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SEMA Show 2018 Motorcycles and Crazy Stuff

SEMA Show 2018 is not just a show about Tuned and Muscle Cars or lifted trucks and 4×4. SEMA Show 2018 is a show about creativity, talents, skills and amazing products.

After covering the best of the best from Tuned Cars, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, trucks, 4×4, off-roading, classic trucks and cars and even the babes of SEMA Show 2018, I think SEMA also deserves a quick tour around what was happening and the crazy motorcycles that were on display throughout the show days in Las Vegas.


Lots of crazy activations and events were taking place inside and outside of SEMA Show halls that even if you plan it you can not cover it all.

From Celebrities appearances such as Jay Leno and Chip Foose to Music Bands and entertaining shows and most importantly the drift action and the 4×4 experiences by Kia, Continental Tires and Ford. And off-course one tent with a small arena full of crazy people the Hoonigans.

Beside the activations there was some crazy stuff displayed here and there such as out of this word trucks and supped up muscle cars with blowers higher that the roof at Hot Wheels Stand, strass covered engines, biggest turbos in the world, biggest sub-woofer, Nissan Cars setup with a DJ set, JBL fully loaded subwoofer trunks and so much more.

Two main items deserve our attention the e-Coppo first electrical Drag race Camaro by Chevrolet and the Dodge from Fast and Furious.

Dropping all that and entering a new world of customization under the name of Motorcycles and this is where the real deal begins with lowered bikes, air brushing, crazy colors with chrome, custom chopper and so much more.

This is the last article from a series of articles covering the SEMA Show 2018, we hope you enjoyed our tour and see you next year in Las Vegas for the craziest show on earth.


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The Best SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018

America Loves Its Trucks so do we. As soon as you enter the SEMA Show 2018 premises and while still at the parking you cannot but notice the huge lineup of trucks and more just waiting for you to drool over it. Here are the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.

The lineup on the outdoor area spreads across all the halls of SEMA and that is one large huge space, you start warming up with some customized Jeep Wranglers some with striking colors, some with striking looks and another with extreme customization like Jeep Pickup or even Jeep Limousine. As you move forward the bigger trucks start to appear with Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet lifted up and way I say lifted up it is way up –first floor height up- and moving on you start enjoying the various LED colors used as under car or should I say under truck neon giving that extra flair to those amazingly displayed trucks.


This is our third article in the SEMA Show series and still gives us the shivers when we talk about SEMA and more importantly about the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.

And if you think this is it, wait till you enter the inside halls well for the Truck of SEMA Show 2018 there’s more than one, the upper hall and the lower hall where you get the change to enjoy the best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018 and more importantly you get the chance to meet the customizers, check out the new products and the latest trends in 4×4 customization and even in classic trucks lowering, rat rodding and more, and probably one of the best customizers in the business of Hot rods and Muscle Cars crowned the Trucks of SEMA Show 2018 with its customized blazer Chevrolet the Ringbrothers and also Hurst joined the game of supping up some 4×4.

We leave you to enjoy our best selection of photos and exclusive shots for Arab Motor World from the Best 4×4, SUV and Trucks of SEMA Show 2018.


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The Muscle Cars of SEMA Show 2018

What characterizes SEMA Show from any other tuned or aftermarket show in the world is the presence of American Classic Cars. Arab Motor World brings you the best American Classic Muscle Cars of SEMA Show 2018.

The American Classic Muscle Cars at SEMA has a special flavor and is also a trendsetter for paint, styling, low riders, classic restorations, crazy upgrades and pure restorations of genuine parts.


Arab Motor World was there at SEMA and did a tour in the inside halls as well as the outdoor area and I can truly say I was impressed with the new trends being set for the upcoming few years.

What captures your attention is the presence of all American brands from FCA with Dodge, Chrysler to Ford and Lincoln, General Motors with Chevrolet, Cadillac, Corvette and so much more.

Even aftermarket brands brought in some crazy stuff to impress the audience of SEMA with Hurst bringing in his all-new creation of 1969 Camaro SS, Ringbrothers showing off there last two years’ masterpieces the Di Tomaso and the AMC Javelin with more than 1000 horsepower.

And if this is not enough, the Hot Rods spread everywhere is what makes your head turn at every corner, what we’ve noticed are the new designs being implemented on Hot Rods that reminded us with Mad Max movie in addition to the rusty rat rod concepts.

SEMA show is all about trends and the Classic American Muscle Cars at SEMA Show 2018 and the superb Hot Rods are setting customization and restoration trends for the years 2018 and 2019 until the next SEMA show takes place in Las Vegas next November.

So gear up from now and prepare yourself for next year’s SEMA and join us to discover the best American Classic Muscle cars of SEMA Show 2018 and 2019 alongside the crazy Hot Rods not seen anywhere else in the world.


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The Best Customized Cars of SEMA Show 2018

This year’s SEMA Show was no different from the past 51 years of SEMA, the show is by far the only B2B show that defines the tuning trend for the years to come. And not only that, the show has the best-customized cars in the world. Here are what was on display of the best Cars of SEMA Show 2018.

With a gathering of more than 3000 cars between indoor and outdoor space, and more than 100 000 products of customization, SEMA has what it takes to be truly named the Best Car Show ever.


No matter where you look no matter what your interests are SEMA is definitely the place to be for all motorheads.

In this SEMA Show article, we will be tackling the Tuned and Customized cars that really turned head throughout the show.

The Cars of SEMA Show 2018 ranged from simple tuning to extreme and more importantly covered almost all brands from the major European brands Like Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Tesla to the Beasts of America with Ford, Camaro, Dodge which was crowned by the Hellephant of Mopar with more than 1000 HP and the new release of Hurst with both Dodge and the old generation Camaro and not to forget the Japanese and Korean brands that were heavily present this year from Mazda, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and even some brands that we’ve never heard of or we can’t recognize the car anymore from the heavy modifications that were thrown in these mean machines.

This article is a series of articles that will tackle every angle of the SEMA Show 2018 and brings you the Cars of SEMA Show 2018 according to its nature.

We hope you will enjoy our selection of cars from this year’s SEMA 2018.


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The Girls of SEMA Show 2018


Models : Girls of SEMA Show
Country : United States of America

Show : SEMA Show
Year : 2018

Las Vegas is known for being one of the most entertaining cities in the world however only one thing distinguishes this city from its rivals: an event like no other called SEMA Show.

Every year car fanatics and professionals head to Las Vegas Convention Center during the fall season for the best show in the world of Customized Cars, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Pickups and SUV and more.

However, the annual SEMA Show is not only a gathering of gearheads and accessory freaks, but there are also many girls that contribute greatly to the success of the Show.

Many customizers and aftermarket brands such as Continental Tires, Exedy, Motul, Fox Factory, Nexen Tires, Toyo Tires, Ford, Yamaha and many others put great efforts in bringing the hottest girls to their stand.

Being part of the tuners and car community many other brands like Rockstar energy drink also pays great attention to the famous Rockstar girls on their stand.

and not to forget the Calendar girls and famous sexy models on different stands waiting to sign your calendar or poster while people line up for that crazy photo.

Many Car Fanatics consider these hot ladies a crucial part of the show and so do we.

Arab Motor World photographers were there this year at SEMA show 2018 and decided to bring you the latest photos from the hottest girls in SEMA show 2018.

Here are the Best SEMA girls for 2018 part of babes on Cars and Heels on Wheels Section on Arab Motor World Special Reports.

We hope you will enjoy these photos as much as we did enjoy taking them.


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