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Salon Privé the most exclusive automotive Garden Party

Salon Privé, firmly established as one of the longest-running and most successful motoring events in the UK, opened its doors as Britain’s most exclusive automotive Garden Party.

Whilst there are an ever-growing number of automotive events to choose from, Salon Privé has justifiably earned its status as a ‘must-attend’ event and like Revival, it is an event cherished by enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.


It’s a place where owners, collectors and enthusiasts from all walks of life can meet and indulge themselves in a lifelong passion. Salon Privé is though much more than ‘just’ a Classic Car competition attracting the most prestigious super & luxury cars from around the world.

This year’s prestigious event marks a particularly special milestone as Salon Privé relocates to the foot of Blenheim Palace to become the first event ever to be located on the Palace’s famous Cricket Pitch.

Visitors of the 13th edition of Salon Privé were able to savour an exceptional world-class collection of automotive glamour and royalty adorning the stunning Blenheim Palace lawns. More than 50 cars, 17 of them international entries, and 20 motorcycles were judged during the day in the Concours d’Elégance by an expert panel of 17 judges, the Concours committee was chaired by the distinguished five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell MBE.

Following its most successful edition ever at Blenheim Palace, the Bagley brothers of Salon Privé have great delight in announcing the 2019 dates as Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th September where once again they host Concours Masters, celebrating 100 Years of Bentley.


Classic Cars

1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva


Make : Land Rover
Model : Defender Minerva
Year : 1952

Owner : Nostalgia Classic Cars
Country : United Arab Emirates

Winner of Custom 4×4 Award at the 8th Emirates Classic Car Festival

After World War II, several countries started developing their military fleet, and with the rise of the automobile industry in the US, Land Rover found itself competing with Jeep to dominate the military vehicle segment.

The first prototype of Land Rover was built up over the summer of 1947 and had been completed by mid-October of that year. It was built on the chassis of a war surplus Jeep and had a 1389cc four-cylinder petrol engine from the contemporary Rover 10hp saloon car.

In 1952, Land Rover made its reputation in building military vehicle, thus LR was approached by Minerva, a Belgium automobile production company, to build military vehicles with custom specifications needed for the Belgium army. Land Rover was competing with Jeep for that contract and eventually was won by the British automaker. Both 80” and 86” models were made until production ended in 1956. Most were for military use, and very few were built for civilian use.

This specific 1952 Land Rover Defender Minerva is still almost at factory conditions and comes with left-hand drive specifications. The 2-door soft-top body type light weight military vehicle weighs in at almost 1820 kg and is a 4×4 part-time drive with rear permanent drive and front engaged manually in off-road conditions, it comes equipped with a 1997 cc engine displacement and capable of producing 52 hp and 137 Nm of Torque.


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ROLLS-ROYCE Motor Cars Lebanon Participate in Classic Car Show 2017


Bassoul-Heneine sal, the sole dealer of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in Lebanon showcased the pinnacle in luxury at the Classic Car Show 2017 which took place at the premier shopping and entertainment destination, Beirut Souks from 7th-17thSeptember 2017. The show featured a vast number of classic cars in Lebanon which belongs to past decades.

Rolls-Royce paid homage to both the past and present at the 3rdannual show in the form of a classic 1949 Silver Wraith and its contemporary interpretation launched in 2013, the current Wraith model. The name Wraith alludes to an almost invisible force, something rare, agile and potent, a spirit that will not be tethered to the earth. As the most powerful Rolls-Royce to date, the performance of Wraith delivers on this promise with its dramatic exterior styling with hallmark luxury, refinement and exclusivity.

The Classic Car Show2017 attracted many automotive fans in Lebanon and the guests enjoyed viewing the classic and contemporary Rolls-Royce Wraiths which were on display.




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Classic Car Show 2017: Tribute to Lebanese Motoring Heritage

Under the Patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers His Excellency Mr. Saad Hariri, Events Production organized the 3rd edition of the “Classic Car Show” from the 7th till the 17th of September 2017 in collaboration with Solidere and Beirut Souks.

Capitalizing on its 2 previous successes in 2011 and 2013, the re-invented edition of the Classic Car Show featured more than 60 cars from past decades showcasing a myriad of “Marques” and models as a “tribute” to the motoring history in Lebanon and the families related to this industry: Classic and unique cars were also featured facing the newest models, with a historical retrospective and the evolution of the automotive industry in Lebanon.


This year’s edition was also focusing on highlighting the history of the families who are behind this industry in Lebanon by beeing the first to import cars in Lebanon and in the region with pictures and texts relating this period: Bassoul Heneine, Centradis and Sidia, F.A Kettaneh, IMPEX, Porsche Centre Lebanon, Rymco, Saad&Trad, Tewtel Group of companies, T. Gargour & Fils.

The Ford model T (touring) 1923 named “most influencial car of the 20th century”, which was the first car to be produced using the assembly lane method, was unveiled during the opening cocktail in the presence of 1000 VIPs and media. This rare car was brought back to Lebanon by the Corm family, sons of Charles Corm, owner of the first Ford assembly plant in the region. This exhibition was supported by the FIVA (Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) represented by Mr. Rony Karam (also a classic cars collector) and the AIA (Association des Importateurs Automobiles au Liban).

Mrs. Néda Ziade and Mrs. Roula Douaidy, co-founders of Events Production, explained, “This year’s exhibition with its new selection of cars has attracted a large number of car lovers: Audi Quattro and S5, Bentley R Type and GT convertible , Chevrolet Camaro, Citroen Ds, Ford Mustang, Jaguar Mark V and XF, Land Rover Series II Daisy and Range Rover, Peugeot 202 and 3008, Porsche 911 Carrera, Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith and Wraith, Datsun 240Z and Roadster 1600, Mercedes, Volkswagen Beetle and Tiguan…”.

Many other discontinued and classic car brands were also displayed in the streets of Beirut Souk such as the Amphicar 1962, Bentley 1935, Fiat 750 Abarth Zagato 1959, Messerschmitt 1959, Alvis 1931… and many more. Events Production also highlighted the achievement of Mr. Charbel Habib and his co-pilot (first Lebanese/arab team) who won the Gold Medal and finished second in their class, in the iconic “Peking to Paris Motor challenge” of classic cars with a Porsche 356C (1964).

Events Production’s objective each year is to organize a comprehensive exhibition to revive the interest of the Lebanese public to its history, heritage and initiated the attendance and enthusiasts to appreciate classic cars.