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Continental Presents Two New Tyre Technology Concepts For Greater Safety And Comfort

Continental is introducing two new tyre technology concepts that will make for even greater road safety and comfort in the future.

The two systems enable continuous monitoring of the tyre’s condition, as well as situation-matched adaptation of tyre performance characteristics to prevailing road conditions. The technologies, called ContiSense and ContiAdapt, will make their public debut at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) accompanied by a tyre study.

ContiSense is based on the development of electrically conductive rubber compounds that enable electric signals to be sent from a sensor in the tyre to a receiver in the car. Rubber-based sensors continuously monitor both tread depth and temperature. If the measured values are above or below predefined limits, the system at once alerts the driver. If anything penetrates the tread, a circuit in the tyre is closed, also triggering an immediate warning for the driver – faster than the systems used to date, which only warn the driver when the tyre pressure has already begun to fall. In the future, the ContiSense system will feature additional sensors that can also be utilized individually. Information about the road surface, such as its temperature or the presence of snow, can be “felt” by the tyre and passed on to the driver. The data can be transmitted to the vehicle electronics or via bluetooth to a smartphone.


ContiAdapt combines micro-compressors integrated into the wheel to adjust the tyre pressure with a variable-width rim. The system can modify the size of the contact patch, which under different road conditions is a decisive factor for both safety and comfort. Four different combinations allow perfect adaptation to wet, uneven, slippery and normal conditions. For example, a smaller contact patch combined with high tyre pressure make for low rolling resistance and energy-efficient driving on smooth, dry roads. By contrast, the combination of a larger contact patch with lower tyre pressure delivers ideal grip on slippery roads. The system also permits very low tyre pressures of below 1 bar to be set, to help ease the vehicle out of a parking space in deep snow, for example, or traverse a dangerous stretch of black ice.

ContiSense and ContiAdapt are joined by a concept tyre that enables the benefits of both systems to be fully leveraged. The tyre design features three different tread zones for driving on wet, slippery or dry surfaces. Depending on the tyre pressure and rim width, different tread zones are activated and the concept tyre adopts the required “footprint” in each case. In this way, the tyre characteristics adapt to the prevailing road conditions or driver preferences.

Continental considers both these tyre technology concepts promising solutions for the mobility of the future as tyres are adapted to meet the needs of automated driving and electrification.

Low rolling resistance, for example, makes it possible for electric cars to cover greater distances on a single charge. At the same time, the tyres can be adapted to suit the driver’s personal preferences or in response to sudden changes in the weather. These concepts are the logical next step in the future-oriented development of the REDI sensor, brought to market by Continental in 2014, which was instrumental in establishing smart communication between vehicle and tyre.

The new tyre technology concepts follow on from the two established mobility technologies ContiSeal, for the automatic sealing of punctures, and ContiSilent, for a tangible reduction in tyre/road noise. Able to draw on more than a century of experience in tyre technology and with in-house expertise in the fields of vehicle electronics and automotive IT, Continental is systematically aligning its products with the future requirements of autonomous driving and electric mobility.


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Cooper Tire Announced as Official Tyre partner for Kahn Design

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe Ltd and Kahn Design are proud to announce the designation of Cooper as the first “Official Tyre” of Kahn Design.

Cooper will be the tyre of choice for a variety of Kahn’s coach-built vehicles, for which the Middle East is an important market, including its renowned range of coach built Flying Huntsman models, which are designed by the founder and Design Director of the Kahn Group himself; Afzal Kahn.

In addition, certain Chelsea Truck Company vehicles, also produced by the Kahn Group, will be fitted with Cooper’s acclaimed Cooper Discoverer A/T3 Sport tyres.


Already present in the Middle East, with retail partners in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Kahn Design’s bespoke creations are personalised to exact individual specifications to guarantee a completely unique vehicle. Whether exploring exciting outdoor adventures or cruising through the urban environment, Kahn design’s range of Chelsea Truck Company vehicles serve a wide range of purposes.

Eye-catching models such as the coach built Flying Huntsman 6X6 Pick Up and Flying Huntsman Longnose editions, Jeep Black Hawk edition, End Edition Defender and a plethora of Range Rover models have been snapped up by discerning buyers across the GCC and Lebanon.

This new partnership links Cooper’s passion for performance and off-road know-how with Kahn design’s design coach building and manufacturing expertise. Both brands share important core values – both are driven by success and are unrelenting in their quest for the highest quality performance.

Cooper Tire has a variety of tyres options available to meet the varying conditions of Middle East roads; the Cooper Zeon 4XS Sport, which offers outstanding grip and handling, as well as the latest generation of its most popular off-road tyre, the Discoverer STT Pro which delivers serious traction, durability and treadwear.

Cooper Tire Europe Marketing Director Michiel Kramer said, “Choosing the correct tyre is vital so it is a massive endorsement of the quality of our products that the Kahn Group has hand-picked Cooper as its ideal choice of tyre. Cooper’s range of tyres is known for its exceptional grip, handling and braking, so this is a great platform for us to demonstrate our long-standing expertise in producing tyres that are designed to handle all surfaces, both on the open road and off road.”

With tyre needs from tough and functional to urban chic, Cooper was an ideal choice according to Kahn Group CEO, Afzal Kahn. “The reliability, safety and performance of Cooper tyres is extremely high, just the way we need it for our customers to have the best driving experience we can offer. Cooper tyres are a known quantity. They work well in all the conditions that Chelsea Truck Company customers usually come across both on the open road and off-road. Cooper has such a rich history, so the two companies linking up makes perfect sense.”


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Cooper Tire 4×4 ambassador Xavi Foj honoured with Dakar Legend status

Twenty-seven-time Dakar Rally entrant and Cooper Tire 4×4 ambassador, Xavi Foj has become one of only six competitors to be honoured with Dakar Legend status. During his Dakar Rally career, Foj has secured two victories, nine podium finishes and has an impressive run of 13 consecutive finishes to his name.

Foj revels in the challenge of the Dakar, and especially in the T2 category which is a cross-country class for production vehicles. In the 2017 edition of the Dakar, Foj competed in a Toyota Land Cruiser 150 on Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyres.

Commenting on his accolade, Xavi Foj said: “It’s a great honour for me to be one of the Dakar Legend drivers, among greats like Stephane Peterhansel and friends like Nani Roma. I would like to share this distinction with Dakar fans, with the team and with my sponsors, particularly with Cooper, as they have worked closely with me for many years.”


The Spaniard now joins Nani Roma, Stephane Peterhansel, Cyril Despres, Franco Picco and Yoshimasa Sugawara in receiving this Dakar Legend distinction.

To celebrate Foj’s achievement, Cooper Tire has produced a special film titled Dakar Legend and Cooper Tire 4×4 ambassador – Xavi Foj:

Middle East adventurers inspired by Foj’s impressive achievements can purchase their own set of Discoverer STT Pro tyres from retailers across the region. The tyres have been designed for customers who love outdoor adventure, delivering serious traction, toughness and treadwear to meet the demanding off-road conditions of the Middle East. Additionally, the alternating inner tread rib is designed to reduce road noise and increase stability.



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Safety at the limit, Tyres for Performance-Tuned Cars


Continental, the German premium automotive supplier and manufacturer, has established itself as a leading developer of bespoke tires for performance-modified vehicles from renowned manufacturers and brand tuners in the Middle East and around the world. In a region where individual modification of cars is steadily growing, ultra-ultra high performance (U-UHP) Continental tires can be relied upon to maintain optimum performance levels at speeds of 360 km/h and above.

After its €45 million investment in the high-performance technology sector, Continental is set to produce around 350,000 U-UHP tyres annually for the tuning market.

Among the elite specialists who fit their modified cars with Continental tyres are Abt, AC Schnitzer, Arden, Brabus, Heico, Lorinser, edo competition and TechArt, to name just a few.

Henry Siemons, Head of the Tuning department at Continental, reports on how new technologies are driven forward in the high-speed sector, how innovations are put to work and how development work for prominent specialist tuners benefits Continental’s own brand.

Henry Siemons, why is there such a strong focus on the topic of U-UHP at Continental?
Henry Siemons: In regions where the automobile market is still growing, the proportion of modern vehicles that demand more from their tires is also larger. Then there’s the growth that we ourselves are fostering. We don’t just observe and follow trends, we actively drive them forward as well. In this respect, we work closely with the tuning firms who we regard as specialist manufacturers. The extremely high standards in this market demand technological developments that will in future find their way into the volume market as well. This way, we have already harnessed these technologies before the volume markets start to demand them.

Which tuners and OEMs choose to rely on Continental’s expertise?
Henry Siemons: I think we’re unique here in that almost all the renowned tuning firms are regular customers. They’re almost all single-marque tuners who have been specialising for years in cars from a single manufacturer and have built a reputation to match, as we have too. We work with these high-end tuning firms on an equal footing.

In general, what kind of volumes of U-UHP tires do you manufacture?
Henry Siemons: In our highly-specialised area we’re talking about very different numbers from the OEM sector, for example. We engage in image-building projects through which we aim to show that we’re leading the field in the U-UHP segment, even if only 100 or so of a particular tire are ever built. An initial production volume of 500 units doesn’t sound too large, but you have to consider the price level we’re talking about here and the fact that these tires will only be destined for a single model in a single market. And then there’s the prospect that this product will find its way into standard production.

So, developing U-UHP tires can also be a means of opening up and cornering new markets?
Henry Siemons: We always aim to be among the leaders in the tuning sector, to tell the world: we’re here; this patch is already reserved. And when a new model, from Brabus, for example, makes its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show, we aim to be present on the car with a technology-leading tire. This is a real image-building factor and gives our reputation a further boost.

But surely Continental’s reputation for U-UHP tires doesn’t depend entirely on image transfer from performance-tuned cars?
Henry Siemons: Along with the major auto shows, tuning fairs are also significant events for us. Our discussions with visitors to our booth confirm time and again that tires figure high on the agenda for many sporty drivers. They’re not just wear parts but hi-tech products without which safe dynamic driving would be impossible.

What are the key characteristics that a U-UHP tire must deliver for such high-powered cars?
Henry Siemons: Requirements in the tuning sector go well beyond what we need to deliver for the replacement business. Here, it’s all about attaining the perfect balance between very high speeds, dynamic handling and the weight of the vehicle, while always making absolutely sure that the car retains its unique character.

Which Continental plants are in a position to manufacture U-UHP tires?
Henry Siemons: With the new HPTC, our High Performance Technology Center in Korbach, Germany, we’ve now got a plant that can produce short runs of tires – a kind of specialist tire production shop for very special applications that we can experiment with in the high-tech segment. Like when we’re dealing with new material compounds or constructions. We then try to transfer the knowledge that we acquire here to other production sites, as well.


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Michelin, the world’s tyre technology leader, along with Dubai Municipality, Road Transport Authority (RTA), Tasjeel and Central Trading Company, part of the Al Rostamani Group and importer of MICHELIN tyres for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has renewed its commitment to making road transportation safer by organizing the Tyre Safety Campaign for passenger cars and trucks, from 14 to 18 May 2017.

Mohamed Aqel, General Manager Central Trading Company (CTC) said: “As part of this campaign, Michelin and our CTC technical and after sales service team carried out free tyre safety checks for more than 400 vehicles at different locations in Dubai, inspecting a total of more than 2000 tyres. In addition, participants also received expert advice and information about alignment, mounting, tyre pressure and maintenance from the expert team.”

“Michelin raises public awareness of road safety best practices wherever we operate,” said Daoud Helmi, Commercial Director for Michelin in the Gulf countries. “We are happy to bring the Tyre Safety Campaign along with the Dubai Municipality, Tasjeel and RTA to Dubai. With the fast economic progress that Dubai is witnessing, it becomes imperative to raise driver awareness for more responsible driving and safer roads.”


Ms. Deema Fouad Hussein, Traffic Awareness Department Senior Manager at RTA, added: “RTA is a committed partner in promoting motor vehicle and road safety initiatives. One of the critical factors for road safety is the condition of tyres, which is often overlooked by drivers. The Michelin campaign has enabled us to strengthen awareness about this important aspect of road safety.”

“We are pleased to be part of this initiative, as it is a direct and effective method to reach drivers and educate them about the importance of following road safety rules,” said Mr. Khamees Al Sweedi, Supervisor at Dubai Municipality. “Well-maintained tyres with the right pressure are critical for safety on our roads, and it is necessary to ensure tyres are checked regularly.”

For Michelin, safety takes on a variety of forms. It is achieved through quality products and services, constant innovations offering users ever greater safety, and awareness campaigns that raise the importance of tyre maintenance to the broadest possible audience.