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Al Masaood unveils all-new Renault Duster in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain

Al Masaood Automobiles unveils all-new Renault Duster in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain - Arab motor World - Cover

Al Masaood Automobiles has launched the all-new Renault Duster at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Abu Dhabi in the presence of Renault’s and Al Masaood Automobiles’ senior executives. With more than 2.45 million Dusters sold worldwide, the new and improved model offers a refreshing take on 4WD driving experience, equipped with the same off-road capability and affordability to beat the best in the market.

Irfan Tansel, CEO, Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “We are proud to launch the all-new Duster in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain to cater to the growing demand for stylish SUVs that is within reach for our target markets. The all-new Duster further expands our diverse product offerings and we are confident it will attract a strong following in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain given its historical success as the ‘unstoppable SUV’ and car of choice in the Middle East. In partnership with Renault, Al Masaood Automobiles will continue to leverage its top-level services to meet customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.”

The rugged look of Duster has been further upholstered to accommodate a distinctively assertive look, featuring a brand-new exterior styling with a more full-bodied look and boosted by a wide chrome-finish grill which extends to the headlights at the car’s front corners. It also features a front skid plate and Renault’s signature C-shaped lighting with LED daytime running lights, which further reinforces the SUV’s personality as a sturdy, yet a smart city vehicle.


Duster’s interior has been fully reinvented to offer a more comfortable space for passengers and versatile driving convenience. It is fitted with high-quality materials, safety and the latest adventure-ready technology features such as the Hill Descent Control, Multiview Camera and Blind Spot Warning, 4×4 monitor, automatic air conditioning, Remote Engine Start, seven-inch touchscreen tablet and Renault smart card with keyless entry system.

The all-new Duster is available in both 2WD and 4WD specifications with a choice of two petrol engines; 1.6L (4×2) with a CVT automatic transmission, and 2.0L with automatic transmission (4×4).

Since 2004, Al Masaood Automobiles has been the authorized distributor of Renault vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, providing passenger, commercial, 4 x 4 and luxury cars catering to individual, fleet and government buyers. The company has two showrooms for Renault in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Because of its consistent and excellent services, the company continues to attract customers and earned its latest award from Renault for ‘Best Sales Performance’ among other dealers across the Middle East in 2017.


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Al Masaood Automobiles bags a hat-trick of principle awards for its outstanding performances

Al Masaood Automobiles - Arab Motor World

In a competitive market as the automotive retail, winning customers for authorized dealers are defined by the value they add to the market. This is how Al Masaood Automobiles continue to ace the race reaping outstanding sales performances in all its global car brands. The authorized distributor in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Western Region for Nissan, Infiniti, and Renault had received triple regional awards earlier this year which indicate the effectiveness of its business strategies.

It won the ‘Best Sales Performance’ award from Renault in April for achieving the highest sales growth in 2017, the ‘Exemplary Performance in Sales and Customer Experience in FY17’ from Nissan in May for increasing its market share and showcasing impressive standards in car care and customer service across the region, and ‘The Highest Growth Across I/MEA Market’ from Infiniti in June.

Al Masaood Automobiles noted that its successes were built on strategies that create an efficient and effective integrated business environment and develop highly skilled and productive work force. These efforts play a significant role in achieving Abu Dhabi’s goals to further strengthen its non-oil economic activities under Abu Dhabi Vision 2030.


Irfan Tansel, CEO of Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “There is much to celebrate for Al Masaood Automobiles this year as we drove home with these major awards, which is testament to our dedication and constant effort to deliver world-class services and outperform market expectations. We attribute this success to the company’s consistency in exceeding customers’ expectations, delivering excellence and quality in our services, and always innovating on sales and aftersales service offerings, which have won the trust of our customers.”

The winning formula

Results did not happen overnight, rather an outcome of the company’s established trustworthiness amongst customers across multiple business segments. Al Masaood Automobiles is known for its excellence in services and high rate of customer satisfaction, noting the value of investments in innovative after-sale services and strong profile of trained staff and sales professionals. Innovative strategies involve providing services that meet customers’ needs, coupled with smart hiring practices.

“Car brands carry with them their own features that makes them attractive to certain owners and that is a given. However, when it comes to servicing and ease of maintenance, many car owners need all the help they can get, and they are happier with a reliable partner that not only meet their needs, but also look after their convenience. We are confident that we have been giving our buyers the experience they look for in a brand,” added Tansel.

As an automotive dealer, Al Masaood Automobiles adopts an agile customer-centric strategy and we pay extra attention to building long-lasting partnerships with our customers that goes beyond a car purchase. Al Masaood now proudly has a world-class network of state-of-the-art service centers and extensive spare parts dealers. The Nissan Service Centre located in Abu Dhabi is the largest service centre in the world.

Al Masaood Automobiles is backed up with a vision to grow despite any changing market conditions.  It vouches to never cut back on investments in human capital, technology and research.

A direct subsidiary of one of Abu Dhabi’s leading conglomerate companies, Al Masaood Group, which have been an integral player in the commercial development of Abu Dhabi in nearly five decades, Al Masaood Automobiles sees the future of car dealership to be more fluid and personal as buyers have increased their focus on satisfaction experience – something that it already has been giving to its loyal customers.


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Al Masaood Automobiles launches latest model of all-electric Renault Zoe to boost zero emissions mobility in Abu Dhabi

Renault Zoe Al Masaoud Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s bid to create a green metropolis and reduce carbon dioxide emissions from cars has received a new boost with Al Masaood Automobiles’ launch of Renault Zoe’s latest electric car model across the emirate. Renault, which was the first to introduce a full electric vehicle (EV) in the Middle East, is delivering this time the Renault Zoe long range model which boasts a 40 battery – 41kWh unit power source extending the driving range of the EV to record 300 kilometers on a single charge.

The zero emissions car’s reach is double the distance range compared to the previous generation of Renault Zoe. The new battery being used in the car is made from high-energy density lithium-ion technology which has been developed in partnership with LG Chem and engineered to increase storage capacity while not compromising on weight and space. It is strategically integrated within the vehicle coupled with advanced air circulation system and electronic management that helps maintain the battery’s temperature at consistent level. This feature makes the EV run economically and an ideal car for countries such as the UAE where temperature goes high during summers.

Irfan Tansel, CEO, Al Masaood Automobiles, said: “Renault Zoe long range is a compact car which is ideal for moving around within the city. Its fully electric and zero emissions features share the ideals of the emirate to build a sustainable city, in line with the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and the UAE’s goals to reduce carbon footprint and contribute to the building of a healthy and environment-friendly society. The 5-door city car is known for its sporty and cutting-edge style and features signature headlamps that indicate its zero emissions status. With the growing interest in EVs in the UAE, Renault Zoe provides the best option for car owners seeking to drive home the message of sustainability.”


While benefitting from extra capacity, Renault Zoe long range’s charging time remains the same and ‘topping up’ the battery for just 30 minutes provides the user with an additional 80 kilometers of range. Renault continues to develop its futuristic cars under the ‘Drive the Future’ strategy, a six-year plan which will see the brand maintain its global leadership in electric var market. The company plans to introduce eight new 100 per cent electric vehicles and 12 new electrified models by 2022.

Since 2004, Al Masaood Automobiles has been the authorized distributor of Renault vehicles in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, providing passenger, commercial, 4 x 4 and luxury cars catering to individual, fleet and government buyers. The company has two showrooms for Renault in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Because of its consistent and excellent services, the company continues to attract customers and earned its latest award from Renault for ‘Best Sales Performance’ among other dealers across the Middle East in 2017.


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Renault’s unstoppable SUV – the all-new Duster – arrives in the Middle East

Renault All-new Duster

Renault Middle East is welcoming the all-new Duster – the unstoppable SUV – to its Middle East line-up. Already on-sale in Lebanon and Egypt, and available in Jordan from August, the new Duster will be arriving across the GCC and Saudi Arabia from September and will be on sale in Iraq in late 2018. While offering a range of high-quality, new features, the reinvented SUV will still retain the same level of affordability that the name ‘Duster’ is celebrated for.

The all-new Renault Duster boasts brand-new exterior styling, delivering a distinctly assertive and robust look, as well as an upgrade in perceived quality with a totally redesigned interior for a comfortable and user-friendly driving experience.

Since its global launch in 2010, more than 2.45 million Duster models have been sold across the world under the Renault and Dacia brands. The SUV for everyday motoring has been popular with drivers across the globe, with exceptional sales results recorded in Russia, India, Brazil and the Middle East.


The Duster’s roominess, affordability and off-road capabilities have long been recognised as the model’s strengths and the all-new models continues to carry these desirable attributes.

The SUV’s exterior has been given a more robust look thanks to the addition of a wide chrome-finish grille which extends to the head lights positioned at the car’s front corners. A front skid plate reinforces the Duster’s adventurer credentials and ensures that the vehicle never loses its smart looks. Finished with Renault’s signature C-shaped lighting with LED daytime running lights the Duster is a modern SUV with a rugged personality.

Inside, the Duster is equipped with new, high-quality, driving aids and new equipment, making it a genuine adventure-ready SUV which offers the versatility and comfort for everyday driving. On stepping inside the cabin, the noticeable difference in quality is instantly recognisable – packed with ‘Easy Life’ features like Hill Descent Control, Multiview camera and Blind Spot Warning, 4×4 monitor, automatic air conditioning, Remote Engine Start (GCC only), seven-inch touchscreen tablet and Renault smart card with keyless entry system – as well as quality trims and materials.

The all-new Duster is available in both 2WD and 4WD specifications and offers among the market’s very best off-road capability. With a choice of two petrol engines; 1.6L (4×2) mated to a CVT automatic transmission, and 2.0L with automatic transmission (4×4), the Duster is an SUV equipped for any terrain.

Commenting on the launch of the all-new Duster, Marwan Haidamous, Renault Middle East Managing Director said, “Before the arrival to the region of the original Duster in 2012, there was little awareness of the Renault brand in the Middle East; the original Duster was responsible for boosting the brand’s awareness. Now, six years on, we are welcoming the all-new Duster which will, again, reinvent and reinvigorate the brand to new levels of performance and positive opinion – pushing us further towards our goal of being ‘best in class’.”


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Renault Kicks Off Race Day by Handing Keys to New Driver

Aseel Al Hamad during the French Grand Prix

With its established record of innovation, mobility and its long-held pioneering spirit, Renault celebrates the much-heralded return of today’s French Grand Prix in a very special way. Saudi Arabian Aseel Al Hamad, the first female member of the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation, was given the opportunity to drive a Renault Sport Formula One Team E20 car on the Le Castellet circuit, France, as part of the Renault ‘Passion Parade’ just hours before the start of the first French GP in ten years. It is the very same car former F1 world champion Kimi Raikkonen drove to victory in the 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Renault and F1 are proud to enable Aseel to pursue the passion for motorsport she has cultivated over the years on the same day women are able to drive on the roads of Saudi Arabia.

Aseel got her first experience of Formula 1 power at a Renault training day on 5 June at Le Castellet. Under the expert tutoring of Renault Sport Formula One Team engineers and technicians, Aseel got accustomed to the demanding circuit in a Renault road car before switching to a Formula Renault car and the E20 Formula 1 car in the later part of the day.


Aseel represents her country on the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, chaired by former World Rally Championship driver and winner Michèle Mouton. Amongst Aseel’s many responsibilities, she is tasked to put in place strategies and policies to promote the education and training of women in motorsport in Saudi Arabia by collaborating on joint projects and participating in international forums and conferences devoted to the place of women in sport.

Aseel Al Hamad commented: “I have loved racing and motorsport from a very young age and to drive a Formula 1 car goes even beyond my dreams and what I thought was possible. It is a genuine honour to drive the Renault Sport Formula One Team E20 car in front of the crowds at its home Grand Prix in France. I hope doing so on the day when women can drive on the roads in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shows what you can do if you have the passion and spirit to dream.”

Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing, commented: “Renault has always embraced pioneers and demonstrated a pioneering spirit. Equally Renault has a long-held passion for motorsport and loves to share it through every type of competition with as many people as possible. We’re pleased to see Aseel’s passion for racing and her enthusiasm for demonstrating the accessibility of motorsport to more people around the world.”

Michèle Mouton, President of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission: “The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission is dedicated to promoting opportunities across all forms of motor sport activities, but also to promoting equality between male and female counterparts in the wider automotive industry and on the roads. To do so, we work extremely closely with all national sporting federations to improve access to our sport. In the time Aseel has been a member of the Commission, Saudi Arabia’s vision has been very clear and things have developed at a rapid rate. Now, as one of the driving forces behind the Saudi Arabian Motorsport Federation, Aseel will pave the way for women to embrace sports and careers in motor sport. Thank you to Renault for putting together such an innovative opportunity that showcases so many of our principles.”


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Renault launches ‘Koleos Karaoke’: A Middle East-wide singing competition to celebrate partnership with The Voice Arabia


Renault Middle East has launched a singing competition across its showrooms to celebrate its Proud Sponsorship of the region’s biggest TV show; The Voice Arabia.

The ‘Koleos Karaoke’ competition will visit showrooms across the GCC for one weekend only, where customers who test drive any Renault model will automatically qualify to take part in the singing competition for a chance to win one of three brand-new Renault Koleos SUVs.

A custom-made recording studio has been installed inside Renault’s most popular* SUV allowing participants to read and sing song lyrics from Renault’s soundtrack on its Voice Arabia TV advert on a screen integrated into the dashboard, as well as film their performance on cameras mounted inside the car.


Each performance of the unique track, composed especially for Renault by music producer, Wael Kodeih, will appear on a dedicated website where members of the public can vote for their favourite video performance. Each week, the five most popular videos will be short-listed and entered into a grand finale when, in the final week of the competition, three winning videos will be randomly selected in a prize draw and the singers will be awarded a brand-new Renault Koleos.

Renault’s cleverly composed TV advert music track journeys through several genres of Arabic music from a traditional baladi rhythm to Lebanese hip hop and was inspired by Renault’s Multi-Sense® system which adapts the car to suit the driver’s mood by subtly changing aspects of the car’s handling from throttle pedal response, engine notes and steering weight, to the colours on the instrument display and interior lighting ambience in the cabin.

Commenting on the partnership, Marwan Haidamous, Managing Director of Renault Middle East said, “The Voice is the region’s most popular TV show and attracts the world’s biggest brands as sponsors, so of course it was the natural choice for us to reach the show’s wide-ranging family audience in the Middle East. Now we’re inviting those families to come along to one of our showrooms, experience one of our cars for themselves and have some fun with the Koleos Karaoke whilst they’re with us. We are encouraging customers to embrace their ‘passion for life’ with us, and, you never know, if they record a memorable karaoke performance they could be driving away in a Koleos of their own!”


The Renault Koleos Karaoke competition will be in showrooms for one week only during the following weekends:

Jordan (Alkan International Motors): 31st March, 1st & 2nd April

Dubai (Arabian Automobiles Co) & Riyadh (Gulf Advantage Automobiles): 5th, 6th & 7th April

Oman (Suhail Bahwan Automobiles LLC): 7th, 8th & 9th April

Beirut (Bassoul & Heneine) & Damam (Gulf Advantage Automobiles): 12th, 13th & 14th April

Kuwait (AABC): 13th, 14th & 15th April

Abu Dhabi (Al Masaood Automobiles), Bahrain (Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons) & Jeddah (Gulf Advantage Automobiles): 19th, 20th & 21st April

For more information and to watch videos from the competition visit


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Geneva Motor Show 2018 Videos Part II

Here’s some of the main highlights of Geneva Motor Show 2018 in Video Part II:



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Two new versions of the Alpine A110 at the Geneva Motor Show

Two new versions of the Alpine A110 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The A110 Pure and Légende versions remain true to Alpine’s timeless principles of compact size, lightness and agility.

Both versions share the same full aluminium structure, 252hp 1.8-litre mid-mounted engine, mated to a wet clutch, 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) gearbox with double wishbone suspension front and rear.

  • Pure is the A110 at its lightest and most driver-focused. It is destined to live its life on winding mountain roads and retains the Première Edition’s minimalist yet high-quality approach.
  • Légende adds more refinement and sophistication for everyday driving or long distance touring. Standard equipment includes 6-way adjustable lightweight Sabelt seats, full leather upholstery and gloss-finished carbon fibre interior trim.

Three new exterior colours will also be added to the Alpine range.


Further information on the A110 Pure and Légende will be announced during Geneva Motor Show.


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A Journey with Twizy and the Future of Electrical Mobility

Because the future is now, and because most of the Arab countries have started to motivate citizens to own electric cars whether through installing charging stations or various types of incentives facilitating the process of owning electric cars, we will be taking you on a unique journey with a forward-looking experience filled with new technologies.

To match our themed Journey of youth and futuristic technologies, we chose the “American University of Technology” in Lebanon to be our ground testing base for the modern, funky, 100% electric and revolutionist vehicle made by the French manufacturer the “Renault Twizy”.


Before diving into the technologies and features of this scooter resembling vehicle, let’s start with the out-of-ordinary name “Twizy”. The European manufacturer has chosen this unusual name to reflect the nature of this unique car and to reflect its capabilities as well. The name “Twizy” is derived from the words: “Twins” as the Twizy is a small two seater vehicle capable of fitting closely two inseparable friends or twins and “Easy” which reflects the three major highlights of the car: Easy to Drive, Easy to Park and Easy to charge.

As for the exterior styling, the Twizy has a unique design. The Twizy structure is relatively small in size, resembling a scooter. The Twizy has the perfect in-city car dimensions of 2.34 m length X 1.4 m x width 1.98 m height making easy to drive in narrow streets and during traffic. The Twizy is also equipped with vertical doors for that extra coolness on exit and entry, you will surely make a remarkable entrance whenever you are going in or out of your car.


On the driving level, whether you are driving on city roads and even cruising the university campus, the exotic car will turn heads. The various cool and funky elements of the Twizy’s exterior design will guarantee unprecedented attention from its round distinctive headlights, unique wheels’ design or unusual rear shape and taillights. Perhaps the most important feature of the Twizy’s design is the color mixture of the body as you can customize it and choose any color combination that reflects your personality.

Personally, I can say that the driving sensation of the Twizy is 100% unique and different from any other driving sensation. Twizy brings on a smile on everyone’s face from the driver, the passenger and the people on the streets in a very strange way. it actually enlisted the spirit of humor and youth in the heart of everyone we met during our unique experience.

On the mechanical level or should I say Electro-Mechanical, the Twizy comes equipped with a 100% electric motor emissions free generating 13 KW of power equivalent to 17 HP at a weight of 474 kg. The Twizy is capable of reaching 80 km/h and an approximate range of 80 Km of combined distance without the need to be re-charged.

For the best driving experience, my colleague and I decided to take on a journey full of youth and fun. Our journey began from the city streets of Beirut heading towards the American University of Technology to re-live the university’s daily life of future youth full of energy and great times.


As we reach the University campus parking lot, we initiated in quick maneuverability drive. The Twizy was up to challenge due to its size and best turning radius (3.4m) defined for the 4-wheels vehicle.

After a few hours of driving, we decided to spice things a bit and make an unusual challenge, that is to drive the Twizy inside the university campus and specifically towards the basketball court. The Twizy fitted perfectly as we were driving it through the narrow classroom hallways. It was a true eye catcher to see a car driving through those tight alleys not made for driving conditions. As we reached the basketball court, you can clearly notice both the smile and question marks painted on students’ faces wondering how did this car get here and what is that out-of-ordinary vehicle?

After answering all inquiries and removing all doubts that this car was driven inside the campus, the basketball challenge between me and my colleague was set. We enjoyed our time shooting some hoops for three and a half hours, the time needed to recharge our energy and also to fully charge the Twizy. Charging a car has never been so easy, as the Twizy comes with an easy to plug 3-meter built-in cable that can be connected to any electrical outlet. The charging is done and we were on our way for our next challenge.

The most important problem we face in our everyday life is finding the parking spot for our car. As the day was about to end and the sun was about to set, the campus’ parking lot was full of cars with no place to park for a final wrap up. Renault’s innovative solution for the parking matter was in our hands, the Twizy made the parking process so simple and easy. We actually had fun parking the Twizy due its relevantly small size that can fit anywhere. Whether longitudinally or horizontally, the Twizy can be parked in less than 1.5m of space.

In the end, we can confirm that this revolutionary car from the French manufacturer Renault has defined the future path of the small electric cars and is at the same time suitable for the young generation interested in preserving the environment while driving cool cars and also suitable for corporates distinguished by their Social environmental responsibility and interested in fuel-saving while making their product delivery as the Twizy comes also, in addition to its two seater, with a Cargo Version which replaces the rear seat with a storage capacity of 180 liters or 75 kg.

So the final question is Are you a “Twizy”?



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Renault brings French style to the latest season of Fashion Star

Image 1 - Reanult Koleos-Arab-Motor-World
Image 2 - Designers Amor Guellil & Mayasa al Noofli-Arab-Motor-World

Renault Middle East has partnered with Dubai One’s flagship fashion TV show, Fashion Star.

As the season premiere of Fashion Star was aired on Dubai One last week, fashionistas across the Middle East will see Renault’s trendy Koleos SUV making several cameo appearances throughout the season as it drives designers and collectors around the city in a series of fashion-focused challenges.

Marwan Haidamous, Managing Director Renault Middle East said; “Our partnership with Fashion Star is another bold statement from our marketing strategy. Renault is now part of the world’s biggest automotive alliance, and we are beginning to truly make our mark in the region. By featuring in Dubai One’s flagship TV show, we hope to further raise awareness of our beautifully designed products amongst the region’s style conscience consumers.”


Mai El Khalifa, Head of Production, from Fashion Star said; “There is a natural affinity between Renault and Fashion Star. The French are renowned across the world for their chic fashion sense, so Renault was the natural choice for a stylish and trendy automotive partner. The new Koleos SUV was the perfect partner for getting around the city in style and comfort.”

The Renault Koleos, featured in the show, was launched in the Middle East in November 2016, and has proved to be Renault’s most popular model in the region. Mixing premium levels of style, elegance and practicality, the Koleos is a sophisticated partner for an adventurous road trip.


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First unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, All-New Renault Mégane R.S. has been eagerly awaited by sports driving enthusiasts. Just like its predecessors, the Mégane R.S. is aiming to become a benchmark in the C-segment hot hatch market. The third generation Mégane R.S. is packed full of Renault Sport expertise and passion.

Driven by its powerful design and focused on performance, All-New Renault Mégane R.S. makes no attempt to hide its motorsport pedigree, offering outstanding driving pleasure on the road and on the track.

  • Unique in class 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system ensures stability at high speeds and agility at low speeds – at high speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction, limited to a one degree angle for the rear wheels and at low speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions up to a maximum angle of 2.7 degrees;
  • Hydraulic bump stops all round enable optimum control of tyre-ground contact and increased ride comfort;
  • The world’s most powerful 1.8-litre engine delivers 280hp and 390Nm of torque thanks to the development work jointly carried out by engineers from Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing;
  • The option of an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) gearbox is available for the first time, alongside a manual transmission;
  • Two types of chassis are available – Sport or Cup. The Sport chassis provides easy sporty driving, with best-in-class efficiency, whilst the Cup chassis offers greater sports performance for track and fast road use;
  • The new S. Monitor Expert allows drivers to film their track sessions and overlay telemetry data to create augmented reality videos that can later be analysed on the R.S. Replay website;
  • The unique S. Vision lighting system with chequered flag design integrates the side lights, cornering lights, fog lights & high beam into one housing in the front bumper.



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Renault celebrates 40 years in Formula One

As the Renault team prepares for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, the French manufacturer is celebrating 40 years of success, passion and pride in Formula One.

The success story began in 1977 with the RS01 model and is still very much alive today with Renault’s two drivers, Carlos Sainz Jr. and Nico Hülkenberg currently sitting in 9th and 12th place respectively ahead of the Abu Dhabi event, which will take place at Yas Marina Circuit from the 24th – 26th November.

Renault’s decision to enter the Formula One world was made in 1975 but the team’s first race didn’t come until 1977. For the management during this period, entry into Formula One allowed Renault to introduce advance engine technology to the sport and use a turbo-compressed engine, which had never been done in Formula One before. A few years later, the turbo was used by the other racing teams, and today, modern Formula One cars are equipped with the technology which Renault was first to bring to the race series.


Renault celebrated its first Formula One victory just two years later, in 1979, at the Grand Prix de France in Dijon with the RS10. The victory of Jean-Pierre Jabouille, engineer and driver of the RS10, was a showcase of Renault’s will and ambition. This success and the many more that followed validated the concept of the turbo in Formula One and won the respect of the British teams, led by the Tyrell team.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary at the pinnacle of motorsport, the French automotive manufacturer has revived an anecdote from the past by creating 40 limited edition “Yellow Teapots”. The Yellow Teapot is a nod to how the introduction of revolutionary technologies by Renault sometimes incurred technical difficulties and reliability problems. Ken Tyrrell, the boss of the team, famously yelled out the nickname “Yellow Teapot” after seeing the RS10 smoking as it passed in front of his garage. The expression was adopted by members of his team, and soon by other teams in the paddock. The RS01 was thereafter nicknamed ‘The Yellow Teapot’.

In terms of design, the Yellow Teapots are inspired by the past and present; with creative nods to the 1977 RS01 and today’s RS17, even going as far as using the official Renault F1 paint. It’s a teapot that takes up all the aesthetic codes of Renault Formula One and plays on the design, graphics and colours – dominant yellow, black and white.

The teapots will equip the kitchens of the Atelier Renault restaurant on the Champs-Elysées and are available to purchase from Atelier Renault and online (

Commenting on the anniversary, Marwan Haidamous, Managing Director Renault Middle East, said; “Our brand mantra is ‘Passion for Life’ and there is no better example of that than our passion for performance, competition and winning than our 40th anniversary in Formula One.

Next year will see the Renault Sport line-up return to the GCC and Lebanon with the launch of two sensational performance cars; the Megane GT and the Megane RS. In addition, we will bring the iconic French premium sportscar brand, Alpine, to the Middle East. With these exciting new models, we will enable our customers to live their passions through our products and services. “