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Miss Tuning Calendar 2020


Model : Vanessa Knauf
Title : Miss Tuning 2019

Country : Austria
Taken from : Miss Tuning Calendar 202

Yearly Calendar is a must and Girls on Cars Calendars are even of higher priority with Car Guys.

You can never meet a car guy without a calendar on his desk or in his bedroom or in his Garage.

Miss Tuning is a Yearly celebration of the Sexiest Girl at Tuning World and every year we all wait for the Miss Tuning Calendar.

We thought of bringing it to you in Arab Motor World Month by Month combined with the Behind the Scenes Video for the Miss Tuning Calendar 2020.

Majestic Alpine panoramas, magnificent locations and plenty of automotive masterpieces were all put in just the right light as the backdrop for this year’s calendar shoot featuring this year’s Miss Tuning, Vanessa Knauf. Playboy star photographer Andreas Reiter photographed the 23-year-old fitness economics student in Austria from July 17th to 31st. “It was a really wonderful experience. The scenic backgrounds for the shoot were a like a dream and the teamwork was just impeccable,” raved the First Lady of Tuning World Bodensee. The limited-edition calendar will be available beginning on October 10, 2019.

Miss Tuning Calendar 2020 Month by Month featuring girl on cars like Porsche, Ford Mustang, VW, Audi, Jeep, Mercedes, BMW…



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The Girls of EICMA 2018 Motorcycle Show


Show : EICMA
Year : 2018

Country : Italy
Models : Girls of EICMA Motorcycle Show

Every November, Motorcycle fans are on a date with one of the most exciting motorcycles show in the world “EICMA” and this year EICMA 2018 was no different. EICMA is an annual motorcycle show held in Italy every year and brings you the latest releases in the motorcycle industry.

However, not all visitors are just interested in motorcycles. Many go as well for the action that copes with the show from motocross to stunts and much more. And a lot goes for the hottest girls in Italy.

Nothing beats the killer combination of Girls and Motorcycles and EICMA 2018 holds the most daring and beautiful motorcycles with the most gorgeous girls.

Arab Motor World is present in every motor show and is always ready to bring you the hottest girls and hostesses that give an exciting flair to every show.

EICMA 2018 is not far from our reach and we were present there to bring the amazing photos of the hottest models of EICMA 2018.

We have visited several motorcycles stands and got the chance to interact with these lovely ladies.

Honda Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles, Barracuda accessories, Yamaha Motorcycles, Suzuki Motorcycles, Vespa, Piaggio, KTM, Harley Davidson, Ducati, MV Agusta and all other brands brought in their hottest models on both side motorcycles and girls for the EICMA 2018 Motorcycle Show.

And not just that, the motorcycles and girls were setup to meet every motorcycle lifestyle from Motocross, to Moto GP, Speed bikes, cruisers, scooters and so much more.

To wrap it up, EICMA 2018 is the best place to be if you are a motorcycle fanatic where you will enjoy great motorcycles, adrenaline pumping 2-wheels action, trendiest accessories and off course the hottest hostesses, and the prettiest girls on motorcycles.

Arab Motor World will be there next year to bring you more for this section of heels on wheels.



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The Girls of SEMA Show 2018


Models : Girls of SEMA Show
Country : United States of America

Show : SEMA Show
Year : 2018

Las Vegas is known for being one of the most entertaining cities in the world however only one thing distinguishes this city from its rivals: an event like no other called SEMA Show.

Every year car fanatics and professionals head to Las Vegas Convention Center during the fall season for the best show in the world of Customized Cars, Muscle Cars, Trucks, Pickups and SUV and more.

However, the annual SEMA Show is not only a gathering of gearheads and accessory freaks, but there are also many girls that contribute greatly to the success of the Show.

Many customizers and aftermarket brands such as Continental Tires, Exedy, Motul, Fox Factory, Nexen Tires, Toyo Tires, Ford, Yamaha and many others put great efforts in bringing the hottest girls to their stand.

Being part of the tuners and car community many other brands like Rockstar energy drink also pays great attention to the famous Rockstar girls on their stand.

and not to forget the Calendar girls and famous sexy models on different stands waiting to sign your calendar or poster while people line up for that crazy photo.

Many Car Fanatics consider these hot ladies a crucial part of the show and so do we.

Arab Motor World photographers were there this year at SEMA show 2018 and decided to bring you the latest photos from the hottest girls in SEMA show 2018.

Here are the Best SEMA girls for 2018 part of babes on Cars and Heels on Wheels Section on Arab Motor World Special Reports.

We hope you will enjoy these photos as much as we did enjoy taking them.


Sexy Girls, SEMA Girls, Babes on SEMA Show, SEMA Show 2018, Cars, Trucks, Pickup, Motorcycles, Muscle Cars, Hot Rods


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The Girls of Tuning World and Miss Tuning 2018


Models : Hostesses and Artists of Tuning World Bodensee
Show : Tuning World Bodensee
Year : 2018

Show : Miss Tuning 2018
Miss Tuning Winner : Laura Fietzek
Country : Germany



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Visiting Monaco Top Cars Collection Museum


We had the privilege to visit the Monaco Top Cars Collection or as the locals would like to call it The Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco during the month of April 2018.

As soon as you enter the premises you will be captivated by an array of Formula One cars that is breathtaking beyond compare, just a few meters away the trip back in time starts with amazing Rally cars that took part in Monaco Racing series. On top of that, you get the chance to enjoy the history of Monaco throughout its special edition cars and vehicles used by the Royal Family in multiple special occasions.

Before taking you on a journey through time, I would like to start with a brief history of this amazing collection.

At the end of the 1950s, the car enthusiast Prince Rainier III began collecting old cars. His collection gradually grew over the years as he acquired more and more models, and the garage at the Prince’s Palace soon emerged as too small to contain this collection of around a hundred stunning streamlined and sporty cars, from majestic bodywork to gleaming hoods and regal radiator grills!

In 1993, Prince Rainier III, therefore, decided to open his precious collection to the public by establishing the Top Cars Collection Museum located on the Terrasse de Fontvieille. The exhibition spans 5 000 m2 and is unique in the world, bringing together around a hundred-odd different cars, from a 1903 DE DION BOUTON to the 2013 LOTUS F1 via HISPANO SUIZA, ROLLS ROYCE, LINCOLN, FACEL VEGA, DELAGE, DELAHAYE, PACKARD, HUMBER, NAPIER, FERRARI, MASERATI, LAMBORGHINI, ALFA ROMEO, the LEXUS used for the royal wedding in 2011, and without forgetting the racing cars seen at the Monte Carlo Rally and the Formula 1s from the Monaco Grand Prix.

You really can’t get enough as you move from one car to another, it is a dream come true for car fanatics and car collectors and is a must visit if you ever pass by Monaco. We would like to share with you some stories we picked up as we move along the Automotive Journey of the Royal Family:

The Humber 350 cc a motorcycle from 1902 driven by Prince Albert I to go from Monaco to his castle of Marchais in Aisne.

Next down the memory lane was the story of Prince Rainier and his faithful mechanic next to the DEUTSCH BONNET before the start of the Tour of France Automobile in 1953.

Moving up the timeline, was The New 1959 Renault Floride that was received by Princess Grace from Renault manufacturer in the Courtyard of the Princely Palace.

Fast Forward to the 2nd of July 2011 with the wedding of HSH Prince Albert II and the Princess Charlène in the LEXUS Hybrid specially coated in Landaulet.

Other notable cars in the collection were there as well to stun you including the Bugatti Type 35 driven by William Grover-Williams that won the inaugural Monaco Grand Prix in 1929, and Sébastien Loeb’s Citroën DS3 WRC, which he drove to victory in the 2013 Monte Carlo Rally.

The cars collection of HSH the Prince of Monaco is a unique collection of exceptional vehicles combining luxury with rarity.

We had a blast while going on a time-travelling journey in the middle of these amazing machine that ranges from late 1800 till nowadays.



In the News Interviews and Reports

First electric Ferrari faster than original: ‘It absolutely decimated it’

Source : CNN


Back in 2016, Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne said an electric Ferrari would be “obscene”. What’s the point of a silent Ferrari when the aggressive sound of its engine is a crucial part of the driving experience, he argued.

And while Marchionne has since changed his stance, admitting that the luxury automaker will move towards electrification by 2020, Hutchinson couldn’t wait that long, so he spent thousands of hours restoring and modernising his vintage 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS. Californian Eric Hutchison accomplished the unthinkable and created the very first — and, as it turns out, fastest — electric 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS.

Hutchison found the 1978 Ferrari totally destroyed after a catastrophic engine fire — the motor and all of its electronics were irreparable. But $10,000 later, he was the owner of a Ferrari 308 shell.

Now fitted with three batteries, the California-based vehicle is not only sustainable, but faster too.

The roar of Hutchison’s car, which has three batteries — one in the front and two in an L-shaped configuration where the gas tanks used to sit — has been replaced by a quieter electric hum.

“There’s something very calming about sitting in a car when it’s not making any engine noise,” he explains.

“You put your foot down on the pedal in this car, it elicits fear, it’s scary, it launches, it explodes and that there’s no noise and then you put your foot down and you hear your tires ripping.

“The adrenaline of getting in an electric car with this much power on a Ferrari frame is phenomenal. Indescribable.”

But is it comparable to an original Ferrari?

“Not by any means,” Hutchison admits. “It’s a whole different experience.

“The association with noise and shifting is an automotive experience … the symphony changes tremendously and the car — the feeling, the motors — sound much more like a jet engine when they fire up.

“So there are other noises that come with the change and if you compare it to what a Ferrari has sounded like forever, of course, it’s not a Ferrari engine.”

After completing work on the car, Hutchison put it up for sale with classic car auctioneer Barrett Jackson.

“The most satisfying part of the experience is having someone else share the experience of the electric car,” Hutchinson explains. “A classic car that’s 40 years old, it’s going to go for 40 more years to share that, to drive it, and to show that elsewhere to other people. ”

The GTE’s new owner, Drew Gill, was ecstatic to find out the sports car was electric.

“I didn’t know that it was electric when I was bidding on it,” he reveals.

“I just thought it was in pristine condition and something that you can drive.”

It was only when Gill won the auction after bidding $77,000 that he learned of its unconventional engine.

“It wasn’t making any noise but it was moving and then we sat in the post-bid section where we were discussing the car and I found out there that it was electric and I was even more amped.

“Being from California, electric right now is the way to be and then the good thing about it is there’s no emissions — all you ever have to do is change brakes and change tires so it’s something that I don’t feel bad about driving.

“It’s fast, it’s way better than any other electric car that you’re going to drive on the market today, and it’s a Ferrari. What else do you want out of a car?”

“The electric car absolutely decimated the gas car,” he says, having hired a professional driver to compare the two, concluding with a 10 second difference between the cars.

Having put the car up for auction, the GTE’s current owner, Drew Gill, was ecstatic to find out the sports car was electric: “It’s fast, it’s way better than any other electric car that you’re going to drive on the market today, and it’s a Ferrari. What else do you want out of a car?”



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XENA STANGINI – The Name says it all


Image Credit : As Received 

The sight of a lady driving a Supercar is not unique anymore as we see several women driving those fast cars on the streets of our nation, however seeing a woman driving a pink Supercar and a customized Muscle Car and does drifting for the fun of it that is something worth talking about.

And if you think this is it for Heba, this is where you are wrong, I mean this woman even surprised Arab Motor World Staff, who thought they saw everything, until hearing how much Heba is knowledgeable about aftermarket and tuning even more than most of the guys we’ve met.

Here’s XENA STANGINI up close and personal.

Who is Xena Stangini ?

Xena_stangini is my Instagram name. It is a combo name representing my both cars; the Mustang and the Lamborghini.

I have set up this Instagram account for my cars builds and have photos of my cars and the aftermarket parts more than I have of myself. My family knows by now that all gifts are accepted in car parts only; no cash, gold, diamonds or roses.

My real name is Heba from Cairo-Egypt Residing in Dubai, I am a Senior Business Consultant working in a large international company. Outside my corporate life, I am a certified scuba diver, I play tennis, love to spend my weekends drifting and driving, and everything related to the automotive world.

I have just been awarded the Best Car for 2018 & Readers’ Choice Award from Wheels magazine, in a ceremony attended by top automakers. I am proud to be the first female to win this award.

How did your passion for automotive started and when?

It started at an early age when I was 14 years old, my father started teaching me how to drive his manual gearbox car. I was influenced by his deep passion for cars, I have seen him treat cars as if they were human. He tackles speed bumps with care, drives an extra mile to ensure he’s parked in the shade, gives them regular check-ups — and now this is all in my blood.

Once I have become of age, I owned an Opel Astra as my first car.

We’ve read on your profile that one time you were bored so you hit the track, what can you tell us about this out of this world time-killing mechanism?

I always say driving is therapy, and when I am bored or stressed out, I love to drive sideways i.e drift. I have been for years seriously thinking about getting certified as a professional drifter but this endeavor requires a lot of dedication, practice in the field, and commitment, which I cannot afford due to my personal and professional obligations. So, I am keeping it as a hobby for now, however building my own drift car will remain a dream I will pursue sooner or later. I may turn my Mustang into a drift car, or I will buy a tuner car and work on my project from there.

You own several vehicles yourself, which one is the dearest to your heart?

I own a Lamborghini Gallardo V10 5.2L Lp550-2 2013, Mustang 3.7L V6, 2015, and I have just sold my BMW 3 series. All my cars are drop-top (convertibles).

The Mustang and Gallardo are both equally dear to me. However, the Gallardo has been my daily drive since I am actually still overwhelmed with the power and beauty of this machine.

Your Mustang is upgraded and has a pinkish color, what’s up with that?

Well, the very first modification that I had done even before I  took delivery of the car — was a Roush exhaust. I wanted a deep roaring sound so i had the system installed at the dealer. Afterward, I had the car lowered by 1.5 in, added 25mm wheel spacers and upgraded the suspension which significantly improved the car’s cornering and handling. I have also installed an Anderson Composites carbon fiber bonnet, APR wing and performance splitter to help shed some weight and I must say the CDC Outlaw body kit — which includes a front spoiler, side skirts and a rear spoiler — looks great on the car, to top it up I have installed vertical doors too. It also had a full custom exterior and interior light upgrade; DRLs, Demon and Angel Eyes, fogs, and sequential indicators and I had them programmed to sync together to my liking.

As for the color, it was originally Competition Orange but I wanted the car to stand out more and with an unusual, daring color combination. So I did my research and shortlisted the colors I wanted and had samples sent to me. Then, finally, I chose the customized ZTS hyper-shift dip and got the necessary paperwork done for approvals and had the car registration changed too.

In addition, I’ve already added a JLT cold air intake with SCTx4 custom tuning which increased significantly my horsepower which is now 325bhp on dyno, and most importantly I can feel the difference whenever I floor the throttle. In fact, I have started thinking about a major engine boost such as installing a Procharger to give the 3.7-litre V6 that extra push and also long tube headers and an off-road H-pipe which will create more power and torque, however, it will take some time to get the necessary approvals as I like to keep it all legal.

I am also going widebody, I bought the fender flares, and now making my choice about my new tires and wheels.

What about that pink Lamborghini, why pink is it a statement to say this a lady’s supercar?

I like fiery controversial colors, they do reflect my personality. My Lamborghini was originally finished in a dark blue (Blu Fontus) paint with a beige interior but I do not leave my cars in stock condition and since I do not like dark colors either I was always going to spruce it up. After I got all the relevant approvals from the traffic authorities, I had it wrapped in Super Chrome Hot Pink and brushed Fuchsia.

The interior has also been trimmed with pure Chrome Fuchsia. I then had the wheels painted black (with the brake calipers painted gold to match the Lambo logo) and then had the taillights tinted and got myself a customized key too! The transformation took about two weeks.

I plan to boost the output and change the exhaust but these modifications are pricey and I need time to save up. In the immediate future, I’ll be getting a rear spoiler to give it an even sportier and aggressive look.

You ride with so many car clubs, how do guys perceive the idea of a woman riding alongside and sometimes racing in the arena against them?

I do hope the day would come where we do not hear clichés like “Oh! a girl driving a modified muscle car!”, and gets worse at the track where guys gasp when they find it out there is a girl drifter.

What message are you sending to our community by being a woman in a man’s world? 

Honestly, the automotive industry is male-dominated, but I am not in it to prove anything to anyone. I am just being me, I do what I love doing and in competition with my own self only. I have been witnessing a considerable amount of resistance and doubt but equally gained respect by others. I let my actions speak for me.

On another note, I am glad that I am receiving good response from the car community, and my efforts are recognized, I have been interviewed and featured in a couple of respectable well-established automotive publications, and my cars have been reposted on social media on popular pages. My family and close friends support me all the way. I will continue with the thrill of customizing my cars. I have loved researching all of the aftermarket parts, contacting the dealers, tracking the shipment of each part and nagging the courier 100 times about the delivery date and time. I have dedicated a huge space in my house for all the car parts and took photos of all the boxes and unwrap them one by one and read all the enclosed pamphlets and installation instructions to gain more knowledge about each part. My next project is building my own drift car.

Anything you would like to add

At the end I would like to add one more thing, I am really proud of being part of the She Challenges Section at Arab Motor World Platform and appreciate all the support and attention the guys at Arab Motor World provided me with to help spread the change that the Automotive World should not be gender oriented.

“I am walking my own path and will continue to march on.” – said Heba



Interviews and Reports

Meet Jean Pierre Kebbe Porsche Club Lebanon President

Auto Clubs are now a trend in the automotive industry. As you cruise the streets of any country on weekends you must stumble upon a certain club going for a ride.
However, certain clubs really strike you when you see them driving by and some clubs are even older than most of us on the roads, the Porsche Club of Lebanon is a club that combines both heritage being one of the oldest Auto clubs founded in Lebanon and probably the region and also a striking club with the variety of cars that you see in a cruise from classcs to modern and much more.
This wouldn’t have been possible without the commitee and board that works closely with the president and members of the Porsche Club Lebanon.
This is why, we’ve decided to go up close and personal with the President of Porsche Club Lebanon ” Jean Pierre Kebbe” in our meet the president section to better understand the motivation, objectives and future goals of this amazing club.

Jean Pierre Kebbe; President Porsche Club Lebanon for this iteration, you took over PCL for more than 2 years to date, what can you tell us about the changes, upgrades and the New Porsche Club Lebanon?


Having been president of Porsche Club Lebanon for nearly two years, what I am proud of the most is having brought the club members closer together. We are now one big family and we are enjoying our cars and each others’ company more than ever. The changes were many but mainly the club has become much more organized and way much more recognized as one of the best and most active clubs in Lebanon.

What are the new objectives and what were the achievements of PCL under your presidency?

There will always be new objectives and they will mainly be acquiring more members, and engaging in more social work. Giving back to society is always our target.

As for the achievements of Porsche Club Lebanon throughout those two years are mainly:

Better quality events, more frequent events (24 per year), upgraded the member notifications, developed an app for the club, acquired more sponsors, engaged in much more charity and social work as well as planned for 4 trips for members to participate inn Porsche driving schools both on track and on snow and ice and finally keeping the traditional yearly events going (Yearly BBQ, Iftar, End of year dinner)

What was the role of the president in those achievements and fulfilling those objectives and who was there to support you?

Honestly in the current committee it was never about the president. The six of us are one tream and one hand and I am thankful for having had the opportunity to work and enjoy with such amazing friends.

What’s coming next for the Porsche Club Lebanon in the coming years?

The club always has been and always will be about its members. The members are what matters and I will always do my best as long as am I here to plan for and execute what keeps them together and make them happy and proud to be Porsche Club Lebanon members.


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Storm chaser – Beauty of the Desert

Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-02

Vehicle : Storm Chaser
Model : Jeep Wrangler
Year : 2014

Models : Unknown
Country : Somewhere in the Desert

Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-01
Storm chaser - Beauty of the Desert - Wrangler-Heels-On-Wheels-Arab-Motor-World-00



Heels & Wheels

The Girls of Geneva Motor Show 2018


Models : Hostesses at Geneva Motor Show 2018
Year : 2018

Photos Taken by : Arab Motor World Team
Country : Switzerland