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Free Access to Fitness Zone & Bonuses to A.N.Boukather Staff who hit their fitness Targets!

Fitness Zone and ANB

A.N.Boukather and Fitness Zone held a press conference at Fitness Zone Dbayeh branch, to launch its first of its kind collaboration in Lebanon: Enjoy Being Fit!

With the exceptional vibes and enthusiasm of both parties, energizing ambiance, music and F&B, media attendees witnessed how businesses and health clubs join forces for a healthy body, healthy mind.

A.N.Boukather and Fitness Zone speakers shared their common belief in the importance of health and fitness on the effectiveness, positivity and performance of a person at the workplace.


In fact, Ms. Maria Noujaim, Marketing Director of Fitness Zone, highlighted the noticeable change in employees’ behavior and efficiency as soon as their workout becomes part of their daily routine. Which is why, ANB & FZ found a common ground together to spread this legacy in the mindset of the worker.

To add on the above, Mr. Anthony Boukather, C.E.O of A.N. Boukather said: “We are giving Free access to ANB employees so they can workout in the morning and come energized to work. But more than that, we are rewarding our employees who go to the gym by establishing a system where they will maintain fitness targets managed by Fitness Zone continuous monthly reports.”

This Joy of being fit, is shared as well with ANB clients who will benefit from special rates and a free month subscription on specific cars and bikes’ purchases provided by Fitness Zone; and with FZ Employees and members who will enjoy special discounts on ANB services and products.

To end the ceremony, Mr. Antoine Keyrouz, C.E.O of Fitness Zone stated:” We invite other companies and governmental institutions in Lebanon to join this legacy and give value to the culture of sports, as it has tremendous, positive and visible effects on their business.”

ANB & FZ elevated the bar high through taking the mindset of businesses in Lebanon to another level, by thinking, being and acting healthy. With this being said, we are impatiently waiting at the gym for the challenging activations launched by both parties and revealing valuable prizes for the winners!


Automotive news

Opel gets a New Dealership in Lebanon

A.N.Boukather was founded in 1927 by Nicolas Boukather who was a pioneer car importer in the Middle East. A.N.Boukather is proudly living its vision to Enjoy Moving Forward, with no boundaries.

With its thrive to achieve more and to grow bigger with all its stakeholders, A.N.Boukather will be responsible for importing, selling and servicing Opel vehicles in Lebanon as of March 2018. An exclusive showroom displaying the Opel cars will be opened in July 2018 in Beirut with further representation around the country to follow.

Opel new strategy is to increase sales significantly in markets outside of doubling overseas sales by 2020. It is definitely a good growth potential for A.N.Boukather. An adapted growth strategy is underway to follow Opel’s long term strategy so that A.N.Boukather can enhance the brand’s presence again in the Lebanese market. In fact, according to A.N.Boukather’s Chief Executive Officer, Anthony Boukather, the new Opel strategy will be followed by a strong marketing plan in Lebanon to gain more Opel market shares and to spread Opel as a global brand with a promising future.


Opel bouquets of products that will be offered in Lebanon are Astra Sedan and Astra Hatchback with a new exciting addition of SUV by Opel in Lebanon: Crossland X and Grandland X.

The year 2017 was a record year for A.N.Boukather in the Lebanese market with record sales for both Mazda and the Motorcycles business, providing Excellency in customer service and being the pioneer in the automotive industry in terms of experiences, digital strategy and marketing.



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Discovering the city of Tripoli in Lebanon on board the Mazda CX-5

As the weekdays come to an end, we have decided to go on an out of ordinary trip for our weekend getaway.

We have decided to adventure in discovering a Lebanese ancient city, one of the oldest in the world and the 2nd in the world to contain the largest quantity of historical monuments in one city; we have decided to tour the city of Tripoli in Lebanon.


Moreover, and as we were planning our discovery journey, our eyes were set on one extraordinary location to be our first stop in Tripoli. We’ve heard about “The Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center”, the fifth among the largest exhibition centers in the world in terms of dimensions and variety of construction. An exhibition center that was built in the late 60s’ and early 70s’ of the 20th century with a futuristic vision and a forward-looking outlook.

To match the concept of this chosen location, we needed a car that influenced the automotive manufacturing industry and set the future trend for its manufacturer. We chose Mazda’s compact crossover The “CX-5” 2018 model. This car has revolutionized the Japanese automotive trends and set the path for future designs specifically with the Japanese manufacturer Mazda. In 2011 and during the Tokyo International Motor Show, Mazda introduced for the first time the concept of the Kodo Design or the “Soul of Motion” through the CX-5 first generation. Afterwards the Kodo design became an integral part of the Japanese manufacturer’s identity in all its modern designs.

On D-day and as the sun began to rise, our journey on board the all-new Mazda CX-5 2018 initiated as we hit the Beirut-Tripoli highway. The roads were almost empty, so we took benefit of the occasion and juiced the CX-5 engine in different conditions. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine coped with a six-speed automatic transmission producing 188 horsepower was exactly what we expected it to be. The CX-5 is also equipped with SkyActiv Technology which helps significantly in providing the right amount of power when needed and also helps in reducing fuel consumption and fuel emissions.


Reaching our first destination in Tripoli, “The Rachid Karameh International Exhibition Center”, we were stunned with the amazing scenery and the variety of sights from concrete to greenery. We took advantage of the superb weather and nature’s mix of lights and colors to take some astonishing photos for the Mazda CX-5.

Mazda’s black colored compact crossover has a captivating exterior. The front of the CX-5 is stylish yet aggressive with a large new design grille centered by Mazda’s enlarged emblem with a 3D effect, a bold statement by the Japanese manufacturer conveying its message of Mazda’ evolution over the past few years and providing a sense of pride when owning any new vehicle from the Mazda’s lineup. The front is also characterized by a chrome strip underneath the grille connecting the two headlights and swept inside the headlights’ design for that “Continuity in Design” feature that symbolizes Mazda’s new identity. The “Continuity in Design” is clearly shown with the similarity in shape between the headlights and taillights of the CX-5 and noticeable with the side lines connecting those lights from front to back for that extra aerodynamics. These lines combined with the muscular shaped fenders provides a more athletic looks on the All-New CX-5.

The photoshoot session is done and now it was time to meet our guide for that promised tour of Tripoli’s historical monuments.

As soon as we entered the inside cabin of the CX-5, a puzzled smile appeared on the face of our guide. He was intrigued with the modern and elegant design of the CX-5 interior. Mazda has adopted a modern and future interior design with a clear change from the previous generation. The materials used from leather and elegant plastic reflected the stylish scheme required in this type of cars. Our guide had a specific question about that peculiar looking wood element carefully laid on the console and door panels. And the answer was simple, Mazda used the “Wood-Metal” material to reveal its intention of combining the elegant feel of classic wood and the modern and futuristic touch of the inside cabin elements. On top of that and for that extra spice of elegance, Mazda also relied on handcrafted stiches for its super comfortable leather seats and steering wheel. The distance between the stiches is exactly the same proving once more that the CX-5 is inspired by classic, handcrafted elegancy with a futuristic approach and design.

Mazda also gave the rear area a “noteworthy” attention in terms of design, comfort and space. The rear seats are as elegant as the front zone and are supported with a hand rest containing a USB charging port and cup holders dedicated for the rear cabin passengers. For storage space, the CX-5 is equipped for both family and adventure seekers, we therefore find a relatively large trunk storage space. The space can be extended considerably for those extra shopping bags or adventure cargo by lowering the rear seats using the designated handles in the trunk of the CX-5.

After that careful dissertation of the interior and exterior designs, we were ready to move and have set course for our 2nd destination: The Crusader Fortress of Tripoli built in the early 12th century. We took some narrow roads and were faced with traffic jams. The Mazda CX-5 is well equipped for that extra comfort in daily drives, the “Auto Hold” option made our life easier in traffic jams. it holds the car standing still on full stop even when the feet are lifted of the brake pedal and moves forward when needed with a single touch on the gas pedal.

After the fortress, we cruised to visit another two archaeological sites located in one destination; the 13th century ” Barsbay Tower ” and the “Ottoman railway station” in the harbor. Although access to them is not that easy, the All-Wheel Drive system with the Active Torque Split functions came in-handy to overcome some mud and rough terrain surrounding the two sites. This have proved that despite the fact that the CX-5 is not built initially for rough off-roading however it does the job when needed for those adventure seekers.

As the day come to an end, our journey in Tripoli came to its last moments with a promise to return soon and continue our visit to the remaining archaeological sites. The trip onboard the Mazda CX-5 was far from being over. As the night laid its wings on the highway, we took benefit from our return trip to Beirut and got the chance to experience the “G Vectoring Control” on those curvy turns and also experience the vast variety of the CX-5’s safety and technological options such as: Adaptive LED Headlights, 7″ screen infotainment, TCS, ABS and so much more.

At the end, it must be said that Mazda has evolved significantly over the generations of the CX-5, and has given Mazda lovers a new car entirely worthy of carrying the Badge of the Japanese distinguished manufacturer “Mazda”.



Events Coverage

Mazda CX-5 unveiled

A.N Boukather introduces the all-new 2018 Mazda CX-5 to the Lebanese market

Right from its origins, the all-new Mazda CX-5 was introduced to the Lebanese automotive scene, when A.N. Boukather, the exclusive distributor of Mazda cars in Lebanon, unveiled the new Mazda in an outstanding press launch at their showroom in Nahr El Mot, on July 17th, 2017.


In the presence of Mazda Motor Corporation’s General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing Division, Mr. Toru Nakajima; guests and media representatives enjoyed live music transporting them to the core of Mazda’s brand philosophy and leading to the big reveal of the iconic 1968 Mazda Cosmo symbol of heritage straight to the revolutionary mid-size SUV, unveiled in an astonishing way.

Mr. Toru Nakajima, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing Division at Mazda Motor Corporation said: “We are very pleased to introduce the CX-5 in Lebanon. And we are sure that Lebanese people will be pleased by its performance, specs and practicality.”

From his end, Mr. Anthony A. Boukather the CEO of A.N. Boukather, said: “The new CX-5 will provide a fantastic experience for its driver. And rather than just reading about such a product, A.N. Boukather is offering the chance to live the actual experience through the test drives happening on a daily basis at our headquarters’ showroom.”

Elegance begins with simplicity. An alluring design strips away the unnecessary, leaving only what is essential and beautiful. Transcending the feeling of the human touch that created it, with every line, edge and contour intentional. This is the design philosophy behind the boldly sophisticated, all-new Mazda CX-5. Every detail matters because Driving Matters. With its reveal, A.N Boukather uncovered not just the all-new CX-5, but one of the most exceptional Mazda products of all time.


Events Coverage

University Automotive Day Tour 2017

Photos By K8 Car Photography

Each year as spring blossoms, Xclusive SARL hits the universities in Lebanon for an Awareness Automotive tour like no other. This year was no different with the Automotive Days taking place at the Lebanese American University and American University of Science and Technology.


On the 15th of March 2017, and in collaboration with the Safety Awareness Club, LAU Beirut Campus witnessed a one of a kind car show displaying the Old Vs New themed vehicles as students got the chance to see the evolution of the automotive industry from the classic 1960’s era till the latest models.

The awareness campaign focused on Total Liban’s new app for better maintenance and updated  with  the maintenance tips and scheduled checkups, WSP Italy focusing on the importance of having OE alloys and the dangers of installing random alloys on cars, in addition to MAZDA and ANB Motorcycle with their amazing setup and the Fool Gear Vs Full Gear concept for the 2-wheelers riders.

As for the 4th of April, and in collaboration with AUST Sport Club, the AUST Beirut Campus witnessed yet another crazy automotive day with the Old Vs New Theme with a very special addition of AUST Students’ best cars on campus. The Students voted for the best car of their choice and re-lived the Automotive day experience for the 3rd time in a row.

Both events were sponsored by Total Liban, Mazda and ANB Motorcycles and insured by Commercial Insurance with a special IT Support for the PlayStation Setup by DomTech.


Test Driven Weekend Drive

Mazda MX-5 “Miata” Super Fun Geisha

Image Credit by K8 Car Photography

Here’s how it all started: We were having a fun day at the Mazda Fun2Drive event at PitStop Karting arena, trying out Mazda’s new line up. Suddenly, as I turned my head towards the track, I saw the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. Dressed in red and ready to impress, the body was to die for, all curvy on the sides as it should be, the lips and eyes were a perfect match, it had that wild beauty and aggressive stare with a Japanese flair: “the Mazda MX-5 Miata” was simply gorgeous.

On that day, I couldn’t resist taking it for a spin on the tracks and seeing if it is was exciting to drive as it was to look at. Two laps on the track were super electrifying with the Mazda fun driving sensation; however, we couldn’t get enough, so we decided to drive it for a weekend and see if the new Miata is a true Geisha. Being fun to drive is not always about speed, adrenaline, and super cars. Being fun to drive is all about enjoying the driving experience while having the perfect balance between power, drivability, looks, and driving sensation. Well, it was time to put the new Miata to the test.

First, let me start by saying that Mazda did an awesome job in keeping the true original spirit of the Miata it its fourth generation. The Mazda roadster still has its own character and personality as it did from day one, rolling out of the Japanese factory. If we want to address the looks, in my personal opinion, it has a very distinguished design. It combines toughness with magical curviness.


The Mazda MX-5 is truly charming from the outside; the perfect lines on the hood, diving their way down to the front façade, creates a perfect match with the new front bumper design attached to the lower, sporty-looking lips and perfectly sorted with the all-new Mazda headlights coming all the way from a sexy, curvy, and a little bit muscly formed fenders. Moving to the sides, you can clearly see that this baby has the perfect lines all the way to the rear. The taillights are extremely well defined and swept into the sides, just before reaching the wide rear fenders, which are slightly wider than the front, giving the MX-5 the aerodynamics it needs for perfect air sliding on drive mode. Oh, and yes, it is a convertible that looks absolutely stunning with the top down, or up. So the MX-5 has the perfect fit body for a dancer, but can it dance?

Dancing requires gracefulness, power, emotion, and joy. The all-new Mazda MX-5 surely has the body for it, but we wanted to see if it had it all. We took the Miata for a weekend drive, and we were truly astonished by its drivability.

A 2.0 L SKYACTIV Drive 4-cylinder Mazda engine generating 155 HP and coped with a six-speed Tiptronic Transmission is what powers the MX-5. When needed, this engine has the perfect balance between economical and powerful drive. During our journey, we took the Miata uphill for a cruise around the Lebanese mountains. The power performed when needed, and the fuel economy was impressive. On those mountainous curves, the Miata was truly sliding from side to the other; the accuracy of the steering system is not to be compared. Assisted by the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), ABS (Anti-lock Braking system), and EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution), for that extra Mazda road safety touch, added to the Rear-Wheel Drive system, I was having a hassle-free and fun driving experience resembling that special dance you always pledged for with your high school queen on prom night.

The sun was shining, Miata’s top was down, and the light mountainous breeze was playing with our hair while we sat comfortably in those heated, black leather seats with red stiches. That it is what comfort and fun is all about. Being well positioned in an amiable, reliable, and perfectly designed cabinet can truly reflect the feeling you get inside the all-new Miata. Mazda have used almost the same interior layout in all its new vehicles, but the Miata is still the most unique. The inside cabinet was perfectly laid, and the use of black leather and red stitching all over gave it a sporty look. My personal favorite touch was the door panels with black leather and red stitching, black plastic with a sporty pattern trim, and most attractive, the combination of the body color with the coded upper door panel and chrome brushed handles. What a combination!

The MX-5 comes equipped with tons of features to keep you entertained, safe, and connected, such as Blind Sport Monitoring, Daytime Running Lamps (LED), Advanced Keyless Entry with Push-Button Engine Start, Ambient Temperature Display, Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Control, Paddle Shifts Gear Control, Rear-View Mirror with Auto Dimming Function, 7-inch Full Color Touch Screen Display, Parking Sensors (Rear & Corner), Internet Radio Integration via Aha Application, Auxiliary Audio Input Jack, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone and Audio Capability, USB-audio Input Port (IPod Compatible), Multi-function Commander Control, 9 Speakers Bose with 2-in Speakers in the Driver and Passenger-seat Headrests, Front and Side Airbags (Passenger and Driver) Screw Driver Tool Kit, and Burglar Alarm.

No wonder this car swept all auto journalist and experts off their feet and collected so many awards such as the 2016 World Car of the Year Award and the 2016 World Car Design of the Year Award.

Finally, the definition of Geisha as per Wikipedia is the following: “Geisha (芸者 ?), Geiko/Geigi (芸妓) are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain customers”. I can firmly state that the all-New Mazda MX-5, Miata, is the perfect translation of a Human Geisha into a car.

One expression sums it up: “ Fun2Drive”.