wolf

Named after the most ferocious wolf in Norse Mythology, the son of Loki, the Fenyr SuperSport is not only an aesthetic prodigy distinguished by the unique W Motors DNA lines, but also a technical wonder developed in close collaboration with international leading technical companies and partners, like Magna Steyr Italy, RUF Automobile Germany and Studio Torino.

Among the plethora of distinctive features, we can name the reverse door system, innovative active aerodynamics system, full exterior body in carbon-fibre with extensive use of graphene composite, transforming the Supercar into a lightweight (1,350 kg) and high resistance machine, custom-made RUF twin turbo flat 6, mid-rear 3.8L engine capable of delivering 800HP and 980NM Torque, making it possible to reach 0-100 km/h in just 2.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 400km/h.

The W Motors Fenyr SuperSport is available worldwide with a starting price of 1.4 million USD.

“The earth will shake violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall, and all binds will snap – Fenyr will be free.” – Adapted from Prose Edda, 1220.

Talking about the Fenyr, Ralph R. Debbas, CEO and Chairman of W Motors stated, “We are thrilled to launch the Fenyr SuperSport today, through the Geneva International Motorshow platform, which represents the culmination of years of hard work by W Motors and its numerous technical partners in the automotive industry”.

Alongside the new Fenyr SuperSport, W Motors’ partner, ICONIQ MOTORS exhibited the ICONIQ SEVEN VIP Edition for the first time in Europe. Also available in Premium and Mobility variants, the ICONIQ SEVEN is the world’s first, all-electric passenger focused MPV with a focus on bringing an unparalleled level of connectivity and convenience to passengers. The ICONIQ SEVEN was styled by W Motors’ Design Studio in Dubai and features state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft including advanced image recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Solutions.

ICONIQ MOTORS also showcased their new L5 Autonomous Vehicle concept. Designed by W Motors’ and supported by leading technology partners like Microsoft and AKKA Technologies, the L5 represents the company’s ambition to provide passenger focused solutions for the future era of Level 5 driverless mobility.

This project is also supported by Masdar City and Safe City in the United Arab Emirates, and the first fleet of L5 Autonomous vehicles will be launched at the Dubai World EXPO 2020.

The W Motors and ICONIQ Motors stand number 2231 is open to the press and public during the Geneva International Motor Show from March 6th until March 18th 2018.


Interviews and Reports

Inside W Motors


In 2013, and during the Dubai International Motor show, we met the man with the hyper dream, the CEO of W Motors, Mr. Ralph Debbas. It was then that W Motors launched the first ever 3.8 million dollar Arabian hypercar, the Lykan, which stunned all auto fanatics and remained the talk of car lovers long after its release.

The HyperSport is the third most expensive car ever made, just behind the Lamborghini Veneno ($4.5 million) and the rare (just one was made) Maybach Exelero ($8 million). It has Digital Automotive Technology and it comes with diamond incrusted LED lights. The car also comes with a 24/7 concierge service and a team of qualified W engineers ready to fly anywhere in the world to service your Hypercar at any given time.

The car produces 770hp at 7100 rpm with a maximum Torque of 960Nm at 4000 rpm and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and from 0-200 km/h in 9.4 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 385 Km/h.

The car was built with only 7 units and appeared in so many motor shows and luxurious shows around the world. It was easily able to captivate the hearts of luxury car collectors everywhere.

In 2015, W motors had two surprises waiting to strike the world; the first was with the release of the Furious 7 movie part of the Fast and Furious saga – the movie that sets the rules for the next auto trends in the world – with the Lykan jumping from one Etihad Tower to another at the skyscraper complex in Abu Dhabi.
The hypercar was the highlight of the movie as Dom, played by Vin Diesel, accompanied by Brian, played by the late Paul Walker, makes a getaway from the grenade launcher of Jason Statham after crashing a rich man’s fancy party, and the rest is a breath taking 3.8 million dollar action sequence.

If you thought that was exciting, wait until you hear the second surprise by W Motors. Later on, and during the Dubai International Motor show 2015, W Motors once again swept away all hearts with the launch of the Fenyr, a 1.8 million dollar super car with a look to die for.

This time, we decided to go behind the scenes and inside W Motors to understand the concept of how W Motors works, the story behind the Fenyr, the future, and much more.

We sat down with the CEO of W Motors, Ralph Debbas, for an interesting chat and got to know more about the man, the legend, and the car.

Let’s start with the names: W Motors, Lykan, and Fenyr. According to Ralph, he has had a fascination with wolves since the early days; people used to see him as a wolf because of his hair, Ralph told us with a smile. From this, it was clear to us what the “W” in W Motors stands for and why the hypercar is called Lykan, a word that became known to men since the ancient Greek days and means the powerful man when transformed into a wolf, or what we call nowadays werewolf.

As for the Fenyr terminology, which even has a more interesting story, Ralph explained that the Fenyr comes from old legends and is considered to be the father of wolves Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson, and the son of Loki, a shapeshifter god.

Due to the gods’ knowledge of prophecies foretelling great trouble for Fenyr and his rapid growth, the gods bound him, and as a result, Fenyr bit off the right hand of the god Týr, and the legend continues stating that when the Fenyr rises again, the earth will shake violently, trees will be uprooted, mountains will fall, and all binds will snap. Ralph, with this vison in mind, created a 900 horsepower supercar with lightweight tubular aluminum chassis and carbon fiber bodywork that will make the earth shake and trees uproot. He called it Fenyr. The Fenyr will be produced in 25 units only and priced in the range of 1,800,000 USD.

The Fenyr is W Motors latest addition to the wolves family with a full carbon-fiber body and a light-weight aluminum chassis that contribute to the mere 1,200kg of it. The heart of this machine is a one-of-a-kind flat 6 cylinder 4.0L twin turbo, mid-rear engine engineered in Germany by the renowned RUF Automobile company. To contribute to its performance, a 7-speed double clutch gearbox is in place aiming to take advantage of the 900 horsepower and 1,200 Newton-Metre torque. This results in less than 2.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) and a top speed exceeding 400 km/h (249 mph).

The Fenyr SuperSport is once again the combination of skills from hundreds of professionals from leading companies in the automotive world. More particularly, the Fenyr was brought to life in collaboration with a plethora of renowned international technical partners including notorious engineering firms Magna Steyr Italy and RUF Automobile Germany.

We told Ralph that this is great news however we need scoops, inside information about W motors, “So, what’s next?” and with a smile he replied, “Wait and see.”

Here are some secrets we got from Ralph during out chat; W motors is an unstoppable dream machine, thus it has set the plan to create not only the most aggressive and most capable Super SUV, but also the fastest, and we are keen that with a mind like Ralph’s, this SUV will be the highlight of the auto news around the world. The W Motors, or as I like to call it, Wolf Motors, will continue with creating legends named after their moto such as Lykan and Fenyr, and as a scoop, the new, soon to be announced SUV will also be called after a wolf legend. The wolf SUV will be produced in 100 units planned for next year, with more than 800hp under the bonnet, and will be priced at 250,000 – 300,000 USD.

On top of that, here are some W Motors whispers for our fans to fantasize about:

  • W Motors Racing Program
  • First and unique hypercar production facility in UAE over 1.5 million square feet of space
  • Green facility for car production
  • W Motors School of Art

So, stay tuned to bring you the latest from the wolves’ family.